Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Full & Happy Autumn Days

Hello again! :) It's Election Day! I'm running for tax collector for my area! My mom is the tax collector in her area...and she said it will be a wonderful way for me to stay at home and still earn a little extra money for our family. She says I am organized and responsible enough to do it. :) No one is running against me...so unless someone gets a lot of write-in votes...then I will win the election. :)

We have been really *busy* around here. Not *busy* with all *work* though.... ;) The kids are *busy* learning as I am busy teaching. They are busy playing outside and enjoying the fall weather...whether the day is full of sunshine or cloudy and dreary....they are out there enjoying as much as they can! We are *busy* with projects.... like knitting or reading. We are *busy* resting so we can be *busy* later! ;) We are *busy* spending time with family....I am so thankful for the close families Chris and I have! :)

We are *busy* visiting friends and enjoying great fellowship with them. :) God has supplied us with such a variety of wonderful, Christian friends. Imperfect in their human lives (as are we)...but saved by our Savior...accepting of our faults and imperfections while gently encouraging us....uplifting and inspiring...just *lovely* people that He loves...and that we love! :) God just *puts* people in your lives...in His timing and usually, unbeknownst to us, just when we need them. :) I pray that He puts us always just where He wants us and that we are lights for Him for everyone around us. I have seen prayers answered...not always exactly how we expect...but answered in His way and His time. I see Him doing wonderful things in people who are seeking Him and I can feel Him using me....and it is all for His glory and none of my own. I am only made whole and complete in Him. :)

A housewarming gift for a couple of the friends I mentioned before...they have just bought a new house and are so thankful for it! It is such a nice home and for all of you out there who long for more closet space as I do....you will appreciate the fact that they have wonderful closet space in their home!!! :)

We are *busy* dancing and singing, playing and giggling....

We are *busy* growing and changing daily. Each day striving to be more Christ-like in our lives!

We are *busy* cracking a coconut....just because Jaxson loves to say the word "Co-Co-Nut" and my mom thought it would be fun for the kids to actually see inside a real coconut. :)

Although...breaking into that thing was no easy task!

Finally...out comes the coconut milk....the kids thought it was pretty neat! :)

So...as you can see...we sure are *busy* around here.... ;) Lots has been going on....full and enjoyable days. Not each moment is *perfect* as sometimes it can appear to be when reading blogs....but the super enjoyable moments completely outnumber the bad ones and I am so thankful for each one. I hope you are just as *busy* as we are!!! ;)

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to VOTE! :o)


  1. Congratulations for being Tax Collector. Just speaking out on faith, here. :)
    Love your "busy" days!! Oh, also love that dishcloth on the bottom of the bundle.

  2. Aww..sweet pictures, 'specially the one of Maddy and Chris dancing.
    Let us know how election day ends up. Good luck! I know you were worried about balancing it all. I know you can do it 'specially w/ your Mom's help.
    I want to give you a great big ol' hug!

  3. Great post just about life--it sure is worth living and enjoying. I'm sure you will do a great job as tax collector--congrats--when you win!! Julie

  4. This was a cute post, Katy. The funny thing is that I was just eyeing the coconuts up at the grocery store yesterday thinking how fun it would be to get one so the kids could see what it looked like inside and taste coconut milk. I passed though. Bummer. Mainly because I wasn't sure how we would get it open!

  5. Your post are always so uplifting and fun! You mom sounds alot like mine. I could see her buying us a co-co-nut just because it would be fun!

    Have a great day!

  6. Congratulations Katy!!! I love reading about your busy days. I love the picture of your husband and your daughter dancing. My daddy and I used to dance like that when I was little. You have the most precious family!

  7. What a lovely post about life. Congrats on the election!

  8. I'm so happy you'll be able to earn some extra money from home! What a blessing!

    Your daughter is looking more like you every day!

  9. Hey Katie!

    Your blog is always so refreshing...You always seem to have it all together! I love how you guys all seem so very happy, especially the kids! Great pictures.

  10. Did you win Katy? I'm hoping you are now the Tax Collector :D


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