Monday, June 8, 2009

Noodles, Yardwork...and a Trip to the ER!

What a busy, fun and adventurous weekend we had! :) First....late last week, I made homemade noodles for supper. Beef and noodles is a favorite at our house...and nothing beats some homemade noodles! They really aren't difficult to make either! :) HERE is the recipe if you would like to try making them!!!! :)

Friday night was the girls overnighter I mentioned in THIS post. Most of the girls had plans the next day so no one came prepared to we ended up having a fun girls night and made pizza, rootbeer floats and talked and laughed and painted nails etc. It still ended up being a fun time! :)

Saturday I mowed the lawn (Chris actually let me...and I only stalled the mower *once*!) and did some yard work around our house! :)

I still have so much weeding to do *sigh*. Chris worked on our siding on Saturday! Woooohoooo! I can't wait till it is done! He is doing such a fantastic job with it! Isn't he so cute ;) ? Look at his poor arms....the result of not wearing sunscreen! Ouch!

One of Jaxson's favorite things to do is collect the eggs! He just gets so proud of himself as he carry's them! He does a great job and is very gentle when putting them in the basket. Actually...all the kids do a great job with it! Madelyn and X enjoy getting the eggs too!

Sunday...we went to Sunday School and Church then later in the afternoon...made the hour drive to my sister's new house with her new hubby, Cory! My parents were there and Cory's parents and of course Cory, Devon and my family. We watched them open their wedding gifts and today is Cory's 27th birthday so we celebrated his birthday yesterday as well! :)

Sunday morning I had noticed Jax's right ear was kinda red...but I figured he just slept on it. As the day progressed though...the ear started to swell! It didn't hurt him and wasn't itchy but just got sooo swollen. It worried me that it was an allergic reaction to something so when we got back to town last night...we took him to the ER.

Notice the difference in his ears:

We were at the ER for 2.5 hrs. It was a busy night. The nurses were nice and apologetic though. :) The dr did a culture on it...we have to wait a couple days for the results. He gave him a shot and a Rx for antibiotics and steroids. My poor lil guy. I am so thankful it doesn't hurt him though! He's still playing normally. We just aren't sure if it was a sting or bug bite or what!? Hopefully the culture will tell us something in a few days. As of doesn't look much better.

A busy weekend we had! I hope your weekend was fun and joyful! Today is a day of housework for me, playing for the kids and possibly a playdate with friends later! :) Hope you all have a GREAT Monday! Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Katy, Oh my gosh, I've never seen an ear do that before, It almost looks like he got a bug bite. I hope it's better today. I have to say he looks pretty darn cheerful, doesn't look like it hurts very much.

  2. Poor Jax, I hope the meds bring the swelling down. Siding - what a job but it's going to look beautiful when he's done.

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  4. I hope he feels better!! I have never sen that before but maybe it is some kind of bite!! let me know what you find out!

  5. Oh Katy, That poor kiddo! Looks to me a bee sting or a good ole skeeter bite. I hope it's nothing more than a bug bite. But he sure is a brave one! YAY on the house, looks like hubby's getting the honey to do list done. LOL

    I will have to try your noodle recipe. Thank you! Never made home made noodles. Sounds like fun for me and my daughter Breezy.

    Have a great day.

  6. I've had this happen to one of my boys. We just talked to the pharmacist since we were at Target when it really flared up. She just said to give an anti-histamine and if it didn't go down in a day, take him to the doctor. She said it possibly was a big bite. Yeah, it was as big and as ugly as that, but never bothered him. It went down later in the day, and never came back.

  7. Hey there lil Katydid!
    I've never seen a swollen ear like that either? Wonder what happened?

    Your siding looks great! I'm so happy for you!

    Congrats to sweet Devon. Hope they got alot of nice wedding gifts!

    Your noodles look really good. I've never made them before but everyone says how good they are and I really should make some. You may have inspired me!

    Have a great week!

  8. Poor litle guy!..It looks like a bug bite to me:)
    My mom makes homemade noodles!

  9. I sure hope your little one's ear gets better soon! 2.5 hrs at our emergency room is unheard of.......UPMC,SENECA, PA!!! I spent 6.5 hrs there 2 wks. ago with my 17 yr. old , he ended up having emergency surgery to remove his appendix, but the 6 1/2 hrs. was BEFORE they figured out he needed surgery! Be glad you have a quicker hospital:) Homemade noodles sound yummy!

  10. Yep, looks like a bug bite to me. Glad it doesn't bother him. Kids are so resillient. I love-love-love the rock lined path. Are those rocks readily available in your area?
    I think you will love the siding. It insulates the house from heat and cold, besides looking beautiful.
    When are the noodles going to be ready? We'll be over.....LOL

  11. One of these days I am going to get brave enough to try making homemade noodles. Our son-in-law can really make good ones. The house is progressing nicely. Pour little guy. Sure hope you can find out what caused his problem.

  12. Wow Katy.It looks like it was probbly a bug bite.I hope you get the results in soon.Have a blessed day!

  13. Poor little guy, hope it feels better soon! Love your arbor, so pretty!

  14. Katy, Still lovin' your blog...I love all the things you do that are homemade! I hope your little guy's ear is better!

  15. Sorry for your little guy. I hope that it goes away soon!

    I love cutting grass. I usually use the rider and it gives me so much peace. Time to be alone with my thoughts.

    I love making homemade noodles. They taste so much better then store bought. Well, most things do.

    Have a great week!

  16. Hi, just found your blog and I really love it! I look forward to following your postings. About your son's ear -- my grandson had the same thing 3 weeks ago on his ear. I think it was a mesquito bite because he had other bites on him from his house. Love the pictures of your homemade noodles, I know they were good! I may try them, or give the recipe to my DH to try for us.

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  18. Poor Jaxson- he had to be miserable!
    Mmmm I love homemade noodles, too, Katy!

  19. ohhh...poor little guy..let us know what it was i'm curious with little ones of my own. those noodles look yummy!!

  20. Katy, Zach's ear did the exact same thing when he was about 3 or 4. the doctor said it was probably a reaction to a bite, but we never saw a bite or sting on him.

    Your house is looking great!


  21. Hi Katy,

    Your yard looks great! I like what you've done! Aren't our handman hubbies just great? I'm so thankful!

    We recently had 2 visits to the ER too with allergic reactions. We never knew what it was! I hope you get an answer and I hope he's better!

    Have a great evening!

  22. Hi Katy--sounds like you have been busy--I mow our lawn all the time--it's one job that stays done for a full week--so I love it:)!! Hope your little guys ear is better--that looks so tender and sore. Have a super day. Julie

  23. Poor Jaxson. I hope the culture bomes back fine, I am sure it will. I am so interested to know what it is....what to look out for myself. Yikes, good luck!

  24. How strange that his ear did that! It looks like he was bit by something! So glad that he's not being bothered with it. My grandmother used to make home made noodles. I've bookmarked your recipe and see if I can duplicate hers. She didn't have a recipe so don't know. Have a lovely week! ((Hugs))

  25. Hope Jaxson is doing better today.

    Your noodles look yummylicious!!

    Have a good rest of the week..



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