Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Snuggling helps the Snuffling!

My little guy, Jaxson, has a cold....thankfully, no fever....but just the runny nose, cough etc. After schooling today...the kids played outside *it's a beautiful fall day*. Then Madelyn got to go hang out with my mom at her office at my dad's garage. Xavier got to go hang out and *work* at my inlaws' meat market. So...that leaves me and the lil guy. We snuggled and read lots of books. Now he is watching PBS up here in my room, on my bed, with Ruthie. I am hoping he will take a snooze...otherwise he will be so cranky later.

Things have been super busy lately....and I must admit...I am looking forward to things *slowing* down a bit through the winter. If I wasn't typing this now...I would hardly believe that I ever said that! I am not a huge fan of snow laying around for months and months. But one must admit that with it...comes a slowing down. We are cozied inside more, we drive slower on the icy roads, we bundle up when we go outside *and I always think of myself as moving slower when I am bundled up to the hilt to block out the cold! ;)*. There is a peace about that time. :)

I am working on another knitting project that I will be sure to share sometime...keeping busy with homeschooling and housework...I *teach* sunday school (I am in charge of the 1 yr olds basically we play...YAY!)..and I teach a Wednesday night class the 1-6th graders at our church as well. I also *did* win the tax collector position for our area that I mentioned HERE. So.....things have been pretty busy in my neck of the woods so I truly enjoy my time in the mornings....with quiet, my bible, my notebook..a pen and God. :)

I am usually up between 5-5:30am and have my quiet time with God....then around 6...Fox & Friends comes on on Fox News. I enjoy watching that a bit...then before 7, I get Chris's lunch and coffee made and then wake him up. The kids come down around 7 (although I hear them upstairs rumbling around before then) and I shower, get everyone breakfast and then we start our day. :) I can't imagine not getting my quiet time in the morning....I would feel like my day wasn't off to the right start! :)

Well, now I have begun rambling. I'll stop before your eyes start crossing and you start falling asleep! :) Hope you are all having an enjoyable day!'s veterans day! A day to remind us to remember and thank all of the men and women who have (and *are*) serving in our military to keep us safe and free! Although we need to remember this *every* day...not just on veteran's day! If you are reading this and are currently or have served this country...I *truly* thank you for your service!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my space!
    I agree about the snow and although I don't like lots of it and am always ready for spring, there is a slowing down and I love that aspect of it!

  2. Katy~ Sorry to hear that little Jaxson is not feeling well~~~~ Sending get well vibes. I have been struggling with my Alone time with God, please keep me in your prayers that I MAKE the time to spend with GOD. For me sometimes it seems like it's one thing that unfortunately gets pushed aside sad to say but is the truth. We get up at 5:30AM but most days I go back to bed for a few more hours when I should be up doing things...

  3. Hope Jaxson is feeling better today.

    & Congrats on being the new tax collector!! WOoHOo!

  4. such a blessed life..
    cant wait to see the new knitting project.
    hope your baby is feeling much better..


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