Thursday, January 28, 2010


....well...not *real* candy! A teen at our church is celebrating her sweet sixteen birthday on Friday evening and her mom asked if I would help with decorations..of course, I agreed! The theme is *candy*! Isn't that a neat theme? It works out really well because then you can use an array of colors for plates, napkins etc. :)

We are going to cover the circle tables with different colored tablecloths and then make an M to put on each one so they each look like M&M's! I had thought about making them look like peppermint candies with red/white streamers twisted on them...but my mom thought about the M&M idea...and when I proposed it to my friend, Jen...she thought that would be a great idea! :)

Then...I have started making candy and lollipops. Here are differen't wrapped "candies".......(doesn't the yellow one look like a lemon drop?).......

I think this *candy* looks like a root beer barrel.....

And a few of the lollipops....

I have more to make and I will work on that today! :) I used balloons and wrapped them in cellophane and tied them with curling ribbons! :) I think it turned out looking pretty neat! I look forward to using them to decorate for the party!

Jen and her daughter were working on *gum drops*. We got those paper wrap around wedding bell thingys like THESE. Then using spray adhesive, they were putting different colored tissue paper on them and then rolling them in sugar! :) I haven't seen them yet...but Jen said they are turning out cute!! :)

So, I am excited for the party tomorrow! I think it will end up looking super cute! I will try to take some pics of it all! (I gotta remember to charge my camera batteries...they are poopin' out!)

Hoping you all have an enjoyable Thursday! We are getting lots of snow! Public schools are operating on delays and such....but no such luck for my kiddos! ;) Schooling as usual at our house! Hope you are keeping warm wherever you are! :o)


  1. What a fun theme! Hopefully there will be some real candy also right??!?! Thanks for the ideas....

  2. What great decorations!! Sounds like it's going to be a great "sweet sixteen."
    We had more snow as well. So far IA has had over 41 inches, and our public schools have had 8 snow days already. Of course we haven't been bothered by the snow for school either...
    Blessings, Fine Linen

  3. Wow! They look fabulous!!

    Enjoy the snow!?!

  4. Your decorations look good enough to eat !!! What a clever idea. Hope the party turns out wonderful.

  5. Your decorations look good enough to eat !!! What a clever idea. Hope the party turns out wonderful.

  6. That's a great theme and your decorations look wonderful! Maybe I can talk Leah Kate into that for her birhtday party theme!

  7. Fun theme! Your candy is looking great.

  8. Those are adorable! I love the idea. Please do take pictures. Have fun

  9. Darling, Katy. I hope you get my package soon. It should be there this week. Have a great day. Julie

  10. Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun! you should've filled the balloons with candy so at the end of the party, the party-goers could take a "candy" balloon home as a favor! LOL

  11. What a cool theme! I LOVE the decorations! PLEASE remember to post pics. I want to see the whole thing all put together!

  12. Root Beer Barrels! :)

    Very cute idea- my kids would never let me get rid of those decorations!

  13. so cool. I love the decorations. My daughter Angel is turning ten and we are doing a fairies theme.

  14. Looks great Katy! I bet you all have such a fun time!!


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