Thursday, November 19, 2009

Surprise 50th Bday Party!!!

Last Saturday was my mom's surprise 50th party. A bunch of us, including my sister who wrote about the party HERE, have been planning this for a while. My mom is pretty smart..I figured she would totally figure this all out...but she *didn't*! She was soooo surprised!!! It was fantastic!!

Here is her cake with an edible picture of one of her horses, Coby, on it (Isn't that neat?? We got it done at a local supermarket!)....

One of my lil cowboys....

Some of the food all set up...and my sister made the sign. Isn't it cute? The picture doesn't do it justice, at all! I love the chickens and the eggs! :)

Pinata time!! My sister and Madelyn made the horse pinata together! Here is Xavier taking a swing at it (with Jaxson at a "safe" distance in the background...LOL)....

And...prepare yourself.....BELOW is what happens when you take a picture with the camera, unbeknownst to us, zoomed in! Ack! hahahaha!.....

A picture of my sister, Devon, watching mom open gifts....

And Madelyn...holding a friend's baby. :) Isn't both my sweet daughter and the wee one just too cute? *And to top it off...I even got the chance to babysit this sweet little one and her toddler brother the other day! YAY!*

These pics don't do the party justice. It was a really nice (and *busy*) time! I think my mom enjoyed it! Usually she is the one who does these things for people...always putting everyone before herself. It was so wonderful to be part of something that was done just for her! I am so very blessed to have her in my life! I am so so thankful for my mother. She is away for 5 days visiting her great aunt in another state. We all miss her greatly....although I am so thankful for the technology of cell phones! It's nice that although we are miles away....we can still talk! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in this party with me! I hope you are having a nice week! Today is raining and dark out....we will enjoy the day in the house! I am thinking books, maybe a movie and some hot cocoa! Woohoo! :) Talk to you again soon! :)


  1. Looks like fun and that sign is awesome. Your sis is very talented.

  2. Welcome! THanks for stopping by and taking time to leave comments. How sweet, looks like you have a wonderful family. Love the pinata, so cute.

  3. What beautiful pictures!! The cake loos beautiful and oh my gosh,the baby is adorable:)So tiny...and chubby!!! Looks like you all had a great time!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Hope your mom had a great birthday, sure looks like she did! Blessings,Karen

  5. what a beautiful birthday celebration...YOu have a great family, thats special...Not everyone is lucky in that..

  6. Happy Birthday KATYS MOMMA!

    WHAT A FUN PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Katy, that Madelyn, holdin that baby so tender n sweet just makes my ole heart thump thump!! PRECIOUS!!!!!!!

  7. Hi, Katy!
    How sweet of you to bless your mom!
    Your little cowboy is ADORABLE!

  8. Sounds like a fun time. The cake art stuff is so cool, isn't it? I'm glad you have a good relationship w/ your Mom like I do with mine. My Mom will be 50 in May. :)

  9. What a wonderful time you all must have had!
    So nice to meet you here!

  10. What a wonderful gift for your mother on her birthday!

    I think the up close zoom picture was very cute.


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