Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Five Lil Stitches in One Lil Piggie...

Well...Jaxson had a trip to the ER today. That's my mom in the pic above with him. He was out playing and sliced his toe on something. (I saved you from the gory pic!)

He ended up having to get 5 stitches. He was such a trooper. He cried alot when it first happened and I was holding paper towels on it to stop the bleeding (which seemed to go on forever!). But he calmed down a bit and by the time we were at the ER...he was smiling and talking more!

The doctor and nurses were really nice :). The worst part for Jax was when they were numbing it...it hurt him so much. (the dr warned us it would)...but after that...while they stitched him up..he was fine...chatting with me and *grammie*.

The stitches are in for 7-10 days and then we will have to go have them taken out by his doctor. Jaxson's greatest worry about it all was that he can't wear his flip flops for a few days! ;) Socks and shoes for the next week! :) *Fortunately, I think he will survive!*

And...the sweetie that he is...he got 3 stickers for being such a big boy and know what he did? Gave one to me, one to my mom and then kept one. Wasn't that sweet of him? I love that boy! ;)


  1. our boys had their share of stitches, your little guy was very brave...they had to papoose our oldest as he fought them when he saw the shots..he still at 21 has a low pain threshold...

  2. Awwwww! I'm glad it wasn't worse, but wow, I know how worried you must have been! Stitches are never fun. I'm so glad that he was such a big boy about it. I hope it heals fast.
    Have a great week!

  3. Awww!! My lil boy had 5 stitches in his head and didnt cry a drop why they were putting it in his head.but he did cry when it happned though

  4. Poor lil thing!
    ER trips are sooooo scary. Aren't they?! Makes a mothers heart do flips.
    And YES what a sweetie.
    In that last pic of Jax his profile looks like my lil baby J. hahaha

  5. Ouch! Poor lil' guy!
    He sure did take it like a trooper though! Kids seem to bounce back so quickly and I know he will too!!!
    Prayers for it to heal completely and fast!


  6. Ahh, your poor little guy! I hope he is up and moving tomorrow morning with no pain.

  7. Poor boy!! I haven't reach where I have take my girls to ER yet. Let's hope not. LOL Glad he's brave kid. Glad he's okay!! HUGS to you Katy!! ~ Dawn ~

  8. The boy was so brave! I sometimes think that these accidents are harder on Mom! I'll pray for swift healling.

  9. Poor little guy. :( My oldest son had to get stitches on his foot when he was 3. He still talks about it over a year later. It's never fun when your kids get hurt.

  10. Poor baby! I hope he feels better soon. Maybe some ice cream will help with the pain! :-)

  11. I'm dropping by from FarmChick's blog to say hi. I got my first 3stitches in my entire life (I'm 25) a couple days before valentine's day when I had a cyst removed from my right leg. NOT loving the scar but that was one health scar I did not need.


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