Monday, August 3, 2009

Canning Beans

Pick beans. Snap beans. Wash beans. Can beans. Repeat.

This morning...I went out to the big garden and started picking beans. Tons are readying themselves for picking and are totally ready for canning. So...loaded the kids in the van...and went down to pick. It has rained alot lately so the ground was quite sneakers need a good!

When I got home....I washed my jars and while I snapped beans...I boiled the jars in a big pot....

After snapping a bunch...I would give them a good washing and then pour them into a seperate bowl and then keep snapping.....

When the jars were ready...I filled them with the beans...put in a tsp. of salt and then added super hot water to them. Then you need to push the end of a wooden spoon down try and make sure all the air bubbles are out. I sealed the jars up and into the canner they went....

All ready to be canned in my pressure canner......

This is how my kitchen looked as I was working....

I am now waiting for the pressure to go down in the canner so that I can safely open it to get the jars out. I have one more batch of jars to go in for today. That will be a total of 14 jars so far. There are lots more beans to pick and lots more canning to be done I bet you can guess what I will be doing this week... ;o)

Anyone else doing any canning? I would love to hear about it! :)


  1. Hey,
    I love canning. I feel so productive when I look at all the food I put up for winter. I did green beans last weeek and I'm good till next year. This week seems to be pickles and making summer squash bread. The rabbits(grrr) ate all the tops of my beets so I'm going back to the Amish to get a bushel. I try to learn how to can something new every year. I didn't grow up this way so I'm learning on the fly! Last year I added apple pie filling to my list of accomplishments! Sorry this is so long but I'm passionate about preserving!:)

  2. I love to can. I have been doing beans, Green Tomato Relish and Cucumber Relish. Hope to be canning Tomatos soon.

  3. Oh goodness, am I canning! I just came in from the garden with another big bowl of green beans and a big bowl of banana peppers. While I was down there I noticed that my cabbages were the size of basketballs! I need to do something with them! Have you, by chance, ever canned sauerkraut? I think I might try it if I could find a good recipe!

    Good luck canning! It keeps you busy!

  4. Oh, I guess I forgot to say what I've canned so far. Hmmm... strawberry jam, blueberry jam, zucchini relish, bread & butter zucchini spears, dill pickle spears, and dill pickle chips. I've been freezing a ton of broccoli and green beans too. I'm actually going to can this batch of green beans I just picked today. I just have to get my aunt's pressure canner as I do not own one. Once the tomatoes are done, I'll be canning spaghetti sauce, whole tomatoes, salsa, and pizza sauce. Whew! Summer is a busy time!

  5. I so want to do some canning but I'm not sure if I will have the time OR energy!!! I love the way it all makes the kitchen so homey!!! Have fun canning mu friend!!~hugs~Wendy

  6. I put up some dill pickles today and should be able to can some beans next week. I love the look of all those beautiful jars of garden goodness in my pantry.

  7. Canning? Oh, yeah.....I made 3 quarts of black raspberry syrup, 12 pints of green beans( with more in my future ), 12 half-pints of corn relish. I have frozen 6 packages of grated zucchini, 2 quarts of chopped onions and 9 quarts of corn. I will be canning tomatoes/juice and freezing peppers. I usually make stuffed peppers but still have plenty of those from last year. I will probably stuff some anaheims/poblanos with cheese for chili relenos. We have canned beef roast, chicken breast, apple butter, all kinds of jam, apple pie filling, apple juice, salsa, spaghetti sauce, sloppy joes, vegetable soup, horticulture beans, bean soup, pepper relish, zucchini/green tomato relish. When I was a kid, we canned everything--even fish! It is a good feeling to preserve your own food.
    I've read your blog for sometime and I know how hard you do work. My kudos to you and all your hard-working family> Keep up th egood work!!!!!

  8. Those green beans will be great this winter. I haven't done any canning but I have been putting as much as I can away in the freezer. BTW, I like your new background.

  9. I'm a canner from way back! I've got beans to pick this week too, nothing tastes as good as true fresh produce that you grew yourself! Enjoy!

  10. I wish I canned!!!! I've always wanted too but we barely have a garden started up. Hopefully soon though I can.
    Man those look delicious!!!!!!!

    Sell em on ETSY. I'll buy. ;)

  11. I have canned salsa, peaches and cherries. I love how it all looks when finished and sitting on the counter. It is so much work, but worth it!! Julie

  12. Lots of work i am sure, but you will be so glad come winter!

  13. I love canning, this year I've done peaches, rasberry syrup, dill pickles and hot pepper jelly.

  14. I have canned quite a bit of jam with our blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and grapes. I was PLANNING on canning our green beans...with my new pressure cooker my husband got me 2 years ago for Christmas (it had never been out of the box!)...I finally had my confidence built up and I was all ready to use it!! After much confusion, we figured out that he had bought me a 'pressure cooker' and it wasn't the type that I could can in too!! I was so sad!! So..instead I've put several quarts in the freezer!! Happy Canning!! (by the way, I left you an anonymous comment on your schoolroom post...I thought I had logged in using my name...but I must've done something wrong...I sometimes I have problems on blogger??)

  15. Believe it or not I came to look at this post again JUST to see the pictures of those yummy looking beans. OMG I'm cracking myself up right now.

    ME WANT GREENBEANS. (Doing my best cookiemonster impression) hahaha

  16. Oh my, Katy, you are busy!! LOL! Looks like from your comments, so are a lot of other women. I miss gardening this year, and a lot of other things. Just sitting here in "limbo" waiting for our house to sell with most everything in storage:(
    Keep up the good work, come winter you will be so happy you did :)
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Your beans look great! Those will be super yummy this winter. Who taught you to can? Think these are lost arts and never learned a lot of these things when I was younger but have such a great to desire to know and do now. Bless your beans Smiles, Ang

  18. I am totally impressed with your beautiful produce and canning skills...I used to can a lot when my family was growing up.

    I just bought Ball's New Blue Book today to do a little this year. Nothing ever tastes as good as your own canned goods !


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