Wednesday, January 20, 2010

K is for Kangaroo

For Xavier's schooling, we use the My Father's World~Kindergarten. He is now working on K ~ Kangaroo. :) They had a fun craft idea in the manual...and I knew all the kids would want to that's what we did yesterday morning at the beginning of *school*!

They made Kangaroos with the can as the *pouch* to hold their pencils!

Lots of cutting, gluing and coloring went on.....

I must admit...I made the heads of the kangaroos for the kids...and now seeing them, I should have made them smaller and the body bigger so the *pouch* actually looked like a pouch! Oh well...the kids still had fun with the craft and all is well!

And the finished products....

Jaxson and *his* kangaroo pencil holder~

Xavier and *his* kangaroo pencil holder~

And Madelyn with *her* kangaroo pencil holder~

I think they all did a great job with them! My kids (as I am sure most kids do) love doing crafts! And they each enjoyed this one! :)


  1. So cute. Maddy has such pretty eyes!

  2. Crafts are just the perfect way to cement in those mountains of knowledge they have to consume in schoolwork!

  3. Cute idea. My son would like that one.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying “hi”. I have been looking through your blog and enjoying it very much. We have much in common; home schooling, canning, chickens, frugality…looking forward to visiting your blog more in the future.

  5. Very neat craft!

    I have a quick question for you as I know you are using Abeka and MFW...

    We have used exclusively Abeka (my son is in 2nd grade right now like your daughter)...and I'm wondering if you have any thoughts on your likes/dislikes or comparisons of the two. I love Abeka but always love to hear what people like about other curricula...

    Love your homeschool posts!


  6. Katy-I don't know how you home-school 3 kiddos! You must be one awesome mama! I LOVE the kangaroos!
    Thanks for the visit to my blog and the comment! It's much appreciated!

  7. Those are precious, Katy! I'm looking forward to doing the preschool stuff again! Joy loves doing crafts still too!

    Your children are all precious! I know you're enjoying every day having them there with you homeschooling!

    Thanks for your sweet comments about bringing home Luke and I appreciate the prayers!


  8. I am using my father's world K too. I love seeing your homeschool post. And seeing the kids is a joy. Each with a wonderful smile.

  9. Thanks for the encouragement Katy!
    You are 100% right... :)

    What a fun post! I think My Father's World is a very Cute curriculum... I used one similar before. But currently we use Sonlight.

    Great Job Kiddos- cool Kangaroos!


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