Thursday, August 27, 2009

A man's children and his garden...

...both reflect the amount of weeding done during the growing season.
~Author Unknown

The kids did some weeding yesterday and Oh my...they did a wonderful job! (Especially Madelyn! WOW!) I know how horrible they look right in these pics...but the weeds just got away from me. Although I don't have a pic of it right now...all the weeds are gone! Madelyn did most of it and just amazed me at her thoroughness! I praised her and thanked her abundantly! :)

Free Weeds
U Pick 'Em
~Author Unknown

I was in the kitchen, cleaning, with the windows open in there and heard the kids get super excited...they had found a toad while weeding! What a treat! He was a pretty big guy too! :)
The kids desperately wanted to keep him...but I explained to them that his home was outside...that's where he liked to be. :)

Below is a pic of a new desk for our schoolroom! I have it in there now and it looks so nice! I will be sure to update with pics sometime soon! A dear friend from church gave it to us. Isn't it absolutely fantastic?? I love it!!

And...I need to add...the past few days of homeschooling (and life at home in general) have been going really well! I have been in prayer about needing the strength, patience and peaceful spirit to be the kind of mother and teacher that I wanted to be. I have read scripture...focusing on love. 1 Corinthians 13 tells us that love is patient, kind, and hopes and believes all things. It isn't proud or rude or self seeking. I talked to the older two kiddos about it applies to each of us (myself included the most) and how we should be loving each other daily...and how we accomplish this. There have still been trials and such...but so far things have been handled well and have not grown into yelling or too much frustration. I am so thankful for the strength God has given us to improve this situation. I seek Him daily. He is the reason for the peace in my home. :) It's not always *easy* to stay patient and kind...but it is possible! :)

AND....oh my goodness...look what came in the mail yesterday!! I was sooo thrilled! I had won this clothespin bag at the Prairie Flower Farm's Blog. It is soooo cute and perfect! I absolutely adore it. There were a bag of clothespins with it (attached beautifully) and also a sew travel sized kleenex holder was sent with it! (Right in my purse that went!) It was all sent with a beautiful lil note and packaged with care. HERE is a link to their store. They have such beautiful items there. Know that what you get from there is truly quality. :) I think these market totes are soo cute!

Look at the fabric on the clothespin bag I won...isn't it tooo cute? *and sooo ME, I might add!* Love, love, love it!!! Thanks Linda!!!! :o)

And just cuz it is cute....a pic of the boys playing at the "dirt pile" outside yesterday! :) *Jax's toe is doing well. It's stitched and healing and protected at all times with a sock on it!*

Thanks so much for coming by! I really appreciate it! I better get moving! Lots to accomplish today! Sending warm wishes your way!! Happy Thursday! :o)


  1. Dear Katy, Thank you so much. The first thing I do in the morning is look and see if I have any mail. Yea!!!!! a note from you! I immediately had to see what you had posted. How sweet. When I designed that fabric last year I had know idea I would be blogging and someone would actually have a clothespin bag at their home to enjoy. You are a sweetie and I am so thankful "the winner" loved it so.
    Blessings my new friend and thank you for writing such a precious post! Enjoy!
    Prairie Flower

  2. Congrats on your give away prizes! That clothespin bag is adorable!

    Love the photo of the boys playing. Did you enhance it to make it look that way? It has such a ethereal look to it.

    I'm glad that things are going well in your home and with school. We all need to try a little harder to be as loving and as kind as God wants us to. It is a daily battle at times.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. I'm glad Jax's toe is doing well. Not a real big fan of amphibians but he is kind of a cute toad. That is an AWESOME clothespin bag! Love the fabric!

  4. Thanks Everyone! :)

    No~Carolyn, I didn't enhance the pic of the's just zoomed in ;) so I think that may be why it looks like that! :)

  5. That is darling--you scored. Glad things are going well. We have our bumps along the way, too, but I'm grateful for each peaceful, smooth day. Have a super day. Julie

  6. I love the clothes pin bag that you won!!

  7. What a cute clothespin bag!! Looks like it was picked with you in mind!!
    What sweet kiddies to pick weeds. Isn't it funny how when they are young they just love to help??

  8. I'm so happy things have been going so well for you.
    And I'm LOVING the lil chicks on that clothes pin holder. So cute.
    Have a good day. TTYL

  9. Oh what sweet kids they are. You're lucky. Tree service owner rescue squirrel & put him/her back in the tree but his grandson want to keep him. I love your hanger. So cute. That desk looks so cute. ~ Dawn ~

  10. Your children are adorable! And the desk looks awesome =).

    And love is a very important lesson that everyone should learn...I commend you for teaching your children more in depth about love at an early age. I'm learning more and more about love daily. There's always something about love that God's teaching me. It's an ongoing learning process, I think =).

    May God continue blessing you and your family!

  11. I love the clothes pin bag~so cute.
    I am so glad you won!


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