Saturday, January 30, 2010

Candy ~ Part 2!

So, in THIS post, I told you all how I was making *candy* for a family friend's sweet 16 party! Well, the party was last evening at our church (we go to church together) and I think it went really well! :)

We made all the tables look like M&M's (thanks to my mom for the idea!). We filled giant martini glasses (from my wedding 9.5 yrs ago!) with assorted candy and then I tied ribbons on them and we put them in the center of the tables!

While I was cutting out the M's for the tables....Jen (the girl's mom) was decorating with the candies we had made....(I made the wrapped candy and lollipops and they made the gumdrops!).

(Notice in the background...our church is all set up for the big Easter play we do every year!)....

Yum....a chocolate fountain!!!.....

The cake table.....

The cake (made by one of my aunts).....

And the birthday girl herself....Deanna (pronounced Dee-Nah).....

I think everyone had a nice time, especially Deanna herself which is what matters the most! We were decorating at the church from 1pm on and then Chris, the kids and I went home around 8:30pm while the party was still going on. I was absolutely poooooped! :) I just wanted to share some pics from the celebration! :) A candy theme is soooo fun to use for a birthday! We had a lot of fun with it! :)


  1. The "candy" idea is so cute! You are very creative, the decorations look great!

  2. It looks awesome, Katy! You did a fantastic job!!! Love it!!!

  3. Super sweet! hahaha (had to)

    Everything looks so cute! Good job to all!

  4. wow, what a sweet party..The cake is lovely, so is the birthday girl..It all looks so nice..
    take care,

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  6. What a great theme for a party. I'll have to remember for my great nieces on their birthday's, my kids are all grown up.



  7. WOW! you did a great job on the decorations. Glad you guys had a great time.

  8. The candies all turned out so great. I'll have to keep this post stored in my great ideas file. Very nice job.
    Have a happy one,

    PS i am on my hubbys computer so this isn't dwight, its Shanda

  9. Love Love this Idea..It turned out great.

  10. the MnM idea was a good one! made the tables POP!

  11. What a super sweet 16! Great job on making a creative idea come alive. What a special memory made. You never forget turning 16. Smile, Angelia

  12. Hey just wanted to reply again, this time with my blog account. I'm the Trish You are very creative! Sorry for a double reply.

  13. That's too cool! Thanks for sharing such great ideas!


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