Friday, August 7, 2009

One Improvement at a Time...

For anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know that home improvements happen pretty slow here since we do all the work ourselves. Chris did some more siding yesterday as shown in the pic above. Everytime something gets matter how small...I get soo excited! I love seeing it come together...even if it is piece by piece!

To finish this side of the house...he just needs to finish the dormer in the pic below. (We need to get new windows for there...but thing at a time! ;) The windows that we bought so far all slide up and down to open (how I like them) some on the first floor have turn cranks to open them....they were like that when we moved in. Not my favorite way to have them...but at least they are decent windows for now! :)

Then this side needs to be done.....(This is what the finished side, above, used to look like! Oh my will all look sooo nice when it is finished being sided! I can't wait!) *Patience* is a difficult thing to have! (Again notice the crank windows that I am *not* a fan of.).....

And here is the corner that needs to be finished as well on that side. (As you can's been waiting for it's precious protective covering of siding for a while...hehe)....The downstairs windows still have the stickers/papers on them when we first got them. The first floor of that addition to our house is not finished on the inside I put in THIS post.

I am just sooo ready for the siding to be done! :) We (okay..Chris...I haven't *helped* with the siding much at all) have been working on this for years. I know that is forever...but he does alot of other things it just isn't always first priority (even though sometimes I wish it was...LOL)

His lil brother, Dan, came over and helped. Those two are practically joined at the hip! haha! :) But I am so thankful for this generosity and giving of his time to help with things! But can someone please tell do to men make this much of a mess in an evening....???????

And my imperfectly beautiful arch and walkway to the back door. I still have lots to do with it (including making the stone path get closer to the door...although I hope to have a wrap around deck/porch there someday). This is a pic of it....after kids have run through there and what it looks like on a normal moment. I didn't sweep it (obviously...LOL) and have so much neatning up of it to do...but that will come :). habiscus tree is in bloom...looking beautiful! :) I am so thankful for flowers...don't they just beautify this wonderful Earth that God made?? :)

I sooo look forward to the day that I can share pics of my home...all sided! Until then...I will continue being anxious patient. ;) I would love to hear of any home improvements you are doing! If you have a post about it...I would love to know so I can go check it out. It's nice knowing we're all doing things as we can. :) Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. You've beautiful home. I love the color. ~ Dawn ~

  2. How cool seeing things come together. I love it too.

    Okay we are working on our backyard. Justin put up a fence..his Dad helped. It was done in 2-3 days..which was soooo cool! As silly as this sounds but I love the smell of the wood and go out there and just love the smell in the air the fence gives. (Pine)

    I say "Our" garden but I kill all plant life and leave it to Justin to tend to it but I make stuff out of what he grows. :) Tomatoes, jalapenos, bell pepper, blueberries, lemon tree (not bearing fruit yet) and habaneros. Yum. He plans to add onion soon. He's going to move the veggie garden to the side of the shed and out of the middle of the yard where he first put it.

    Today we are going to a place called Floor Decor to check out wood floors. Since Katelin is allergic to dustmites it's in our best interest to get rid of a majority of our carpet. I think he said we'll just keep it in the bedrooms. Not sure if he meant hers too. Her room is painted lovely but is lacking paint at the very top of the wall where it meets the ceiling..needs crown moulding..

    Hmm, I'm sure there's more stuff. Have a good day. And high 5 to Chris for all the hard work done.

  3. It will be well worth it when it gets all your house.....I really like old frame houses, here there are not any..only stucco....
    I was surprised you have hibiscus bushes there....thought they are a more warm weather plant...pretty color!

