Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Let the rain kiss you......

...Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby."
~Langston Hughes

It's been raining here the past couple days...and after being blessed with some truly beautiful days...I am happy for the rain to come and encourage us all to stay nestled and cozy at home....I have housework to do....make some cookies with the children, books to read, knitting to knit and such. The rain seems to help slow the pace of a day, doesn't it?

I thought, since I had some time, that I would share some pictures from the days of sunshine we had previously. Each of those gorgeous days, the kids were so anxious to finish their schooling so they could get outside to play in the leaves. They raked leaves and jumped in them, rode bikes and did lots of swinging on the swingsets! :)

Watching them play just made me smile. As I sat in our front schoolroom the other day, working on lesson plans for schooling, I watched out the front window that is right in front of my desk and the kids worked hard to rake up leaves into a big pile. I sat with a very big grin upon my face as they put down their rakes...ran to the "starting point" and counted 1...2....3.....go! And off they went....running and then jumping right into that pile of leaves!

Since Daddy had gotten more logs cut and into the back of his truck....the kids decided to *help* once again and roll the logs into a pile for Daddy! They work hard at it! There is nothing better than seeing someone, especially a child, cheerfully do a kindness for someone...just because they want to.

I'm not sure where you are as you read this...but here in PA...we have a severe case of ladybugitis! We've got ladybugs everywhere!!! The picture below of our back door just gives a glimpse into the amount of ladybugs we are infested with. It's kind of funny...they just look like little black dots there don't they?

The *girls* and the *clique* are doing just fine. Just their fun and fiesty selves. :) Their greatest responsibility is to eat....isn't that wonderful? :) The kids collected the eggs the other day...and came in with this itty bitty one! I have one of the normal eggs we collect next to it. We haven't used it yet...I think the kids want to save it...hehe ;).

I did a little rearranging on one of the nice days as well. The kids were out playing and it was the perfect time to move a few things. I like to sometimes find different homes for things. I enjoy decorating and making my home cozy and a comfortable haven for all who enter. My decor aren't expensive items....just things I have gotten over the years that I feel add to the warmness of our home.

I have my knitting in a basket next to my chair. I like to have it there so anytime I sit, if one of my kiddos haven't crawled up to snuggle, then I can just reach over and grab it and knit. Sitting in those oversized, super soft and super comfortable clouds that we call so relaxing. I like to be able to keep busy when I sit in one so that I don't get *too* comfortable and just melt into the chair! ;) Have you ever just gotten overly comfortable before and after some time felt discouraged that you had just *sat* so long? I like to be comfy and also be able to accomplish something at the same time! :)

The kids have fun playing in the yards...front and back...but they also really enjoy the basketball court that is beside our backyard. It's kind of hard to see in the pic below...but it's back there! Some of you may already know about this...but for those who don't....we have some of the most generous neighbors! They made this basketball court years ago and we are allowed to use it whenever we want. They actually encourage us to! They also have a pool that they let us use anytime through the summer. Basically...any of their friends, neighbors or family at all is welcome to use the basketball court or pool at anytime! I truly love the place we live. Our home may be humble and we may not have a lot of *stuff* in the world's terms....but we have good friends, family and lots of love around here and that is the *best* in my book!!! :)

A boy and his cowboy boots....hehe...I love when his pant legs end up like that because of his boots! ;)

Last evening was trunk or treat (people dress up as Bible characters and hand out treats and tell the story about be held outside but because it was raining...was moved indoors) at our church. I was to go and paint faces.....well...I locked the house door and closed it behind us...we all walked through the rain to the garage and loaded up into the van. And then....I realized.....I locked the keys in the house. My car key and house key are on the same keyring. *gulp!*

I did a mini-panic and then called Chris *so glad for cell phones*...who was in the next town with his dad and brother at a football game. He has a key....but by the time he would have drove back to let us in the house to get my keys...the trunk or treat would be over! So I paced a bit and then tried to break in our luck. Good to know our locks are *quite* strong...however, bad when you have locked your keys inside! So....I called my mom. Her and my dad were having supper at their preacher's house...but after they all had a good laugh about I could hear through the happily said she would come take us to the church. I was crying. I felt so frustrated and embarrassed with myself that I locked my keys in the house! I know accidents happen...but it just threw me for a loop! My kids hugged me and told me it was OK. They were so incredibly sweet and it warmed my heart as they tried to comfort me. We got to the church and all ended up OK. We were only a little bit late and it wasn't the tragedy that I felt it was when I first had realized I had locked the keys in the house! :)

After Chris got home from the game...he came and picked us up. What a night! Luckily, all turned out well! :) Have you ever done anything similar? I would love to hear about would make me feel a little less embarrassed, I think! ;)

So that is an update from me....if you have the time and have *taken* the time to read my long-windedness (is that a word?)...then I thank you! It's much easier to take the time to sit and blog when it is raining outside. :) But alas, the laundry won't fold itself and I don't think the other housework will finish itself I should run.

