Monday, August 10, 2009

Day One Completed!

We started our homeschooling year today! went pretty well! Both kids wanted to do *more* schoolwork! But since it is the first day with the curriculums...we just did intro stuff. Alot of Madelyn's 2nd grade stuff is starting off with review for her. Xavier's Kgarten stuff starts the first 10 days of schooling introducing Creation :).

Jaxson buzzed in and out through the work time. :) He wants a "desk" too....but there just isn't the room in there right I will have to figure it out. He was busy writing the number 10. LOL (he discovered a line with a circle next to it was 10 and then thought that was fantastic! Don't you love that?)

So...I am happy to report that our first school day went fairly well :).

Unfortunately...afterwards, we had to go pick beans out at the garden and the kids weren't too thrilled. It's super humid out and everyone was crabby. Not a great time of picking....but between my MIL and I...we picked about half a bushel so I will be busy canning later today.

We will be spending most of our day here in my room where it is air conditioned. Luckily, I have a fairly large sized bedroom so everyone has room to be in here. The kids are playing blocks. I will probably sit in my glider rocker I have in here and knit. I know...those from the south probably think I am crazy. But for me...this humidity about knocks me out!

Please Note: I do love my boys....but they dressed themselves today. I didn't fight them on it...mismatched (and even backwards) clothing doesn't really bother me when we aren't going anywhere. hehe.

Oh...and Wednesday is X's 6th birthday. We will celebrate with a small family party in the evening. :) Then my parents are taking us all (in celebration of the birthday) to an amusement park on Saturday! I will be sure to share all about it! :) Have a great Monday!!


  1. Looks wonderful Katy!! Looks like you had a successful day!
    Our humidity is gone today, but we had some terribly humid days lately, and yes, sitting in an air conditioned bedroom is what I do too! LOL (Even the dog wants in!)

  2. So glad to see things went well for the first day of school!

    We thankfully don't have much humidity. I'm sitting here pretty chilly actually, but we'll warm to 77F later!

  3. Glad that the school went well. Faith did the same thing & always put her shirt on backward. LOL

    Where amusement park are you going to? Dutch Wonderland? I love that place. I have been there twice.

  4. glad things went well!! maybe J can improvise for a desk... have him use a clothes basket and one of those little stools or something!

    humidity is killing me today too!

  5. first of all...your page is so cute. never looked at it before.

    glad you had a good first day! the pics are adorable. again...way proud of what you're doing. keep it up. :)

  6. We started school too. Glad you had a great day. What part of pa do you live in? I live in the soth east part of pa.

  7. I love your page update with new pictures and all. You are so pretty and I just love your hair, it is so fresh and feminine.
    Congratulations on a great first day of school. Glad to hear that. Seeing them in their desks and working contently makes me excited to start next week.
    Where and when did you learn to knit? Do you sew? I love that you do those things.

    Smiles, Angelia

  8. Katie, I have lived in the South all my life and still LOATHE the humidity. I live inside during the summer, only venturing out to cut grass around 7pm. Of course, the car has air as well!

  9. I picked green beans also today. I agree that the humidity is a killer! I loved the mild July that we had.

    Glad that the first day of school went well.

  10. Hey Katy!! Glad to hear yoyr first day of homeschooling went well!!
    Also my daughter Emily`s birthday is today and she is 6 so her and X are only a day apart!!
    I just want you to know what a huge blessing your blog is to me!! I love reading about you and your family!! Take care!!
    Love and blessings,

  11. Hooray for a good first school day. Hope the rest of the year goes just as smoothly.

    Oh and it's been about 50 something days of triple degree weather in the Austin area. Yee-ouchy.

  12. Forgot to mention..the new stuff looks cute. Your picture on the bottom is so pretty.

  13. How fun! That makes me want to homeschool my kids! How many hours a day to they do schooling?

  14. I know just how he feels as I learned something new last week and felt so excited!! Looks like your school year is off to a great start!! Have a nice day--we have dry heat--I think humidity would put me under, too. Julie

  15. I'm so proud of you for homeschooling! I remember reading when you were debating what to do.

    I agree about the humidity - it's nasty!
    I also agree about the clothes. I let my 3 year old go to my moms with mismatched socks and some backwards clothes because she was so-o proud that she dressed herself. :)


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