Sunday, July 26, 2009

Homeschool Curric. Question...& More!

Hey all you homeschoolin' mamas! I need your input! I used My Father's World for Madelyn's 1st grade year...and I totally enjoyed it...but I was wondering what curriculum you all used and if you liked it? All thoughts on this are much appreciated! I want to order curriculum soon! I just met another homeschooling mama that lives not too far from me, actually, and she uses Abeka and really likes it for her grade school daughter. I need to get curriculum for Madelyn (2nd grade) and X (Kgarten) for this coming school year and I was just going to go with My Father's World again...but other info from homeschooling families would be sooo wonderful before I actually order!

Also....if you don't have the email option on with your comments to I can reply to your comments...could you leave your email address too? That way, if I need to, I could kindly bother ask you more or discuss it more if need be. :) Thank you so so much for readin this and sharing with me. I really love to hear others' methods and ideas!!!!

Thank you for all the well wishes! I am feeling much much better and just dealing with a minor sore throat now! :) I appreciate all your kind thoughts, prayers and comments! Madelyn has a dentist appt. tomorrow morning at 9am for a cleaning and to discuss about that tooth that is growing in the wrong place that I mentioned in THIS post. This dentist (a pediatric dentist that is totally worth the drive) is over an hour Madelyn and I will be up bright and early tomorrow! My MIL is keeping the boys overnight for me! Isn't that kind? I will pick them up as soon as we get home tomorrow! I pray that they are well behaved for her! ;)

We had VBS sports camp tonight and it goes on all week. As I said before, I am the head cheerleading coach. We had 12 young girls there tonight. I think it went well...but wow...I am so exhausted! Things are very busy! Hope you all have a fabulous week!!!! :o)


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Our VBS starts tonight also. I'll keep your church in my prayers! Good luck at the dentist!

  2. Just popping in to let you know that I used Abeka last year for a few subjects and I loved it. This year I ordered Abeka for both of my kids- Kindergarten & 4th grade.
    Good Luck!
    It really is hard to pick curriculum when there are so many out there.

  3. Good to hear you are feeling better. Have a great week.

  4. Hey Katy,
    Love to talk curric. I just found this site called Ambleside online. It is based on the Charlotte Mason style of learning.(I don't know if you have heard her name in your homeschool circles yet.) It is free to use. They give you all kinds of free resources and suggestions for what they feel are the best. This isn't textbook style learning, it breaks the mold of study, test, move on. It is more creative, allowing for artistic endeavors such as nature observation, drawing/sketching, reading good literature, listening to wonderful peices of music, studying great artists(much care used here), creating beautiful copywork,etc.
    I have used so many different methods over the years, esp. learning toward textbook curric.(I was public schooled, so I naturally gravitated to what was familiar). This year with my 6 yr. old starting out, I am breaking free! I do believe this is the method the Lord guided me to. she also believes that the Bible needs to be the core(center of the child's environment). I wish I could have been educated in this manner.

    In the past I have used Rod and Staff for language, Apologia(LOVE it) for science, Saxon math(LOVE it), Learning Adventures- all subjects, except math. It was a unit study approach and very good.

    I have learned that you really have to know your child in order to pick the curriculum that will match(their learning style.) My son is very hands- on, so unit study works well. My daughter needs SHORT lessons, so textbooks most likely won't work anyway. She needs more, uhem, creative flare:). So, Charlotte Mason matches her style.

    If you have a fluent reader maybe a literature based approach would work. Overall, a routine is what works and sticking to it. There is no Magic curriculum for sure, but matching up your child's learning style with the descriptions of the books will.

    I wish you the best! Definitely Pray. The Father will guide you as you seek His wisdom.
    Teresa in Ohio

    P.S. There is also another site called SimplyCharlotteMason. with free resources to use.

  5. Katy,
    Happy to hear that you're feeling better :)

    Are you coming this way to the dentist? The kids see the Pediatric Dentist in State College. I have been there before and heard people talking about how far they had to drive because there isn't another one near them. The waiting room can be a madhouse but the kids love the place and their dentist so I think I can handle it. They won't let the parents back in the back but it's a nice

    Have a great day :)


  6. Katy,
    I use Akeka. I used to for my son'shigh schoolyears, and now this will be the third year using the elementary. My son is going into 1st, he did k-4 first, then k-5. My daughter (4) will be doing k-4 this year. Just some advise...if you use the dvd program k-5goes fast, so you may want to think about doing k-4 first. I know if i jumped into k-5, I would have felt overwhelmed, but doing k-4 first, they are right along, if not a little ahead of the class. Hope this helps. My son is reading like crazy, and is writing everything in cursive.

  7. I can't help you much, Katy. I am looking forward to what everyone else says. Have you heard of Heart of Dakota?? A friend of mine told me about it. Just another option for you...

  8. Hey Katy! We're gathering all our stuff together for the upcoming school year also.

    Now this is just my opinion, but we love the Charlotte Mason method of using "living books" to learn. I'm going with Sonlight for History/Geography/Bible. Apologia for Science, Easy Grammar and Daily Grams for Grammar, Sequential Spelling, and Saxon Math.

    I have a little experience with Abeka and it is a too rigid for us. It feels like "school" and I don't want our experience to feel like school. (if that makes any sense!)

    Again, everyone has a style that works best for them, and there's a LOT of curriculum to choose from! Feel free to email me!

  9. Glad to hear you are better. I hope it goes good at the dentist tomorrow.

  10. Duh...Abeka not Akeka..whoops ..... nice typo:)

  11. I just completed my 14th year of homeschooling and have used lots of different curriculum's over the years. When I had babies and toddlers it was sometimes easier to do workbook programs, but now I've found as my children are getting older that less is more in many ways. My oldest two are going into their senior year in college, and are doing quite well, and yet there were many times when all we did was read and do math. I believe God filled in the gaps :-) If you have questions about the particulars, feel free to email me.

  12. I love your site and just wanted to chime in on homeschooling. I have 4 (with one on the way), with my oldest starting ninth grade. We use Bob Jones as a core, but I do supplement and lean toward the Classical approach. We love Apologia science, IEW for writing, and Mystery of the History for my lower level history. All of my children loved the Draw Write Now series. We have used Saxon and found that has worked with some and not others. Also for the lower levels I did a lot of lapbooks units using Dinah Zike's books and Considering God's Creation as my basis. Enjoy these young years of homeschooling:) Karen

  13. Dear Katy,
    Just stopping in to let you know of a sale on 2nd grade Saxon math at if you are interested. I like their math. I am really loving My Father's world since you introduced me to it and thought I would let you know I notice they have a great out line and seem to provide a lot that your readers mentioned even the apologia science.
    Blessings as you proceed into this new school year with your three sweeties.
    OH wanted to also tell ya... I have really enjoyed Handwriting with out tears for my boys...boys seem to need more help in the writing area verses the little ladies. The Handwriting without tears has preK work that your youngest might enjoy based on shapes and animals. My youngest is on the Autistic spectrum and I had an Occupational therapist recommend this program and my older son is doing better at writing as well. would love to hear from you friend. Smiles Angelia(


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