Monday, August 31, 2009

It is a BEEEA-UTIFUL Day!!!

If there was such a thing as a perfect would rank right up there! The weather is absolutely gorgeous...nice and cool in the house and shade...but if you are chilly...the sun is there to warm you up quickly! Our schooling is done for the day and the kids have finished their chores. After a lunch of tomato soup and grilled cheese, out they went to play in the fresh air! Clothes are out on the line....drying easily with the slight breeze and warm sun!

And....I found a sign of fall!!! Woooohooo! (I like to pretend that fall officially starts on September 1st...which is tomorrow!!! YAY!)

Enjoyed walking around some outside...enjoying the gorgeous weather! This is definitely one of my favorite kind of days!!! :)

Madelyn worked hard on her schoolwork today! (Yes...she is wearing a winter hat..hehe)

Last evening, we went to my aunt's house to celebrate my uncle's birthday and my cousin's 18th birthday! We had a nice time! Thought it was going to rain..but after some sprinkles, it was a beautiful evening. We made mountain pies and hotdogs and really enjoyed our time!

My mom and Chris rode horses from mom's house to my Aunt Lori's....I'm not sure how many miles it is between the two...maybe 10 or so...? Give or take? But you get the idea ;). They both love to ride and I know they both enjoyed it and having someone to ride with! Once they met us at my aunt's house...the kids wanted to ride too!

Xavier on Super, the horse....and Jaxson on Coby. Heehee, my lil cowboys!

And Madelyn on Super. My lil cowgirl! :o)

Jaxson and Madelyn loved being on the horses and wanted to go around and around...X, though, wanted to stay off of them...he feels safer on the ground! :) He got on for a minute and let me take a picture...but then wanted down soon after :).
Here's my handsome guy sitting around the fire....

I love when we can spend time talking and such with good friends and family :). Don't you? I am just so thankful for the enjoyable days God gives us. I know life isn't always *perfect* but even enjoying the little dew drops on a red leaf and small voices outside...playing and laughing...make each day have a little bit of sweetness to it that makes even the seemingly "not so enjoyable" days actually end up bright! :)

Here in a couple of hours, I have to take the van to get inspected (today is the last day I have to do that...eek...good thing my dad owns a garage and can fit me in! Whew!). I also have to do my van's registration runs out today....goodness! Each year, the end of August seems so crazy...with my birthday...other family birthdays, my vehicle registration and inspection always needing renewed at this time, beginning of schooling...AND..this year I had to renew my license as well! LOL Quite zaney 'round these here parts as August breathes its last for the year and September rolls in. :)

Thanks for stopping for a visit with me. I always enjoy it! :) I hope you do too! I hope you are enjoying a gorgeous day like we are in PA...and if not, I hope you are making the best of whatever weather you are experiencing. (A game, a good book or my knitting needles are best friends of mine on a rainy day!) Happy Monday!


  1. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL around here too!

    Have a great day

  2. I'm also enjoying my Monday. I can't wait til the Fall weather comes in. Which usually ends up being at the end of October. I put a letter for you in the mail today.
    Big hugs to you and all your family. Those are some great pictures of the kiddos.

  3. It's dreary out here today. Wet & chilly. But tomorrow will get better. Glad you had wonderful days. Great pics & beautiful kids on the horses. ~ Dawn ~

  4. We are having that same great weather:) Love the horses and your kids are adorable on them!

  5. It has been a beautiful day in Indiana too. I just love this weather. Hearing about your homeschool days reminds me of when ours were that little. They loved sitting at their little desks in our home classroom too. Now they are bigger and our house is smaller and the schooling is done around the kitchen table. It's still a blessing and we cheerish getting to spend our days together.

  6. Lovely Katy! I wish we had a clear, distinct fall but we don't.

  7. I LOVE fall too... is there anyone who doesn't? Question...what is a mountain pie?

    apple pie hugs

  8. Fall DOES officially start on September 1st, well.. it does in my book ;)

    I've been seeing these pumpkin wagons (a wagon filled with pumpkins for sale, you simply take one and leave the money in a jar) for the past few weeks now and I've been telling myself

    "not until september 1st. After that, you may get your pumpkins!" *lol* :D

    Greetings from the netherlands!

  9. Fall is my favorite time of the year! I love breathing in the crisp air and it's not too hot or too cold but just right. I bought a bag of apples at the farm arket the other day and the scent of fresh apples just says fall to me! I'm ready to start baking apple pie.

  10. We also ahd a very pretty day yesterday. It was cloudy for most of it, but was nice and cool until the sun finally came out and it got up into the mid 80s. That's cool for this area and it sure was enjoyable!

    I agree to enjoy the little things that are enjoyable and don't sweat the little things that aren't! LOL!

    Have a great week!

  11. We are experiencing the wonderful weather also. Having my windows open on a cool day is one of my simeple pleasures.

  12. It's beautiful weather here too, Katy! I'm "pretending" it's fall too! Love it! Don't you just love having your kids home? :)


  13. i think fall can start whenever you want it to! and i agree sept first is a perfect day to pretend it has begun!

  14. Katy~ I just love your blog, you have such a way with words, feels like I am right there in your yard looking at your laundry blowing in the breeze. Wish we had some cooler weather, 102' here today. I just stay inside and put my airconditioner on 76' and pretend it's fall :)

  15. Always loving seeing the kids! It is wonderful here in NC too. We have really enjoyed our screen porch and having the windows open letting this cool breeze blow through. I love these days before we are closed up again for Winter.


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