Thursday, August 13, 2009

Xavier's Birthday Par-tay!

Xavier had a fun 6th birthday! Family all came together and celebrated with a fun picnic! The day was beautiful...praise God! :) I had been praying that it would be since it has been so rainy lately. But He gave us a perfect day to celebrate Xavier's 6 years of precious life! <3 my sister holding the cake...)....

Xavier's first ever guitar....(he strummed it this morning during schooling (while Madelyn played her tambourine) as we all sang some songs!)
**he was looking at the camera till the instant I took the pic and then he looked away...lil stinker!

Playing catch with Uncle Dan and Daddy...with his new baseball glove that Chris and I got him! :)

Jaxson took a turn with X's guitar too!

Xavier and Madelyn playing football with Daddy and Uncle Dan.....
And just look at this pic below....ahahahaha....notice the little stinkpot at the bottom aiming a nerf bow and arrow at me??? LOL...That's Jaxson. I didn't even see him when I was taking the pic...I was too busy focusing on everyone else in the background and after I took the pic...I glance up and THERE he is aiming right at me! AND...please note: *Objects in picture are closer than they appear*! Ahahahahahaha!!! Luckily, I was able to scamper before he took the shot...LOL (Good thing because those nerf arrows can actually be quite painful when shot at close range....either that or I am a wimp...maybe both ;) sister also informed me that there wasn't actually an arrow loaded on it...Whew! LOL

It was a nice evening....but when we got home and started getting the kids ready for bed...Madelyn got sick. I was worried it was the stomach bug and with a fun family trip planned for Saturday...I started praying! But she wasn't sick very long...I honestly think between all the running around she did, the heat and also her nerves (I had to take her to an orthodontist today to look at her teeth) I think it all just tossed her belly for a bit. She is feeling back to herself today! Praise God! :) I also received something special in the mail today from my dear friend and sister in Christ, Lea...but I will share that another day. Thanks so much for coming by and visiting! :o)

Mya...X got his gift from you today....he loved it and he is drawing you pics (just because he wanted to) and writing you lil notes on them. I will be sure to send them your way! ;)


  1. sounds like he had a wonderful birthday!


  2. Beautiful day for his party. He looks so happy! Guitar? Wow!! My girls are gonna get real drum & guitar for Christmas from Mike's sis. LOL They begging for them. Glad Maddy is better today. ~ Dawn ~

  3. Happy Birthday to Xavier! It looks like a fun party!


  4. Looks like a wonderful day and that you all had so much fun! My little Evy will be 6 in September. It's such a fun time. Love the cake you made - it's so cute.


  5. Sounds like a great day!

    LOL at the last picture. LOL I am usually the one taking all the photos and don't realize things while taking them but can see funny things while reviewing them

    YAY glad he got it. And that's so sweet of him. :) I got your letter/booklet last night. I have 4 assignments to turn in today so hopefully I can get around to writing back tonight or tomorrow.

  6. Looks like he had a wonderful day! That cake really is so cute!


  7. Happy 6th Birthday!!! Glad you had a perfect day. I have really enjoyed your blog. Many Blessings,

  8. Looks like (and sounds too) everyone had a great day to share with X *yay*


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