Friday, July 17, 2009

A Sneak Peek.... I don't show pics of the addition on our house much. We do things as we have the money...and we are working on the outside of our home first...getting it all sided etc. Our addition has been a makeshift shed for's dry and protected in it started to accumulate "stuff" you see where I am going with this?

Well....I am thrilled to report that since getting the stuff for yardsale doing a lot of cleaning and rearranging...I have got about half the room looking ALOT better! Wooohoooo! ;)
In the pic will actually someday be a mud/laundry room....which will then lead into the rest of the room which will be our living room. We also store all the siding that Chris is putting on the house in this room...(of which you cannot see). We bought all the siding at once so we got assured to get all the same color etc. So we store it in the addition where it is protected.

I should have taken a before pic so you could really understand how CLEAN this is now...but alas...that would have been WAY tooooo embarrassing!!! ;) But trust me....this is AWESOME! :)

And....what is exciting about meatloaf? Nothing....*unless* you cook them it in super cool mini loaf pans!!!
They cooked so much faster and they were so cute in those lil pans...hehe! One of the pans of meatloaf is leftover and I will pack it in Chris's lunch this morning! Yummy!

See....I truly get excited over such little things ;). is off to work at the yardsale again at my mom's. Praying it doesn't storm like predictions are forecasting *biting nails*! I just want to get stuff sold asap! :)

I'm also getting ready to be a cheerleading "coach" at our church's VBS Sports Camp Style! :) We did this last year and it was a great hit with the kids! This year will be similar...but with a different theme! :) Fun stuff! :o)

Well off I go! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! So glad you took the time to visit with me!


  1. Your blog is just so fun to read through. I enjoy it so much!

  2. I love your mud room! I wish we had one on our sure would clean up the entry!
    Is that a church pew that you have in there? What a great idea!
    Mmmmm, meatloaf is one of my favorite meals, but not my kids. I don't get to make it much, so your photo really made my mouth water.
    I wish you a very successful yard sale. Have a great weekend!

  3. DEFINITELY... the addition is much cleaner (at least in the part we can see from that pic... LOL!!). Looks nice!

    Good luck with the yard sale today--sorry I can't be there to help... maybe if these gas prices would go down some more!!

    Thanks for the idea of making meatloaf for dinner tonight. That sounds good!

  4. Good luck with the yard sale. I hope the weather will cooperate until the yard sale is over.

    I know you will be happy when the renos are complete. Everything looks great so far.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I made meatloaf for dinner on TUesday and was wishing I had some some small pans to cook it in!

    Good luck with the yard sale, they are soooo much work!


  6. I saw a very cute pew, didn't I?? Cannot wait to see the finished product!!
    Hope you have a productive yardsale.

  7. Hey love your blog. We also fix up as time and money, mostly money, allow. I feel better knowing it's paid for! Your meat loaves are really cute. I use a muffin pan and make cupcake size meatloaves. They cook in 30 minutes and I "frost" them with mashed potatoes. Anything to get the kiddos to eat!
    Good luck with your yard sale I hope the rain hold s off for you.

  8. Hi! Love the new room addition. I know how hectic remodeling can be! Believe me.

    Anyway, I checked out the posts I've missed the last few days. I'm SO glad Madelyn's bday party was a hit. The table set up and the girls in their pretty dresses was adorable! :)

    Well, I gotta run. TTYL

  9. That room will be awesome once it is complete. I wish I had your patients. I am not sure how long I could wait to have it finished.

    Meatloaf and baked potatos make it on my menu regularly. Good stuff!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Hey Katy, I read on FB that your yard sale was rained out, I'm sorry about that, what a bummer, maybe tomorrow will be better, I will pray that the rain holds off for ya. Your meatloaf is so cute, i'm sure the kids liked them "pint" style.the room looks great, can't wait to see it finished.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  11. That meatloaf looks so yummy. That's one of my favorite foods.
    I like your mud room.


  12. I love that you love the simple things....I do too. I love reading your blog and reading your simple enjoyment of the beautiful blessings that God has given you. Thoughtfulness and gratitude are rare. It is nice to read words from a heart that is Thankful.

    I loved the view from your front door...

    Smiles Angelia in TX

  13. It does make you feel good to get a room cleaned out, doesn't it! Love your meatloaf pans and the meatloaf looks delicious. I hope you have a successful yard sale. I also love the highchair in your former post.

  14. Hello,
    It is my first time visiting you. The title of your blog sounded so pretty, I just had to come and see.

    Your meatloaves look so good. I make meatloaf at least twice a month.

    Although we are not adding to our house we have been redoing, doors, floors, windows, painting and etc. I know what a mess it can be. This is especially true when we do the work ourselves and do as the money lets us. I have been in a mess for almost six years. I keep telling my husband if he doesn't hurry I will be dead before it is finished. I will be 70 in October. Of course I am planning on living till I am a hundred.

    I have enjoyed visiting here. Have a great weekend.


  15. Katie, the room looks great. I agree with Wendi that you have much patience, but it is smart to do it as you can. It was also wise to buy all the siding at once. I always love the looks around your house you give us. I hope the yard sale was productive.

  16. It's looking really great! I've read that cooking them in smaller loafpans is quicker but haven't tried it! Actually I also read somewhere that you can make them in muffin tins too!


  17. Your addition looks great. I bet it would make a great playroom for the kids while you're waiting for it to become the mud room.

    We don't have things like mud rooms and basement and attics over here.

    Wish we did.

  18. I wish I had a room like that to work with, oh what I could do with it! Love the new look here too!


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