Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Simple Changes Can Be Big Improvements!

Ok....I *know* what you must be thinking..."Katy, those walls are ugly....I hope these are the before pics".....but actually....no....the photo above and below here are the afters and I am thrilled about it! I scraped and scraped wallpaper....Finally getting most of it off. It was in my kitchen. It was horrible wallpaper....don't believe me? You can't imagine anything tooooo bad...?
Scroll down please.....

Voila....as you can see (look at pic below)...I had balloons in my kitchen. and that big white streak above the balloons used to be a border of happy little clowns. Yes....I am serious. It was awful. My kitchen looked like a circus. AND....although I have been working on it....I have even more of this hideous wallpaper in my laundry room!!!! *However* I am absolutely *thrilled* to have gotten done what I have so far. Such little changes can be such a big improvement in a room...don't you think?

And...something as simple as adding an extra lamp to your living room can be a big improvement! My mom gave me this lamp below and I put it on top of our entertainment center and it just makes the room glow even more. (I prefer lamp light to most kinds of overhead lighting).
And.....as I type....Chris is working at installing a new *adorable* country looking screen door for me!!! :) Wooooohooooo! I got it at Lowe's. I will be sure to add pics when I can...but I am not sure that he will be able to finish it tonight...he needs to trim it to the right size etc. But I am just thrilled that something as simple as a screen door will do wonders! :) Know what I mean? I am easily amused! :)

If you have simple things that you have done to your home that improve it's look or comfort...I would love to hear about them! :) Hope you are all having a nice week! Thanks for visiting! ;)


  1. Could your current home have been a day care? I have seen some strange things done because of that. I do like the lamp. I like that cozy feel, too. And that is a sweet idea, your names in wood blocks. :D

    Basically, we have only done things to improve energy efficiency, radiant barrier in the basement & attic and installing a geothermal system. OK, we hired guys with big machines to do that last thing. We are striving to live simply so really have not added a whole lot in decor. Less to dust that way. I dislike dusting with a passion, but give me ironing and a bathroom to clean any day over that.

    Oh, I did make curtains, but that's about it. I forgot about that until now. I had to because the winter sun blinded us at breakfast. We have lots of windows and since we are in the middle of nowhere, we really do not need curtains for privacy.

    Sorry, got to rambling.

  2. I have stripped a lot of wall paper in my day and it is a chore but what a huge difference it makes. I can't wait to see what color you put in your kitchen. I love your new little lamp.


  3. oh my Katy... clowns in the kitchen... and ballons. wow that is a statement isn't it. the walls look awesome with it striped off. what color will you be painting?
    how is you FIL? well i hope and pray. love the lamp, i have three of my own.


  4. Was the kitchen ALWAYS a kitchen? If so...then we really can't explain those balloons and clowns can we?
    Congratulations on a job well done!
    I absolutely LOVE the wooden blocks with your names...so sweet...my husband and I keep a small photo frame that opens like a book on our shelf...one side has a photo of me at two years of age and the other side has one of him at the same age.
    The simple change I made came through a gift from my daughter.
    I keep some pretty objects (like vases, pitchers, cookie jars, etc...) on top of my kitchen cabinets that sort of wrap around part of the kitchen...my daughter gave me some strands of the tiniest, prettiest blue lights and we laid them about, winding around the nick-knacks up there...IT LOOKS SO PRETTY, especially in the evening!!!

  5. Yes, simple changes are the biggest ones sometimes.
    I too prefer lamp lighting most of the time.
    Please come by and visit me sometime. I'm hosting an apron giveaway over at my blog.
    Have a lovely day.

  6. It is the simple changes that seem to give me the most pleasure.

    You certainly were good about looking at the potential when you bought your home. It would have been hard to look past that wallpaper!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  7. We just got a new screen door too. We had a hard time getting it to hang right, but I think we finally got it.

    A simple thing I did today was display some quilts that Darrell's grandmother made. I took them out of a closet and put them on the plant shelf in the living room and they look so nice!

    I know you're glad to get the wallpaper off!


  8. Small changes can be great changes!! I totally love lamplight-something so cozy about them. I want a screen door, also!!

  9. Hi Katy!

    What paint color are you going to use in your kitchen? I just scrapped 30 year old wall paper off my bathroom walls...It was so liberating!!! LOL...

    Can't wait to see your new door!


  10. Oh, stripping wallpaper can be tough. Especially when it's been on for awhile. When my sister and her husband moved into their first house, we spend hours and lots of muscle stripping her kitchen and hallway. Not fun.

    However, I'm sure it's a relief to you to have gotten so much done. Small steps really pay off in the long run.

  11. Katy,
    I can totally relate to what you're talking about....it may not be what you want yet but you worked hard and I have to agree that the wallpaperless walls are a lot nicer than the balloons :) Balloons in the kitchen, huh? LOL

    I love lamps, too! I'm not an overhead light kind of girl unless you really need to see what you're working on. I have lamps sitting everywhere around the house and I myself just got a nice big, tall Mason Jar lamp at the TS for $2 about a month ago. (Which reminds me, I still need to fill that jar with something. I haven't decided what yet!)

    Have a great day :)


  12. Good job on the wallpaper removing. It would be interesting to know the story behind the balloons and clowns--interesting.

    I'm a lamp girl, too. I think everyone that I own I have got at a yard sale, so they are all unique, cute and cheap!!

    Have a nice day. Julie

  13. Boy, you had a job! In the past, I have removed wallpaper and if the walls had not been properly prepared, it was much harder. I love the lamp and I think it is the special touches that make a home.
    On my blog, I have put up a picture of a table that I had made from my mother's Singer sewing machine drawers. The base to the sewing machine is on our front porch where I have the mailbox and some of my birdhouses. I guess you can tell that I collect birdhouse!

  14. I just gave you an award at my (non)poetry site. You have a great blog here.

  15. Very nice. I don't even notice all the things you dislike about your home..till you point them out, my dear.


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