Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Schoolroom Ready For The School Year!

I have scrubbed walls and desks and got some organizing done as well. The schoolroom is pretty much ready for school to start! :) (Please excuse the place under the chalkboard...I got wallpaper scraping *happy* and now it is just plain ugly there...LOL)

It's a small room and it is a strange it is hard to get things to all fit well in there...but I am so thankful for a wonderful place to hold our homeschooling. :) I would like to purchase a cupboard or two (with doors on them) to keep things in and then take the other shelves out...but I make do with what I have, gratefully! :)

And a pic of the other side of the room:

And...just because it is so so cute to me....the other day...Jaxson was so exhausted that he tucked himself into bed all on his own and fell asleep in a matter of minutes during naptime. You know a kiddo is tired when they tuck themselves in to sleep!

Thanks for visiting! Hope you are having an enjoyable week! :)


  1. The schoolroom is looking GREAT!!!!!

    Jaxon is so cute :D

  2. So Cute! What a wonderful learning environment you have created. Good Job!

  3. Your school room looks great. This will be the first year I get to have a school room also. Is it already that time again? We do school year round, but this year we took a break.
    Many blessings, Fine Linen

  4. The schoolroom looks so neat. It looks like a great place to learn. If I had school-age kids, this day and time, I would be homeschooling too. I hope you are feeling much better.

  5. Your schoolroom is cute! Looks cozy and welcoming!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog.

    Have a blessed day!

  6. I love your school room! So cute.

    And yes that's true. LOL Cute picture.

  7. Your school room looks wonderful! That is cute what your son did, mine have done that too and it's too adorable. :)

  8. awww, jax!


  9. Love the picture of Jaxson sleeping. I love pictures of my children sleeping they look so sweet.

    You school room craft room looks good!


  10. Your schoolroom is looking great!! Love your chalkboard!! That Jaxson is a sweetie. Its rare that my older two nap and certainly don't put themselves to bed.

  11. The room looks great. Have fun!!! Hope they don't give you hard time. LOL ~ Dawn ~

  12. Your school room looks wonderful..its odd, this is the first year in almost 20, I haven't had to go school supply shopping..everyone is out of school now as our youngest just graduated..all those years of school room volunteering, going over homework, field trips, all over...time is too short.
    If we hadn't found good charter schools, we'd have homeschooled.

  13. We don't have a dedicated school room, it would be nice to have a place to store everything!

    Jaxson must have been sooo tired!

  14. I love seeing your school room. I like the desks. God's blessing under the umbrella in the specially created place to learn. Smiles, Angelia

  15. What an adorable blog you have!!! Somehow, I just found it and I LOVE it!! I've saved it as a favorite so I'll definitely be back to visit!! I wish we had a school room!! We do our schooling around the kitchen table and at various places around the house...I've always wanted a 'schoolroom'!!


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