Thursday, July 16, 2009

From My Home <3

Looking outside our front door...this is our view....

You may be wondering why I shared that. The simple answer is because I like it :). I find joy in simple things like that! I can just stand at my front door and look out and smile! :) Is it humungously gorgeous? Not really...but is it simple and sweet?....yes! :) I love it!

Madelyn and Xavier had a fun "indoor" picnic yesterday. At was just too hot for them to be outside in the they enjoyed a picnic inside the school room! :)

Jaxson and his blankie :o) .....

From time to time, I add or subtract or just move things around in my home when decorating. I love to share those things when I do them! :) Hope you don't mind! Even when I change small makes things look totally different to me!

Below is a high chair my mom gave me! Isn't it absolutely fantastic??? I *love* it! :) I've got a raggedy ann warmin' it's seat! :)

In this corner of my dining room....most things stayed the same...I did move a few things though and added that berry swag across the top front of the desk. YUM....I love berry swags and wreaths! :) hehe!

A simple little thing....such a sweet look!

And...I absolutely *had* to share this. While picking up the other day...I found this paper on the floor that I am assuming Madelyn wrote.... if it is hard to read....I will type it out clearer for you....
"We will love God with all our hearts and all our souls. God will love us too. A heart is red, a violet is purple, a daisy is white and rain is blue." ~Madelyn

Hehe...isn't that too sweet? When I found it....I almost threw it out as just another random floating piece of paper in our home. I am so so glad I didn't. This is definitely a keeper. Maybe even something to frame and hang up! ;)

We have been having a yard sale at my mom's. They are an awful lot of work! WOWZA! But it is going pretty well. The yard sale continues tomorrow and Saturday as well. We are so thankful for good weather! Although it has been a bit humid...there is a nice breeze which helps a TON! :) If you are should definitely stop out! We'd love to see ya!

Hope you are all having a good end to your week! It's almost Friday! Woooohooo! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. The simple things in life are the best! Great post! enJOY your day!

  2. I too love the simple things in life.. I love sitting on the back steps and staring at my garden or watching the birds pecking at the grass.

  3. Hey Katy, glad to hear that the yard sale is going well, my mother and I will be having one soon also. I love looking out my doors to, and the simpleness that it is bring a smile to my face as well. A picnic inside or out is always a good thing. and one more thing, I LOVE your bird house thing beside your desk... does it have a light in it? I have been asking my DH to build me one for a year or more... love it , love it, love it...
    Have a blessed day!

  4. Thanks for the comment Katy. Yes, I do sell the clothespin bags here:

    In my Etsy Shop.

  5. Love the view from your home-sweet-home, Katy! I really love the little Annie in the high chair- that is just too cute!

  6. Small changes are GREAT!! And you can't beat the price!! :) I just posted about some changes I just did. I love your view!! And your swing!!

  7. Love reading about the joy you find in simple things. The highchair rocks!

  8. I want kids so they can write notes like that.

  9. i LOVE your house Katydid,
    and everyone in it!
    Madelyn's note is positively awesome! My hearts goin pitterpatter.

  10. We often enjoy indoor picnics too. Especially during the cold Western PA winters!!

    Love the poem Madelyn wrote. How sweet. I bet you'll be keeping that one!


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