Thursday, August 6, 2009

A bee is never as busy as it seems...'s just that it can't buzz any slower.
~Kin Hubbard

He who gathers in summer is a wise son;
He who sleeps in harvest is a son who causes shame.
~Proverbs 10:5

My days have been busy...but that is such a general term....don't you think? Of course, all of us mothers have our homes and children to look after each day....that can keep us busy enough! But what is truly "busy"? Normal chores and life keeps us from being idle. That's a good thing. Other things can add to our *busy-ness*...but I think if we keep a balance of those things and our priorities to God and our families...that they are good things.

Some things keep me "busy"...but it's a busy-ness that I enjoy. Canning, knitting, weeding and washing eggs that the kiddos collect from the *girls*...are things that have kept me busy...but it's part of my life and I am happy to do them! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with things but I just keep reminding myself how thankful I am that God has provided us these things and it is my job to take care of them! :)

Although...I must say...laundry and washing dishes are chores I do consistently and don't have a *ton* of love for! ;) I have to admit, though, that I *do* love hanging clothes out on the line...unfortunately...we have been getting alot of rain off and on and it makes it hard to know when to get things hung out!

Washing dishes....I don't *love* it but don't *hate* it either. It's more the dailiness of it that can be hard! With not having a dishwasher (we used to...but it didn't do a very good job so I asked Chris to just take it out...) it seems that no sooner do I get all the dishes done and there are more waiting for me! ;) It seems frustrating that the kitchen sink area can't stay empty and clean looking for long. But I try to remind myself that my home is *not* a museum and we live here. It is what it is. :)
I got X's MFW Kgarten curriculum in the mail last week (talk about feeling like my birthday!LOL) and Madelyn's came from Abeka this week! (Another day of feeling like my birthday! LOL) So I have been working on their lesson plans!!! :) We will start school this Monday, Aug. 11th. :) Yipppppeeeee! When will you start school?

But as *busy* as I seem...I also get quiet moments that I spend with Chris and the kids and family....alone moments where I read my Bible and other books....moments I laugh and enjoy with friends, and just quiet moments of thought. (Although during the moments of thought...I *feel* busy because my mind is thinking a bajillion things a!)

What has been keeping you *busy* lately??
Thanks so much for coming by to visit. I really love reading your thoughts and comments and I totally appreciate that you take the time to read my lil blog! :)


  1. Hi Katy---some days I feel overwhelmed with "bus-i-ness" and other days, I have a moment to breathe and appreciate that fact that I have good health that allows me to keep busy.

    Hope you have nice day--it is good to have routine!! Take care--Julie

  2. Katy,
    I also have tons to do each day...I find if I starts doing it, I get on a roll and get everything done quickly. The more I think about doing it, the more overwhelming it seems, and I wind up not doing it at all-lol. Have fun with school this year, we start in Sept. after Labor Day.

  3. I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed. I just try to take a deep breath and keep moving along.

    I have been busy with about the same things you have. I have been canning green beans, tomatoes and pickles. There is a garage sale this weekend and then I am hoping to get my home in order. That seems to take a backseat when there is such nice outside weather.

    Have a great day!

  4. Hiya! I've been quite busy with us moving to our house and getting all thehouse inspections ordered and .....

  5. Aren't you blessed with such a feeling of contentment at the end of the day as you think back to what has been accomplished? Even if it's not always visual (pretty rows of canned goods), after you tuck the kiddles in and kiss their sweet little faces, you can relax in the knowledge that above all, you're doing the Lord's work as you strive to raise them to recognize all that He is and should be in their lives.

    I really enjoy your blog, Katy!! :-)

  6. What keeps me busy?
    House chores
    Grocery shopping and all the rest.

    But I gotta admit when I 'do' have time to rest..I feel like "Surely I should be doing something!"

  7. Hi! Just came across your blog and love it!

    I hear you on the bus-i-ness of life. It just never stops, even in those quiet moments my mind is still racing on.

    We are not starting school until the second week of October! This is the latest we have ever started, but we just wrapped up this year, a couple weeks ago.

    My girls and I are busy helping at a local produce stand, baking & selling bread, pet & farm critter sitting, knitting or crocheting gifts, making soap, gardening, picking fruit and lots of canning and freezing.

    It has been an incredibly busy summer but incredibly rewarding and worth it!

  8. My mind never shuts off! Even when I'm "caught up" with work my mind is still going. It's really annoying sometimes - something I need to pray about!

    We'll be starting school at the end of August.

  9. Being of an older age I am not busy with many of the things you are busy with. However, I certainly find many things to do and enjoy. I remember well when my work was never done - dishes especially - always more to do. Enjoy the busyness - TO SOON it will be over. Smile!

  10. Beautiful business. I admire the order yet joy you purpose in your home...seems a lovely place to be. Hugs, Ang

  11. I see some good food for the winter. Fresh is so much better than canned.


  12. Katy...I love to hear of what keeps you busy. I often think of you and would love to just live in the country and have some chickens. On another note, I am getting ready to get Jackson's curriculum soon and I think I already read something about this, but did you really like MFW for 1st
    grade?? I am toying with it or just piecing together stuff. Did it take you a couple of hours a day to do?? Our state requires 4.5
    hours a day of school. Seems like a lot, but maybe it won't really be...
    Hope you have a great night!!

  13. Hi Katy, I too love hanging clothes out on the line to dry...ecspecially sheets, pillowcases and blankets...practically anything. My main problem was not the weather, but birds leaving surprises on my laundry and then having to wash it all over again...happened quite alot to me a fews years ago. When I homeschooled, getting the curriculum was the best..just like you said...feels like Christmas. I love the smell of the books, everything. We were at our best as a family when I was homeschooling. Now, my oldest will be moving back to Pa. to go to college at Penn State next week and my son is a Jr. in HS. The youngest daughter is 10 and really doesn't want to be at home with me...she loves public school. So I cherish those years I did do it very much. Love the canned string beans too....they will be delicious this coming winter:) Have a great day! Erica

  14. Hi Katy,

    I've been busy planning our homeschooling days, ordering curriculum, selling curriculum. I liked your scripture! We just read that this morning before Jason left for work in our Proverbs chapter!

    Have a great evening!

  15. I will be using ABeka 2nd grade with my son this year! I used ABeka for 1st grade and liked it a lot. It is heavy on the worksheets, so I had to tweek their lesson plans some. I like how you are making your own lessons to go at your daughter's pace...that will be a great asset to their program I think to make it more individualized for you. Happy Homeschooling and have a wonderful first day! We start the 24th!


  16. Isn't it great to work so hard and love what/who you're working for!! Isn't it funny that as a stay at home wife/mother...we often feel behind, sometimes caught up BUT...never ahead! I think that's the way the Lord we would daily draw our strength and joy from Him. I love all of your pictures!! I especially love the laundry basket idea!! hmmmm, I may have to look for some of those!! Have a great weekend! ;)

  17. and....I forgot to answer your question about when we're starting school...hopefully in a week and a half. I've been planning away, so hopefully we'll be ready to start soon. The kids are excited and ready...I'm trying to get that way!


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