Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Thing I Hate About Computers...

is spyware, adware and the likes. It's so frustrating. I get them deleted off...and WHAM...another one shows up! I have one coming up on my blog...and I keep having to go back to the main page. I am not sure if it is my computer or my site? Anyone else having an issue at all? If so, I truly apologize. It is definitely not my goal to have annoying ads take over my site whenever they want to.

On a seperate note...Madelyn and Jaxson weren't feeling well yesterday...fevers and super lethargic...Madelyn even started walking around in a daze and talking nonsense. Luckily, both are 100% back to normal today....their bouncy cheery (and energetic) selves! :) X was like this a day last week and that is where I think they got it from. Luckily...it wasn't anything severe. :) I am truly thankful. I know many mothers whose children are sick right now with the flu or something like it! I am keeping those children (and moms) in my prayers right now...and I hope you will too. Nothing worse than for your child to be sick!

And....yes...I did it again. I know...it must get so annoying...but today is a super rainy day here in PA and I just sat down and started fiddling with one thing on my blog...and voila...I changed many things instead! :) Thanks for accepting my blog changes and still choosing to come back and visit! hehe!

Now I am off to change sheets, do some laundry and such. Hopefully...if the kiddos get their rooms cleaned like I want...then we will be able to read together or watch a movie later! :) Hoping you're having a wonderful Tuesday....rain or shine! ;O)


  1. Katy, I have been getting that annoying pop-up everytime I visit you. but I manage to find my way around it. I know it's not your fault. Hang in there!
    I'm glad to hear that the kids are feeling better.
    And I like your changes. I love the little photo of crow dishes. Too cute!
    No matter how you change your blog's appearance, the heart of it will still be you. So don't worry about that. It wo;t stop us form visiting you!
    Have a great day!

  2. I like the changes on your blog, Katy! Sorry about the kids not feeling well, but glad they're feeling better today!

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Katy, I really like the looks of the changes you made today on your blog. The other was pretty but this is my favorite. So glad the kids are better. There is still a lot of "swine flu" around here and it makes me afraid to venture out too much.

  4. you must be using something on your blog that is making the pop-up come on. like maybe a button or a banner? i have seen it every once and awhile... but my internet blocks it and so i don't really have a prob. sometimes it doesn't even show up....??

  5. I hope your crew is feeling better and back to them old selves soon. I like your blog it looks good.


  6. Glad you got that straight out with spyware!! Glad to hear your kids are feeling better. We are struggling with diarrhea keep going back/forth between girls & it isn't gonna stop. Hope you got your chores done ~ Dawn ~

  7. I don't get any pop ups.
    Glad the kids are better. Poor things.
    Love the new bloggy stuff.

    :) Hope you had a good day!

  8. Katie,
    I tried to log on to your site this morning and instead a site came up for meeting singles! I had to type in your site from yahoo in order to find you! Just wanted to let you know.


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