Friday, December 18, 2009

"Christmas began in the heart of God.....

...It is complete only when it reaches the heart of man."

Tis the season for My posts are not as frequent at this time as time has not permitted me to do so. Oh how we have kept busy lately....I am happy that deer season is over and we are now resuming to suppers at home, together as a family. During the deer season, as Chris' family's meat market is abuzz with hunters wanting their deer prepared to can and freeze, we all stay super busy. Chris and the guys help cut the deer and Chris's mom and I wrap all the meat! We are soo thankful for the work...but wow~it's exhausting! I posted HERE about it and pictures as well!

While we are busy there...the kids play, "help" and are always on the go! Their energy is amazing! I miss having that much energy! ;) I love the way Xavier's hat pushes his ears can kind of see it in the picture above. It always makes me smile! :)

Jaxson, my lil monkey, in the pic above wearing his "Satan is a poo-poo head" Tshirt that he loves! ;)
And sweet Madelyn...blossoming and really turning from little girl into a young lady. It's so bittersweet watching your children grow and change over the years. It all goes by so quickly!

So...when we weren't busy at the meat may wonder what has kept us busy?

Well...laundry and housework happened daily...

...and of course, schooling...reading....dancing and laughing......

Church activities.....

Christmas shopping.....

Watching a movie while friends and family visit! One evening, Chris's parents and our friend, Eric, came to visit and have supper with us. We had good conversation and fellowship!

Enjoying the soft glow of candles lit in the house while Christmas music plays in the background while doing our schooling and housework....

...and burning cookies......*oops!*

Packing things up to donate to Goodwill.....

And many, many other things that fill our days. As easy as it can be to rush through our days with things...I am consciously trying to remember to savor each moment through the day as much as I I explained HERE.

Before I go...I wanted to share my tree again....notice what happened?

....the strand of lights at the top of my tree burnt out! With Christmas only a week away...and the complete frustration it will be to undecorate, replace the strand of lights, and redecorate...I may just leave it that way. Is that horrible of me? Have you had this happen? What did you do....or what would you do?

I wish you each a very Merry Christmas. I pray that first and foremost in your minds is the perfect Reason for this celebration. He came for us!

There is no name so sweet on earth,
no name so sweet in heaven,
The name, before His wondrous birth,
to Christ the Savior given.
--George W. Bethune

Let's approach Christmas with an expectant hush,
rather than a last-minute rush.


  1. Sounds like you've been busy but a happy busy!
    I've had the lights do that to me before and in a couple of days when I went to plug the tree back in they came back on!!:) Maybe yours will to?:) also I find that outdoor ligths last longer on the tree.

  2. katy~ I had to laugh about the tree, one year our pet rabbit chewed the light wires ( LUCKILY they weren't plugged in!)and we had to buy new lights and re-do the whole tree:) At least yours is only the top so it really doesn't look bad at all! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Looks like you have been experiencing the good kind of busy. The kids look all comfy lying on the floor during movie time.

    My wish is that you cherish quiet moments & enjoy the true meaning of Christmas!

  4. I love all the pics. Your kids are gettin' more cute by the minute. :) Now that I'm out of school until Mid January..I've been keeping a 'good kinda busy' too :)

    Sending warm hugs

  5. leave the lights on the tree and then decorate it with country stuff.


  6. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post with us, Merry CHRISTmas Katy!

  7. Katy, I had the same thing happen this year to lights on my tree! Mine have red, green and blue on the same strand and all the greens on one strand went out. I just left you, I did not want to take everything off and try to fix it. I figure its a good reminder to not strive for "perfection" this time of the year....... :O)

  8. I like the expectant hush! It sounds like you are busy and happy! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Dear Katy~ peeking in to see your moments for the season. Wanted to tell you that I found the "For the Family's sake" at the Half price books. I was so excited and have enjoyed reading it! I have her book "For the Children's Sake" and I think this books complements it.... and all we want to do as women after God's heart, a wife, homemaker, mothers, teachers and will help us bring peace into the home. I am sure this bok will be one I will read again for refresher course. Have a blessed season of celebrating the Saviors birth. Smiles, Angelia

    Sorry about your tree lights. With your sweet heart light shining in your home I am sure no one will miss the other lights.

  10. And we thought we were busy with everyday chores, that never seem to end. I bet, it is exhausting cutting up all that deer meat.

    I would not have noticed the lights being out on the tree if you had not mentioned them being out, let it be, it looks just fine the way it is.

    Merry CHRISTmas

  11. My goodness, you are a busy family. I remember those days. No wonder I am still tired....LOL


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