Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Xavier's Birthday Cake

Hello!!! Happy August 12th! Today is Xavier's 6th birthday! My, time has flown by! We all say that alot, don't we? Although, I must admit...I remember X being 2...and thought that he would be in the *terrible twos* forever! ;)

We are having a family birthday party for him this evening back at my inlaws' pavillion. :) I know he will have alot of fun. He loves it back there. We'll have hotdogs, chips, beans, mac and cheese and all the other picnic foods. I made his cake's not perfect...but I made it with love. The writing icing that I used to outline the road ended up way brighter than I would have liked...but X loves it and that is all that truly matters. I made buttercream frosting. It's the best. I always make my own icing. You can't beat homemade icing! ;)

Yesterday, I got 12 quarts of beans canned. The kids wanted to help snap....

More beans are still growin'. Probably do more canning here later this week or next. Wow...we have a lot of beans. But I am *not* complaining. My shelves in the basement are filling up and I am thrilled! I can't wait till the corn on the cob is ready! YUM!

Welp...I better be off. I don't like to spend too much time on the computer. Lots of quality time really can be wasted on this thing and I would rather spend it with the kids or doing things around the house! ;) Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful rest of your week and I will be sure to post pics from X's party sometime in the near future! :)


  1. Happy birthday, Xavier! I love your birthday cake. I wish I was there to eat a bite! I know you will have a fun birthday and wish you many, many more.

  2. Happy Birthday, X! He have grown into handsome boy!! I remember how you dealt with him back then. LOL Beautiful cake!! I don't want to ruin it by eat it. LOL ~ Dawn ~

  3. Happy Birthday to Xavier. I think your cake looks great and an A+ for making it all homemade--that will mean a lot to him. Have fun at the party. Julie

  4. Happy birthday to your sweet boy! The cake is really cute, I'm sure he loves it!

    The beans will taste so good this winter!


  5. Happy Birthday to your little one. Your cake looks amazing!

  6. Happy Birthday Xavier and I love the pictures of the kids snapping beans too cute!


  7. Happy Birthday, Xavier!! Love the cake...I'm sure it is delicious!!
    Love the new blog look!!

  8. Happy Birthday Xavier!

    LOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE CAKE did an amazing job.

    Hope the package gets there soon.


  9. what a cute cake!!

    We didn't grow green beans this year, but I sure wish we did! Need to get a pressure canner so we can can them ;)

  10. Happy Birthday to Xavier! Love the cake!

    I really like your new header I think it's just perfect!


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