Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The *Clique*

As I had mentioned in a previous mom gave us three of her chickens because she was getting new chicks and didn't want the older ones to hurt the little she gave them to us. They are a different breed than our *girls*. Our girls lay brown eggs...these ones lay green...although they haven't layed for us yet.

The stinkers kept scurrying away from me whenever I would try to take a picture. The three of them just stick together...they don't go near the other girls and I just can't figure out if they are shy or stuck up? ;) In the picture above...all I got was their hind ends because they just kept a runnin'! Below I got a better picture...except the tree blocks one of them. Then they scurried under a hole under our red shed. I hope they aren't laying their eggs under there!

The *girls* are doing just fine...keepin' themselves busy....eating and laying. :)

Although...did I tell you....I hit one a few weeks back? It was just awful! I had to take Madelyn to KICS (Kids in Christ's Service) at our church one evening. *It's kind of like a youth group for grade school kids.* The *girls* were out free ranging that evening and they always swarm around my van. I have no idea why...but they always do. Well...I go super slow but I can't see them directly in front of or behind the van. As I was inching along...all of a sudden I felt *bump*!! It was just terrible! I just *knew* I had hit one of the girls. I hopped out and found out...gulp...that I had basically squished the poor thing! It was just horrid!!! I called for Chris in the house and he came out and buried her for me. I bawled. I felt so terrible! Thankfully...all the *girls* don't seem to hold a grudge against me for it. They probably just figure "more food for us!"....ha!

We are enjoying a gorgeous fall day here in PA! I am totally LOVING it! :) I have bread rising in the kitchen and plan on making dinner rolls to go with the stuffed shells I plan on making for supper! The kids have been playing outside and I have clothes out on the line! The house is tidy and candles are a burnin'!

Yesterday, a headache started around lunch time for me..and it got worse as the day wore on. I ended up going to bed around 6:30pm! Chris was out getting wood...but luckily got home soon as it was getting dark so I could lay down. It was just awful! I am so thankful for a gorgeous day today...*headache free*!

Thanks for stopping by! Hoping your Wednesday is full of joy and happiness! :o)


  1. Katy, I'm so sorry for what happened! That had to be incredibly traumatic!!!!!!
    I don't know why but when I pull in the driveway at night, the puddleducks come TO the vehicle as well... and I worry the same thing will happen. It's like they have to COME TO THE LIGHT? Least thats' what it seems like? Anyways,... I'm super sorry!

  2. I'm so sorry your chicken was squished. At least it was quick and she didn't suffer. The old adage "curiosity killed the cat" seems to work for chickens too!
    Now you should be thankful your hubby buried her. Mine would have suggested I make soup. Wouldn't want to waste the chicken!
    I know how bad you feel, I cry if I hit a squirrel. Take care.

  3. You poor thing. Wonder why the chicken did not move?

  4. Katy your girls and new girls are so funny! It is amazing how they have such personalities!! We had very cloudy weather here in Vt but it did warm up temp wise! Thank God as I am NOT ready for winter yet!!:0) Have a wonderful rest of your week!!

  5. Sorry about your chicken. That is sad!

    Its quite amusing about the chicken clique. Who would've thought ....... :D

    Glad you're having nice days and hope you don't have anymore snow for quite a while.

  6. Whenever we got new chickens, we'd keep them locked up with the old flock for a few days so they can get used to each other and know their new home before letting them free range, always worked for us. Sorry to hear about the one you lost, happens sometimes, never easy. Enjoy your nice days!

  7. Aww sorry about the chicken you lost.
    My chickens are suppose to lay green eggs too. I told Justin we would be eating green eggs and ham when they finally do lay some. (Have yet to get any eggs) Since they run around in our back yard all day it'll be like an Easter egg hunt everyday.
    I wonder if your 3 new chicks will ever come around.
    I plan on working on your letter this weekend. Have a good rest of the week.

  8. How terrible Katy! I would have cried also. Hope the other girls come around.

    Have a great day!

  9. Awww.... they are so pretty, Katy! Sorry about the one that turned into a speedbump, but you didn't know, you poor thing...

  10. oh no, iam sorry. thats sad..

  11. Hi Katy,
    What would us country girls do without our dear sweet chickens. I have raised them ever since i got married, and just love watching their habits, not to mention those fresh eggs. I am always afraid that I will hit one of ours if they see our car or truck, they just com running. i guess they see food coming. LOL


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