Sunday, November 8, 2009

Went to a *Baby Wash*....

One of my closest friends, Heather, is having a baby in December! :) Her baby shower was this past Saturday! It was held in the morning! I have never been to a baby shower in the morning before...but it was a cute idea! They had an assortment of muffins, juice and coffee for the food! It was all really nice!

The reason for the funny title to this post is because while Madelyn and I were at the shower, Chris took the boys to the meat market *that his parents own* and they saw Ma (Chris's mom) there and she asked Jaxson where Madelyn was. He told her that she went to a *Baby Wash*! ahahahaha! Isn't that too cute? I completely cracked up when I heard it *as did many others we shared the story with...hehe!*

For the shower, I knitted a baby hat and small blanket. *They chose to not find out what they are having until delivery day* I used yellow. :) I also found a super cute photo album to give them and the most adorable little pair of John Deere socks. They were white with little chickens and tractors on them...I figured they would be perfect for a lil boy...*or* girl! :) (I will happily encourage him or her to be a farmboy or gal...hehe!)

It may be hard to read...but in the picture above....she is holding one of the gifts from us and on the card it says "Clarence". My sweet hubby, whenever he finds out a close friend or family member is having a baby, will give the baby the name that first pops in his head....and for Heather and Chris's baby (her hubby's name is Chris *too*)...he came up with Clarence. matter what name they come up with for their little one...when he or she is born...*my* Chris will call him Clarence or if it is a girl...Clarie. ;) He always makes me laugh!

Then....oh my goodness.....this may be a *you had to be there* moment....but it is just so funny to me that I have to share it. Heather is the daughter of our church's pastor....and we love him as well as Heather's mom, sister and brother. We always joke and laugh. We all have great, joyful fellowship when we are together. Well...being from Western PA...we are all fans of the Steelers. My mom, who couldn't make it to the shower, sent an anonymous gift anyway for Pastor Henry and Debbie. It was an Eagles Onesie! It was so so so funny! Debbie was laughing and see Pastor Henry, below, almost like his heart stopped?

Ahahahahahaha! It was great and so so funny! Pastor Henry figured out who Anonymous was and I think may be planning some revenge...ahahaha! ;) With my mom turning 50's hard to tell if or what he will plan..? Ha!

The shower went well. Madelyn and I helped stay and clean up and load up the gifts in their vehicles. :) They got such a wonderful shower of blessings from family and our church *family*. I think they really enjoyed it!

Heather, her sister and I all peeled wallpaper in the nursery at Heather's house last week. We got it all done in one day! We were so thrilled! The paper came off so easily! (Oh how I wish it was doing the same on the walls at *my* house! hahaha!) Her hubby, Chris, has started painting and stuff. I can't wait to see it when it is all done! Preparing for the arrival of a baby is such exciting! It gives me baby fever...but it is such a blessing experiencing all the other stages of my children's I am grateful to just be able to share in my friends' joy!

Tomorrow is my mom's 50th birthday! We had her party yesterday (Saturday) here at my house! I will be sure to share details and pics was such a fun time! :) Thanks so much for stopping by! :)


  1. Tomorrow is my dad's 82nd birthday! Happy birthday to your mom!

  2. Oh how cute a Bay Wash!!LOL Kids say the cutest things!! Happy Birthday to your mom!!! I hope she has a wonderfully blessed day!!
    Now Katy you have baby fever ....are we gonna get some news in the near future??:0) Have a wonderful day!!

  3. That sounds like a wonderful, fun-filled baby shower. Your gifts were wonderful and I know she will treasure your handwork. Love hearing what your children are saying. They are so adorable.

  4. Love it...Baby wash...write it down, you may think you will remember but you won't.

  5. I love that - A baby wash!

    Your gift to your friend was beautiful. I've picked up my knitting again after a summer break. I hope to learn more with practice!

    Have a great week!


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