Friday, August 28, 2009

" Education is not the filling of a pail,

...but the lighting of a fire. "
William Butler Yeats

All three kiddos have a desk now thanks to a family friend. I first mentioned the new desk HERE. Now it is in the schoolroom and being well used!
Schooling has been going super well the past few days as I have stayed in prayer about it all and felt that God is truly giving me patience and strength to make it through each day. :) I praise Him for a sense of peace I have had lately. It makes teaching with my children a pleasure! :)
Times are still difficult...there is still some whining at times and such...but with the tools God has placed in his Word...especially the verses on truly *loving* one another...I am handling things with patience instead of anger. It's a daily prayer of mine to continue the rest of my life with the peace I have felt as of late! :)

After we do our schooling in the morning...the kids get to work on their chores. I started making lists for each of them daily. I specialize it to each one of them...they each need to keep their beds made and rooms cleaned. Then I will think of things that need done during the day that they can be assigned. Such as putting away folded clothes, cleaning windows, helping to dust etc. They (so far) seem to like their individual lists. They aren't allowed to play or do anything fun till each thing is checked off by mommy. It is working really well for us! :) Sometimes....especially Xavier...they need a little prodding...but I like not having to "nag"'s on the list..and it needs done. Period. :) (Each list only contains between 4-8 chores are so...and all things each of them can do according to their ability!) ;o) I also get most of my chores done in the morning.

This leaves the afternoon for playing, games, bike riding, reading, laughing, naps and such. :) Then when it is almost time for Chris to get home from work, along with starting supper, I do a quick tidy up around our home...just to make sure it is comfortable and relaxing for Chris when he gets home! :) Nothing better *in my opinion* than coming home to a relaxing, clean, and inviting home after a long, hard day at work!

The kids are working hard at their lessons...but doing well. I feel My Father's World is still going slow at the moment for X...but I just kinda want to stay at their pace for a bit. Maybe it will pick up and get a lil harder as time moves along! :o)

I hope you all have an absolutely lovely weekend! I am not sure what it holds for me and my family...but no matter what, we will enjoy it! My cup runneth over! ;) Warm wishes for a great Friday! :o)


  1. Glad the school year is still going well for you.
    I also have a chore chart. Kate knows what's expected of her and she gets a happy face or sad face for the day depending on her behavior also.

  2. LOVED IT! We do many of the same things. Very "Pearl-ish" (Michael & Debbie Pearl) of you to have your home nice and tidy for hubby when he gets home. We do the same, and add in not having the dishwasher or dryer running. So the house is peaceful,soft and sweet for hubby. Good job Mama!! :)

  3. Glad you are having good start with schooling. We don't have chores chart yet. I do tidy around the house before Mike gets home. LOL ~ Dawn ~

  4. We run our day the same as well. We do it a little in reverse. Chores and such first in the morning, then our gym stop, and then back to do lessons. I love your attitude. I need to remember to put it into God's hands as well.

  5. Sounds like a great start to your school year.

    And congratulations! You won the Making It Home book giveaway at my blog. It's your second comment that did it :) I'll email you to get your mailing address.

  6. Just caught up on your blog! Phew! Iol

    I love your blog. I know I say it alot but it is genuinely from the heart. You always are upbeat. I know your life is not perfect but you don't let the negatives show in your posts. I'm thankful for that.

    I love your kiddos. They are so gorgeous!

    Hey, wondering if they would like some Australians penfriends (seeing as my 3 are the same ages)? Let me know what you think :D

  7. I am so glad to hear the schooling is going well. It ain't always easy! LOL! (forgive my terrible grammar!) Sounds like you've got a nice schedule worked out, and yes, I totally agree, I like to have a clean, inviting home for my hubby to come home to also...even though he doesn't get off work until 2 o'clock IN THE MORNINGS!! :)
    PS - I LOVE the darling clothespin bag you won. That thing is precious. :)

  8. Just wanted to stop and say that I love reading your blog. Tell the kids to have a joyous and happy school year!

    My children are ages 27 and 19 and my daughter is graduating from Massage therapy school next month. I still can remember her starting kindergarten....the years have flown by.

    Take care and God Bless


  9. I love your school room Katy!
    Wonderful pictures.
    Also, you're such a good wife n Mom.
    I love that it's important to you for Chris to come home to a tidy house. You are such an INSPIRATION TO MEEEEE!
    Holykisses, and have a great weekend!

  10. I'm so glad that the school year is off to a great start for you guys! I miss those days! We're doing college appliations and financial aid stuff this weekend - time really does fly!


  11. Hi Katy,
    No, actually I live along the infamous Rt. 40 that wagoners would travel to the west and pay a toll on. Included is a link of the toll house that still stands today.

    I got my name from (mornings322) firstly, I love mornings, so crisp, fresh and new and secondly, 322 is a number that I like. Can't say it is a lucky number but it's a number that I like.

    Take care and have a good weekend.



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