Friday, November 6, 2009

A Schoolroom Re-do!

Hello! Well...this coming Monday is my mom's 50th birthday! (I wonder if I am allowed to blog that? Hmmm...? I can't see why not...being 50 is nothing to be ashamed of!) We are having a bunch of family over tomorrow evening for supper. I am making lasagna. My sister is making the of my aunts is bringing salad and drinks and another aunt is bringing the bread. :) may be wondering how this ties all into the title of my post...? Well...sometimes, when I know people are coming I start doing a *deep* clean...I tend to go overboard in some area and just can't stop. *area* to go overboard in was the schoolroom. Technically, it isn't going overboard...but I just kinda *focus* a lot on one area...hehe. Do you ever do that?

So.....I did some wallpaper scraping and some painting (which wow...I inhaled way too many paint fumes from that! Blech!) and then I moved some things around....scrubbed the windows and took off the blinds. I am not a huge fan of I decided...after living here over 8 was time for the blinds on the big windows to come off! :) Let the sunshine *IN*!

I think I am decently happy with how things turned out. Of course, one day...I hope to make this room a real "front porch" and move the schoolroom to another room entirely...but we have to take one home redo at a time...once the siding is finished...then we will work on finishing the addition to make it into our new living room/laundry room/mud room etc. THEN we will focus on the front room *I hope*! :) One thing at a time...and I am trying to just be content at whatever point we are at. I am just thankful we *have* our own may be small and humble but it is full of joy, love and laughter. :)

And....I also moved this white bureau into the living room. I don't like the stark white of it...but the whole *temporary* living room is a complete unfinished I'm not getting too fussy. It fits perfectly there..and that makes me happy. :) I would love to paint it sometime....but now is not *that* time. :) It's just fine for now. (Notice my *sweet* Ruthie laying on the chair? Little stinker that she is!)

Well...I have a full and busy weekend ahead...gotta get some groceries tonight for supper tomorrow...going to one of my closest friend's baby shower tomorrow morning then getting ready for the birthday supper tomorrow afternoon and evening. Then sunday school and church on Sunday. :) Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead! Thanks so much for dropping by to visit!

OHHH...and...I redid the look of my sister's blog today! :) And oh my HAVE to check out THIS post. It's an old pic of us when we were little. I am the little chicken to the left! hehe!


  1. I love your school room! Our "school room" is the dining room table or the floor in the middle of the living room!

    Have a great weekend, Katy

  2. Katy~ The schoolroom looks great! I love all the sunshine. I don't care for blinds either and if I lived in the country where nosey neighbors couldn't see in then I would have NOTHING on my windows :)
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family

  3. I love to deep clean---it feels so good. Have so much fun with your family this weekend. 50 is young, especially the closer I get to it :)!! Julie

  4. happy birthday to your mama.
    have a lovely weekend..
    cant wait to hear all about it...
    take care,

  5. Oh, your classroom is a sanctuary! How pretty it is, you should be so proud of how it turned out. What a good mother you are to commit to the entirety of your children's education. Homeschooling moms have my utmost admiration. Talk about a 24/7 job. God bless and keep you. How blessed your babies are...and when they are older, they will recall this little room with such fondness.

  6. The school room always looks good! I too tend to get into more cleaning that when I started, but I always feel better for it. Happy Birthday to your Mom, I turned 50 over the summer, it was hard!

  7. Your school room looks lovely with the light streaming in!


  8. Let the sunshine in! The sun here hits the side of the house with the bedrooms so my kitchen and living room never get any sun. It's always dark. I would love the sun shining in the kitchen in the morning....if I could pick up the house and turn it on a 180 degree angle then I would have all the sun I want.

    The school room looks great. I love the big blackboard.

    Have a great weekend!


  9. Katy...sorry I spelled your name wrong the other day...(I think I did---it drives me nuts when people spell mine wrong:)--anyhow, LOVE the school room. I think that it is nice to really do up a school room as you would see right in school! I think it is amazing, too that you homeschool your kids...Great work! Happy B-day to your mom!

  10. I do the same, if I have company I will end up doing a deep cleaning to areas I don't intend just sort of happens. LOL For example today, I gave KD's room a deep cleaning because we are having a few friends over Monday afernoon for a playdate and lunch. LOL After all that work, I realized.."Well they are just going to mess it up" Oh well, I'll feel better knowing the toybox isn't overflowing and the closet looks tidy.
    Your school room is so cute. (I don't have blinds on my bedroom window. And the curtains are open until I go to bed.) You know? I think of you everytime I walk by bulletin border and decor. LOL I'd buy it all if I could. I don't own a bulletin board anymore..wish I did. Ha! I'd be swapping out the decor monthly! Who am I kidding, it would be weekly.
    Happy Birthday to your Momma! :)

    The pic of you as a chick and your sis as an egg..priceless!!

  11. Your school room looks great!! I love the look of the sunshine streaming in!!


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