  4. The siding look great. I think it is the greatest that there are men that value hard work and doing it there self. It motivates me to grow more in that way as a woman B/c I have an awesome husband that is motivated to work hard like yours does. You both complement each other. And that is truly create a beauty like God shows us "Work together" "You can the beans, gather the eggs, create fun and add beauty inside while He lifts that walls up and makes you snug and safe." Have a wonderful week end. Smiles, Ang

  5. It's looking really good. I know, us women want it done now. My husband says that I am the most impatient person he has ever seen. I am learning, now that he can not walk, that I have to be more patient because we are depending on other people. I can't nag them. Ha! We have a problem--when we redid our kitchen in this old house years ago and took everything out to the outside wall and down to the ground, we did not remove a chimney that was in an in-cased wall. I had the perfect space left just for the refrigerator with a cabinet over it and a pantry beside it. The problem, now, is that refrigerators are wider and taller. We need a new refrigerator and to be able to get one, we need that chimney taken out of the wall. Can you imagine all the soot we would have all over our house?!!!!!!!

  6. You know, I think sometimes the slower the better. Maybe we appreciate it more?? I'm just guessing. There is plenty I would like to do to this house-just cosmetic stuff, but its slow going. I love the old crank windows!!

  7. Patience is a hard thing! We are still working on our kitchen. I hope to have paint on the walls soon. We have a huge list of things to do, but like you, life sometimes gets in the way.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hey... You know that our house has been a 28-year work in progress, and that's okay with me. It makes me appreciate what has gotten done so much more than if we had just instantly had it done. You have a greater sense of what it takes, effort-wise, to achieve each forward movement so I think it often reminds us that we need to be good stewards of our homes/yards/etc.

    That was a pretty photo of your hibiscus blooms. Yours has really thrived exactly where you put it!

  9. Katy~ Your husband is doing a wonderful job with the siding and such a difference in the way it did look. Paitence is hard but when it's all done it will be great. We had new windows installed about 5 years ago and I love them they are mostly single hung ones but the batrhooms are double hung so you can put the window down from the top, they also all tip in for easy cleaning..
    I love reading about your home improvements and I love your blog.

  10. Hi Katy,
    I just got home and drew names for my little drawing. My little blog giveaway goes to..... The Country Blossom!
    Let me know where to send your pearls of wisdom bottle! Hope you like it!
    from the potting shed
    Love the siding yall are puttin up!!
    Your house is so pretty!

  11. Hi there. I just wanted to pop over and tell you thanks for leaving me a comment on my page and to tell you I am so glad you visited! (HSB, you found me through Joann's page)

    I love your pretty, and you have a lovely family!

    I can only imagine how excited you are about the new siding on the house. Congrats!!!

    God's Blessings,
    Amy Jo

  12. I'm a new visitor to your blog. Good luck on your house project!

    I read your comment on Tammy's 'Country Girl' blog and wanted to stop by and say "Hi". I'm a FOX news watcher too. ;)

  13. Looking good! And so rewarding that you are doing it yourselves.

    We need to do several things and I want new windows too. I want new flooring, preferrably old hardwood planks, we need to paint every room, etc. The list just goes on and on. But ones of these dyas it will be done.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I know what you mean, Katy! It seems to us that when we get one thing finished, another is ready to be done, but I'm thankful that we can do it ourselves and that Jason knows how to do so much of this stuff. We're blessed to have the homes we have and our hubby to take care of us and our home, aren't we?

    Your home is so pretty! And look at it as a labor of love and your children are watching all the hard work ya'll are putting into it and learning a big life lesson!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Hi Katy~ The siding looks awesome!!! My hubby and I bought our house 9 yrs. ago and it was in need of a total remodel, we bought it for the 2 acres of land it sits on. We did EVERYTHING ourselves, except updating the electric service, and it was SO satisfying every step of the way:) You will get it all done in time and then you can sit back and just enjoy it all:)Have a great weekend!

  16. I love looking at your house Katy (both inside and out).

    The siding looks good. Is it something you need to paint regularly? (That would be the only pain :D)

    You know, when I saw the pics on FB I thought, wouldn't it look fantastic with a wraparound porch. hehehehe

  17. I see we were doing the siding at around the same time. Our siding is very similar to yours. I even helped hubby put the siding up. It felt wonderful to help along side him.


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