Monday, December 7, 2009

Not for the faint at heart.......

Oh such a busy weekend we have's deer season so that keeps us all so so busy!
Here is a pic of the guys cutting...*that's my hubby cutting behind the hanging deer*....looking at the meat doesn't bother me...but it *does* bother some people...thus the reason for the title of this post! ;)

Even my littles like to help! Here is a pic of X below....(don't worry...he isn't *really* cutting on the deer....he's just trying to *be* like all the guys)..... mother in law and I wrapped deer meat for over 7 hours. Oh goodness....standing on those cement floors is a killer on your knees and legs and back! We got alot done that is GREAT! We will be doing more this week. :) It's a lot of work...but it's worth it to help my family and helps earn a little extra money! :)

Yesterday was sooo nice though. Since all the busy-ness of the deer season started...Chris and I haven't had a ton of time together. He would work everyday and then go straight to the meat market and cut till late at night. Even if I am at the meat market with him...we don't *truly* have time together. So....yesterday (Sunday)...we went to sunday school and church and then came home and after lunch...we put the kids down for naps and Chris and I took a nap as well. It was so nice just to be next to him!

After naps...I worked on making supper (stuffed pork chops in cream of mushroom soup, mashed potatoes and corn) and also worked on matching socks. Oh how I loathe matching socks. There are so many bazillions of socks in my home that don't have matches...and gosh it is difficult to match different types of socks. Most are white...some have gray toes and heels, some have completely gray bottoms, some have a green line across the toe etc.!!! Does anyone else have this sock issue at their house? I need to buy everyone in this house ALL the same type of socks and throw away all the rest...LOL...that way every sock will match! ;)

While I matched socks...Chris played an I Spy board game with the kids. (Jaxson got it for his birthday). The kids (and Chris) were having a ball! ;) As I sat (still matching socks) I kept giggling as I heard the bell ding and one of the kids cheering that they found another thing! Needless to say Chris *wasn't* the one winning! ;)

Well...I better go....lots to I am sure you do as well!
Thanks for visiting!
I hope you are having a wonderful start to your December! :)


  1. I love how something as simple as a nap with the one you love can bring so much pleasure. Enjoy your stolen moments... they are precious!

  2. i don't seem to have the sock problem... LOL... sorry!

  3. Katy~ could you get some permanent markers or ones for fabric and put a colored dot on each type of sock? Like a green dot on the big toe of all your hubby's and then say a red dot on all knee high socks and so on? I know I have a hard time with my hubby & son's so I just do them in separate loads now, LOL! Looks like you may have a future butcher on your hands:)Enjoy the day!

  4. I remember those days at the butcher shop during deer season.. my hub use to work at one and I'd stop by after work and help.. we also deer hunt and butcher our own.. its a lot of work.

  5. Katy, I have a huge gift bag full of socks with no match or either the match is in there somewhere! I keep putting 'the bag' off!

  6. At my house all the socks go from the dryer into a launndry basket.
    It is up to each individual to find their own socks. Problem solved.

  7. Katydid!!!
    Oh how I related to the sock issues. Yeah, we have them here as well. I feel your pain. My thing, is I don't know where they disappear?
    I loved the pictures of the meat shop! Hey, .... HOW do you cook venison and have it not taste WILD?
    I'd love to know! And how do you cook it to be more tender? We've had people give us deer meat before and I don't know how to cook it right?

  8. I also dislike matching socks. I do buy all white socks for all the kids and then I just have to match up sizes. I think someone comes in and steals one sock, or the washing machine eats them.
    My Hubby and I have to sneak in moments together. I can always tell when it's been too long since we had time together so I rent a video for the kids and Hubby and I snuggle in his den.

  9. Hubby was just reading over my shoulder. I just canned 14qrts of venison and he saw you cut out the rib cages and now he says if he gets another deer this weekend he'll cut out the ribs and I can cook them in my roaster. Is that something your do?


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