I thank each of you who takes the time to stop and read and even sometimes comment. Your warm and thoughtful comments are truly appreciated! I hope your days are full and bright. I hope you will come visit me again soon...your friendships are dear to me! :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.
~Galatians 5:22-25


  1. All was good in the end....and that is all that matters!!

  2. I can top that one, Katy. I went to a women's college 2 hours away from home in the capitol of Columbia. I locked my keys in my car in the mall parking lot. My dad came from 2 hours away to get me in.

  3. Glad everything worked out for you. What I do is keep an extra key tucked in my wallet. Usually I never go anywhere without my purse, that way if I do locked my keys somewhere I have a spare in my wallet.

    Have a great weekend!


  4. A long time ago I locked my keys in my car while at the grocery store. I had just put the groceries in on a very hot North Carolina day. My hubby was working away from the office and could not be reached and NC is not our home state, so we had no family near by. I had to call a locksmith and then have them follow me to the bank so I could get money to pay them. All the while I just knew ice cream was melting. I was very stressed, but it turned out alright. It always does!

  5. I live in pa too. I've heard about the ladybugs. We don't have them in swarms like some areas of PA. Glad your night turned out o.k. despite your keys being locked up.

  6. glad it ended well...
    you have a lovely home...YOur knitting basket sure is full..:-)
    What are you knitting now?

    Love coming by and reading your blog...

  7. I'm so glad everything worked out ok. I always love your pictures but the one with the clothes hanging on the line is my favorite.


  8. Rain sure does slow down the pace of the day.

    Glad everyone is happy and healthy.

    The ladybugs will keep your garden look good and your chickens fed. hahahaha

    I love seeing pictures of your home. It always looks so inviting. What sweet neighbors. I love my neighbors too. We look out for eachother.

    I've locked my keys in the house. It was last year..I had the baby in my arms, my wallet, the cell phone and keys. I was on my way to pick Kate up from school! I knocked on my neighbors door and asked for a ride, luckily my Jeep was unlocked and I was able to get the our carseats to put into my neighbors van. I'm NEVER late to pick her up. Her and her teacher were just waiting outside for me. The buses and everyone were mostly gone. I explained to the teacher what happened. She said "I knew it had to be important because you're never late." Justin came home and let us in. Yup, thank goodness for cells!

  9. Lovely pics, and we had the ladybug invasion too for 2 days, even the dog didn't want to go out:( I think we've all locked ourselves out at one time or another:)

  10. Here goes... I had a smoke filled basement and Hubby was out of state. I called 911. I had to get the 3 kiddos out of the house. I put them in the car and backed it up farther away from the house. The firemen came in the big trucks and I left the kids(7,4,2) in the car while I talked with the firemen. They had to ventilate the house because I had a faulty something or other in the furnace. I noticed that two of my older children had gotten out of the car leaving the two year old inside. He had my keys and locked the doors. There were ten firemen trying to talk a two year old into pushing the unlock button. It humiliating but funny now. If you could have seen and heard these men talking baby talk and making motions for my little guy to open the door... It took them longer to get my kid to unlock the doors then it did for them to air out the house!

  11. Oh my Domestic Goddess! Glad everyone was okay!! Sheesh what a day that was. :P

    I'm having a card GIVEAWAY on my blog: All are welcome!

  12. You all have such a wonderful,simple life! awesome!

  13. I visited your blog today and it was like going back in time when my boys were little. Boy do I miss those days. I can top your keys locked in the car story.I once took my 5 boys and one little girl back to school shopping. Two of the boys were teens and in that rebellious stage, we were getting clothes for them to wear to a Christian School that they didn't want to go to. They gave me such a hard time in the dressing room of the store and caused such a scene that we had to leave the store [I was about to be soo non-Christian] When we got out to the car and I started to search frantically for the keys[I WANTED TO GO HOME!] one of the little sweeties noticed them in the car. I believe I was in tears by that time!!!!I can't quite remember how he arrived on the scene, this was before cell phones, but somehow a young policeman [scary in his shiny car and official uniform] appeared with one of those metal things to unlock doors and did the unlock the door thing as my boys stood silently with their mouths wide open!!!!! They hardly said a word all the way home!!! Life has its wonderful moments heh?!?!
    On another note, I positively love your template and toile design background. Where did you get it? Much Blessings to you Meg

  14. you are totally weird for liking algebra!!!!! :)


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