Thursday, October 22, 2009

*Hay* Ride!

We are so very blessed to have a family that can take hay rides in the middle of the week! Chris's mom thought it would be fun for us to go on a hay ride this we *did*! :)

Above is a pic of my Christopher <3 driving the tractor to go pick up the wagon and hay! *X is trailing along behind!* ;)

While we waited for everything to get hooked up and ready to go....Jaxson and his cousin, Ty, attempted to climb a big *mountain* of hay ;).

And Jax pulled Ty in the wagon, below. See that ramp there? Jaxson actually pulled Ty (who is Jaxson's age) in the wagon...up and *over* that ramp!!! Chris's mom and I were pretty impressed!!! ;)

All of a sudden, my mother in law called out, "Look X...they wrote your name in the sky!" ;)

YAY! And here comes Chris with the wagon!!!

Chris and one of my brother in laws stayed behind and cooked hotdogs for when we got back...while the rest of us piled in the wagon and Chris's dad drove the tractor!

We had a very fun, but bumpy ride! We were laughing most of the way! We even saw a skunk and were all yelling "Go, Go!" to Chris's dad, as he had slowed down and we were quite alarmed that we would be sprayed! *Luckily, we got away in time!*

Mama and Madelyn on the ride.....

We all had a lot of fun and laughter! It was a bit chilly...but super enjoyable! We came back to warm hotdogs and some other good munchies. We even made s'mores....which tonight was the first time I tried them using a reese's cup rather than just chocolate...OH my goodness! Deee-licious!! Now we are home and all ready to get to bed. I am so so anxious to snuggle down in my quilts with a good book. It has been an exhausting day!

Thank you for visiting. :) Wishing you a warm and happy Friday! :)


  1. Sounds like a fun time, I'll have to try the Reese's cup smores:)

  2. Nice pic's. Sounds like a fun ride. I remember last year when my kids had their first ride, they had a fun time with my old neighbors, they are country guys and nice people. I missed those days in Stafford County

  3. How wonderful you can go on hay rides anytime you want!! Glad you all had a great time together, as that is what its all about!! God Bless!! :0)

  4. We love hayrack rides at our farm!Love the pictures. You are all so adorable!!

    Reeses's Cup smores. That sounds wonderful.

    Blessings, Linda

  5. How fun! I haven't done that for years. Make me homesick for IL.

  6. Looks like fun!! Glad you had good night. ~ Dawn ~

  7. What a fun night you all had! I love hay rides!

  8. What a fun time. Love X's name in the sky!!!

  9. I haven't been on a hay ride in years. My twins have never been one. It sounds like fun. I love your blog.
    Thanks for sharing your family and your faith.

  10. Katy, Hello shining friend, I loved seeing you in the pic. So cool that X's name was in the sky. So cool that God did that for Him. I hope he felt super special. Madaline is so beautiful, just like her Mommy~ A ray of light! I think it is so cute too when my boys jeans do that thing on the side of the boots... LOL. I think a personal Hay ride would be so neat, especially in the moon light really special. We go on a hay ride at a Farm here in Tx. It is a fun place for fall fun. We have to wait a little longer here in TX to do leaf jumping but looking forward to it.
    I am sorry you were sad when you locked your keys inside. I always feel so bad when I do things like that too. I left my keys in my truck once and as I went to the other side to get my boys out of the car and realized my 2 and 1 yr old were locked in. My gut wrenched and I did the mini panic thing and since they are 5 and 6 now I did get them out LOL.
    Sending hugs and smiles to a super sweet heart in PA. Have a beautiful new week. Angelia in TX


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