Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Wagon Train Is Here!

It is just so neat....this wagon train. They camped out on my FIL's land and today they are doing a 10 mi. loop and then back to camp here again. The people are so friendly and the horses are beautiful and seriously....I totally want a horse and buggy. I want to trade my van in!!!

Below is my nephew and my son, Jaxson with Chris's Uncle Rodger. He is going to ride with them a bit today. My mom is too. :) He is getting the horses, Matt and Malachi all ready! :)

Miss Madelyn..... :) (Xavier wasn't in the pics because he got to go to the races with his pop-pop. My dad runs the wreckers when there is a wreck on the track so they all get to sit in the middle of the track and my kids love taking turns getting to go and watch!)

The start of them all setting up camp for the night..... (and Jaxson down in the corner)....

Everyone set up....(doesn't that look so incredible?).....

Matt and Malachi.....hungry boys.... ;) ........

Oh my goodness.....isn't this little boy one of the cutest things you have ever seen?? Look at him holding those two huge horses! I am so so glad those horses are well trained...if they would have moved...they would have taken that lil boy with them!!....**and seriously...I plan on finding hats like that for my boys....go ahead and think I am is just tooooooooo cute!**

I thought this horse was just beautiful.....don't you think??....

There were also some mules there I should have taken a pic of. **I love mules!** They were gorgeous. And some HUGE horses was horse heaven there! :)

I love old fashioned stuff like this. Seeing most of them wearing the clothes too was awesome! I loved it! It is such a fun experience! Hope you enjoyed sharing in the pics with me! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love the pictures! The horses are beautiful. What a neat way to spend the day.


  2. I love those big horses, how beautiful they are, thanks for sharing with us:)

  3. hey katy, thank you for sharing your pictures with us!! how awesome a site it must have been. love the horse. what a great start to your weekend. how long will it take them to make the 10 mile loop?


  4. Besides being "cute" they are functional. They cover from the sun more than any baseball cap. My husband wears one too.
    That is the only online place I am aware of that sells these kinds of hats. I do not know the ages of your boys if they are big enough for the sizes they sell. My oldest already is in a man's small.

    I hope you do not mind, I had to chuckle at your horse and buggy statement. After talking to a friend about the accident I was in and long to just drive a horse and buggy. She said you can tip over as easily in that as you can have a car accident. Do you think you could give up your nice AC'ed van? These past few days, I really like my AC. :)

  5. Katy, thanks for sharing the pictures. The horses look huge and they are beautiful. I like the little boys hat! Your boys will be cute wearing one of them. All this sounds like so much fun!

  6. How cool!! Is this a tradition that this group does? The hat the little boy has on look Amish...are they Amish?

    Great pics!

  7. I would love to go to something like that--especially for my kids. Have a great weekend, Katy. Julie

  8. You should have lived in the 1970s, 1976, there was a whole wagon train that went across the U.S. in celebration of our 200th birthday....granny dresses and prairie hats were very popular that year!

  9. WOW, some strong beasties there! That would have been so fun to watch!

    I wanted to invite you to take a peek at a forum that my Dh and I are working on, Please check out

    Let me know your opinion :)

  10. i love that white horse.....
    funny some of the angles of the pics... looks like those 2 boys were way too close to the horses behind.... but once you look, you can tell that they are off to the side! thanks for letting J go on the "buggy" ride... i'll post pics later! :)

  11. wow, that's awesome Katy and what a great homeschooling learning adventure. Sorry we missed it.

  12. Ooo-wee! Doesn't that look fun?!?

    I used to play "Little House on the Prairie" with my Radio Flyer wagon when I was a kid... hitched my stick horse up to the handle, but I never could figure out how to get a canopy that would stay up. :D

    That is just awesome. Thanks for sharing the pics Katy!

  13. That is so neat... We just went to Wellsboro,Pa they have the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and you can take a Wagon Train ride through the canyon. But is is nothing like those pics!

  14. Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful experience!

  15. That's really neat! I love stuff like that too. My kids would have enjoyed seeing that!


  16. That is so neat, Katy! Those are such beautiful horses... I had to have Hubby come in here for a peek- they look like the horse he used to have!

  17. I love mules too! And these old fashioned reminders of how life used to be, looks like fun! Hope your FIL is doing well and at home now?

  18. That looks like so much fun! What a wonderful experience for your kids!

  19. This a wonderful thing .I would like to be the participiant of a vikend like this .my husband drives many horses in a carriage . Four and five horses harnesses .thank you that I was his participiant in pictures . greeting Marika Hungary.

  20. Hey Katy!I finally have a few minutes to leave a comment.We were away and then super buisy when we got home.Glad things are starting to quiet down for us now:)
    I love this post!!Were they all Amish people? What a neat thing to see! Have a blessed day!!

  21. LOVEEEE THESE PICS!!!! That woulda been soooo neat to see!

    Maddy looks entirely too grown up in that pic. :)


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