Monday, November 16, 2009

Giving and Receiving....

Hello! I hope you are having a great start to your week! I awoke with a headache...but seems to *mostly* have gone away. I still have a bit of residual left....but I am used to it. Any one of you who gets headaches consistently, I am sure, understands what I mean! ;)

Yesterday afternoon, while Chris and the kids snoozed, I finished up knitting a baby hat for my newest niece or nephew who is due in February! :) My sister in law's shower is in a couple weeks and I wanted to get this done in time! I am so pleased with how it turned out! I even had an "oops" towards the end of knitting and had to rip some stitches out...but it all turned out OK and I was still able to finish it! :)

My mom is leaving in a couple days to visit her aunt who lives in Massachusetts. Mom and her sister, I think, are making a gift basket to take with them to give to my great aunt. Mom asked if I could give a couple dishcloths to add to the basket.....

...the stamped tag I attached to the dishcloths is kind of hard to read but it says *Handmade by* up in the left corner of the tag. :)
*And* Just today, I received a gift from Madelyn! She made me this bracelet!!! (below) Isn't it sweet? I wore it for some of the morning...but had to take it off when doing dishes and changing the laundry around. I was afraid it might break.

And last night, we celebrated Chris's mom's birthday at one of my sister in laws' houses! My mom and Chris's mom both celebrate their birthdays in November. :)

OH....and I will soon post about my mom's surprise birthday party we threw her on Saturday! Oh my sure was a *ton* of work...but it was sooo worth it! She was absolutely *SURPRISED*!!!! It was absolutely fantastic!! I will be sure to post about that soon!!!

* * * * *
And...I had someone ask how I grocery shop every other week etc. I am happy to share my method...and I would love to hear your methods as well if you want to share them. :)

Every other Wednesday (unless something comes up that day..then I go on Thur or Fri), I go grocery shopping. Prior to that I do one of two things. I either make a supper menu for each night for the next two weeks (in my planner)...or I make a list (Oh, I love to make lists!) of numerous dinner *options* for the next two weeks. Then I make my grocery list from that. I also check my cupboards to see what we already have and when we are running low on something...on the list it goes! I never-ever-ever go to the grocery store without a list. Oh my gosh...I would never remember everything! I also never go in without an antibacterial wipe (to wipe the cart down with)! If you were watching me walk into the grocery store you would see my wipe and list in my hand! ;) Of course, we run out of milk and bread through the sometimes a quick stop somewhere for those sort of *staples* is necessary. :) I hope I have been help for anyone who feels frantic with never having the right things for their recipes! :)


  1. Katy, those knitting projects are so nice, I'm sure the gifts will be greatly appreciated:)Love the beautiful bracelet too!

  2. Katy~ What a cute hat, I would love to learn how to knit but just can't seem to get the hang of it. I do know how to crochet but I think knitted things just look nicer. I am with you on the only going to the store with a list :)... I also like your little handmade by stamp very cute and very YOU!!

  3. You are so crafty! I love knitted washcloths. I think they are better at cleaning than the ones from the store. Hubby's Step Gram tried to teach me to knit. I have trouble staying focused long enough to complete a dishcloth!
    I sew hot pads instead.
    I go to the grocery store once a week. Only because My kids would get into everything. I go shopping when they are not home and hide the food! I also do the menu planning and have the list. Going by myself also saves money because there is no one to nag me or throw items in the cart (Hubby)!

  4. Thanks for answering my question about your shopping trip every 2 weeks!

    I guess I just need to plan a little better! :)

    I bought a little notebook today to use as a planner. Hope I have as much success as you do!


  5. Our grocery store has the wipes right by the carts. Isn't that nice?
    Your little hat looks like ice cream! VERY CUTE!

  6. Great job on your knit projects. They are lovely.

    Wishing your Mom a safe trip. I know your Great Aunt will love the basket.

    Glad her party went well. :) And Happy Belated Bday to your MIL.

    I ALSO MUST HAVE A LIST when I go grocery shopping. Otherwise I end up with lots of things but nothing that goes together. LOL I go weekly, because of the need for milk and bread. I also see what I have and decide our meals from there. Then of course as we run out of things on the list it goes. My list is on my fridge.

    Anywho, I'm writing your letter today. And have it in the mail tonight.

    Wishing you a headache free day.

    :) TTYL

  7. Katy, your knitting looks so professional! Great job! Love the colors you chose for this sweet little hat. And I'm sure your aunt will love her dish cloths.
    Have a great week!

  8. oh i love, love, love the baby hat..I so love knitted baby hats..I want to learn so bad...
    love the dishcloths also..
    Youre such a good person, love your blog..YOure very inspiring..

  9. Good job on the hat!! So cute. About how long does it take you to do one? Loved looking at the gifts!


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