Monday, August 17, 2009

A Day At DelGrosso's Amusement Park!

To celebrate X's parents, Devon and Cory (along with my aunt and cousins) all went to DelGrosso's Amusement Park. It was a super sunny day....and HOT to say the least! ;)
The kids had a blast going from ride to ride. Devon and Cory got there earlier than the rest of us and got us a great picnic area under trees. (Thank goodness....because I ended up spending alot of time there...I will explain later in the post...)

After having some lunch provided by my mom and aunt....bumper cars were ridden! The first 3 cars there are my family. Jaxson was too short to ride too...he was so sad...but I know everyone else had a great time!

Jaxson riding the Casino Ride with daddy....

Here is a pic of Chris with my cousins, Molly and Mariah....riding this super scary ride....where you go really far up high and then it drops you...this is a pic of them on their way UP! ;)

Chris and Jaxson taking a breather.... (with my aunt in the background)...

My dad and mom with all three of my children....(and Madelyn being silly!)....

The kids loved the merry go round! They rode this numerous times!!!

Chris and me....I had my hair down and curly and pretty....but with the heat and all...I had to put it up off my neck and back....

And here is my dad takin' a lil snooze....
I spent quite a bit of time laying in this lounge chair during the day too.....

I missed alot of my kids enjoying the park. I rode 3 rides...and with the heat and the rides combined...I got super sick. I felt horrible. I was so bummed I missed alot of my kids riding on things....but they had fun and that's what is important! Chris had a lot of fun too...he rode lots of things. I wish I wasn't so easily sickened! I have decided that if I ever go to an amusement park again...I will *just* take rides for me!! And, I may take a super huge sun hat too! ;)

But overall...everyone had a really fun time! Thanks Mom!!! :o)


  1. Sorry you weren't feeling well. I can't do the rides anymore. I haven't been able to since my early 20's. I just go along to hang out with everyone.

    Glad that Chris and the kids had a blast!

  2. Katy~ What a wonderful day to spend with family even if you were a little ill. I can't take the heat either and sometimes it just makes me sick especially if it's humid. I don't do rides at all, I am just the official picture taker :)


  3. Sorry you were sick Katy. Looks like a fun time for all. Hope you are better now.

  4. i had some dramamine! you should've taken some. i did and i felt pretty good!!! i have a bunch of pics and video--i'll try to burn them on a cd for ya.

  5. Sorry you weren't feeling well but it looked like the kids enjoyed themselves. Maddy is just LOVELY in that first pic of her eating a chip. And your boys look super duper cute in the first pic of them next to the bday sign. LOL Jax takin' a sip as you click the pic. Cuteness.

  6. Oh my! Everyone look like they had fun. I can't believe Chris let his goatee grow longer. LOL Glad X had wonderful birthday. Mike love going on rides & always end up getting sick. LOL ~ Dawn ~

  7. It looks like great fun.
    Congratulations on winning the cute clothespin bag!

  8. I know how you felt! I am the offical photographer at our trips to fun parks.... Am not sure how that happended eirht, I used to be the one on all the rides! Must be a side effedt of motherhood =)
    God bless

  9. What a great day, Katy! It made me hot looking at the pics though. I know it's tough out in the heat, but I'm glad you all had a fun time together!


  10. That's a bummer that you got sick. I can totally relate. I do not do well on pretty much any rides. I even took Dramamine this year and still got sick when I took Lily on a ride.

  11. I feel for you! Know that you are not alone. I get the same way. I learned my lesson at Knobles... lots of water, shade and a big sun hat! But those parks are so nice and budget friendly. Have you been to Lake Tobias? A great inexpensive zoo.

  12. It looks like you made some great memories!


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