Thursday, November 12, 2009

Organizing w/Planners & Binders

I am a planner, list maker, *have-to-write-it-down type of person*. I always have been for the most part. I always had a planner in school. I had to. I don't understand how people could remember their homework in an organized way without one! I am probably borderline obsessive about it. ;)

I have a planner where I write in *to-do's* for the day as well as appointments and little reminders. (Pic at the top is of my planner)

I have a binder where I keep notes I have been taking from the Bible and from sermons. (After I am done with them for a bit...I put them into a Genesis thru Revelation file that I have...idea courtesy of the book I read: The Gentle Ways of the Beautiful Woman by Anne Ortlund.)

I keep bill stubs in a binder. After I pay a monthly bill...I write the check number and date I paid it on the stub...then file it into the proper folder in this binder.... (not open for the pic for security reasons..haha!).....

I use a seperate planner for each of the kids schoolwork as well. Today I was working on plans for next weeks schooling....I finished Madelyn's plans....

...but still have more to do with Xavier's.....

Most of Madelyn's schoolwork is in workbooks from the Abeka company. Because we use My Father's World for Xavier...the paper comes in loose leaf form. So, I take the 3-hole paper punch (I don't have the exact one that is on the link I made) I have and put holes in the paper and put it all into a binder to keep it organized.....

It works really well! :) And the feeling of it all being organized makes me *super* happy! :)

MFW also supplies calendars for us to fill in. That helps X get the idea of days, weeks, months, and years! :) I put those into their own seperate binder.

Using binders and planners are things that help me to stay organized. I thought I would share this in case it would help any of you as well! Do you have any special ways you stay organized? I would love to hear about it!!! Happy Thursday! :)


  1. Love your organizational display post, Katy. What an inspiration!

    I homeschooled our daughter from 1st through 12th. Loved It!

    I'm a serious list maker and checker-offer, though the past 6 months or so I've found myself in a bit of a hot mess relating to that particular subject. sigh.

    My homekeeping processes are listed on 3x5's and in a vintage dove-tailed recipe box. I promised to show it on my blog real soon but that was over 6 months ago and I still haven't done it because, well, um, er, ... I've been neglectful. Period. sigh sigh double dog sigh.

    Love your blog. Seems we're kindred spirits on many fronts even though I'm older than dirt itself and you're a spring chicken. :o)

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope it's all right that I list you on my sidebar. People should visit you here. It's a worthy visit and I for one will be back.

    Bless you in Christ,
    jAne at tickleberry farm

  2. Ahh me and you are one in the same on this one my friend. I write down my homework assignments on not 1 not 2 but 3 calendars. I have a weekly one on my fridge, I have a wall calendar and a purse calendar. I also write appts, visits w/ friends and family, and other dates I need to keep track of.

    I'm like you..if it's not written down I don't know what I'm supposta be doing that day. There's that and the fact I'll forget when I tell so and so I'm coming over..or whatever. On my fridge weekly calendar there's a place for "notes." That's where I write down grocery items as we run out or as I think of them. Then I just rip off that corner before I head to the store. Even with all 3 calendars, I will sometimes write down things I need to do in the order I need to do them in. Like do this assignment first, then this....

    KD also has a calendar and I put important dates on hers too. Like her dr appts, when she has playdates and so on.

    I'm already scoping out calendars for next year. Ha!

    My friends and family know I live by my calendar..cause I always say "Okay let me write that down so I don't forget." LOL

  3. My dream is to super organized! Sadly, this dream eludes me! I love to write lists,but I always forget them,wash them, or lose them. I do use a home binder thanks to and I use it often. However, I think I am most organized in the kitchen. I use a white board next to the stove to do up the weekly menus and 'ran out of' lists. I have also begun couponing and have an organzied coupon binder.

    Thank you for your posts

  4. Thank you sweet friend for your comment. I will keep you posted!

    Girl, you are organized!!! I, myself enjoy being organized and find that everthing runs so much smoother which makes for one happy keeper of the home!

    Hugs and love,

  5. Katy~ Another wonderful post by you. I want to thank you, you don't know this but your posts always lift my spirits, somedays lately I have been feeling almost depressed but I come to your blog and you are an inspiration to me and it makes me feel so much better. I hope you don't mind but I mentioned this post on my blog today and put a link up for it.
    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend :)

  6. Looks good, Katy! I'm sure it helps keep you sane, being so organized. I'm doing better, but got a good ways to go!

  7. You are a woman after my own heart! I love organization. Although you're much better than anyone I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing - I'll put some of your ideas to good use.

  8. When I was a young bride, I read The Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman by Anne Ortland over and over again. You reminded me of it! Save those precious planners. Your children will delight in them when they have homes of their own. I love all things paper. Journals are jewels- lasting and holy.
    LOVE this post!
    Thank you for your visits to my blog! I love a new friend!

  9. Ahhh, a girl after my own heart. Planners are a beautiful thing! Thanks for sharing :)


  10. Hi Katy! Thanks for sharing your organization system! I only recently found what works for us, and I am still in the process of fine-tuning. In other words, consistently putting it into practice!

    I still haven't found something which works for my kiddos, writing out their school work, but I like the way you have a used a weekly planner to do so on a daily basis.

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog and I will return. :-) God blessing you!

  11. I so struggle with organization. I love my organized friends. I tend to be more organized when I spend time with them. I have about six planners that I use for about a month or so and then fall off the wagon. I really like the FlyLady. I can hop back on her site and get myself back together. I get side tracked easily. Hubby found a good way to let me know what I NEED to do by writing a list on the blackboard in the kitchen. It sounds silly, but if I write it I can ignore it. If Hubby writes it it has to be done. God's working on me still!
    I also have an OCD friend who keeps me on my toes.

  12. Katy,
    WOULD YOU PALEEZE come organize my life right now. GIRL, if I only had it half as together as you do... I'd be a happy woman.
    My biggest dilemna is PAPER PILES... they consume me. HELP! WHY do I keep all that junk? I do... coz I might need it? I dunno why? I'm a sick individual... maybe I'm one of those.. hoarders? SURELY NOT?

  13. I love your organization in your planner. I also try at the first of the year and give up. You have inspired me to try again. :)

    This may or may not go with your organization but I remember reading once that you shop every 2 weeks. Could you outline how you go about that? I have intentions of doing that, just to save money and time but seem to always forget something and defeat my purpose.

    I have to agree with one of your commenters, your blog is very uplifting. Thanks. :)

  14. hello anon. :)
    I will be happy to post how I do that! I will do a post on that soon! Thanks so much for visiting!

  15. I am a list maker too. I like the idea of keeping them in individual binders. I have tried to make a BIG BINDER of all my list but for some reason sifting through the dividers is not working for me. I am going to get some more inexpensive binders and make individual ones like yours. Where do you keep your agenda? (In a specific area or take it with you?)I like how you write simple yet general plans in the agenda. I sometimes get to detailed and write too much unneeded info. Going to get more general to stay on task. I am inspired by your order. I function better when I planned ahead and am working on being intentional about the things I do. I write notes when I read God's Word too but mine are not pretty and neat like yours. I write in black spiral notebooks and try to write the date when I jot notes and thoughts. A few months ago I put a bunch of the notebooks in the attic in a cardboard banker box, they are randomly in there. I need to read the book you read about filing them. more smiles from Texas, Angelia

  16. I've just about always had some form of a planner as well. For years now, I've just kept it all together in a binder, and I call it my Home Management Binder. I have pictures of it at the below URL, if you would like to see it. :-)


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