Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making Strawberry Jam

Tuesday morning...the kids and I loaded up in the car and headed to my inlaws' meat market to make strawberry jam with Ma (my mother in law). Each of the kids helped at times....mashing strawberries, stirring the sugar in etc. :) They also had fun playing with my nephews who were also there! :)

Ma and Xavier......

Madelyn mashing strawberries....

Xavier....trying to hide ;).....

Jaxson riding the doesn't look like it...but he *was* smiling at the time. He loves that bike! :)

Today....along with housework and spending time with my littles....I may make an apple pie. Chris would be thrilled. He loves when I make desserts...although my waist doesn't like it...LOL! :) I will have to see though....last evening I smashed the middle finger of my right hand. It hurts soo much. It is swollen and bruised and sore. Typing isn't easy either. It's amazing how difficult things seem when you injure a finger! So...I may attempt the pie today..or wait. Not sure yet. We will see what the day holds! :)

I hope to make some grape jelly soon too. I need to get some lids for some jars and then I will be able to make the jelly! YUM! The strawberry jam is fantastic and I am so looking forward to the grape! Homemade jams and jellies are really the *best*!

Wishing you each a wonderful Thursday! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)


  1. I'd like to try some canning. Is it time consuming?

  2. How did you process them? Freezer or boiling? I've made freezer strawberry and it was pretty tasty. I have both a hot bath and pressure canners. I am always nervous the pressure one will blow its top. But it is the only way to do beans or meat without having to process for hours.

  3. I love home made jelly. I think it's great you made it a family event. I hope your finger gets better.


  4. What great little helpers you had, Katy! Strawberry is my favorite but grape is Hubby's so I ususally have to keep both on hand, too!

  5. Looks like fun!! We are getting ready to make rhubarb jam!! Yummy!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. Whoaaaa.. I wish we had anywhere near enough strawberries over here to make jam!

    Starberries are still over $3 a pound here.. guess we'll have to wait just a few more weeks :S

    greetings from the netherlands!

  7. You are so smart. I made my strawberry jam the easy way--freezer jam. I wish we had fresh berries here now. I froze some for using on strawberry shortcake and the rest as jam. When our son and daughter-in-law were home last week, we took several packs of berries from the freezer. They were so good and I wish I had some to replace those.

  8. please pray for my son.
    my son is having intense surgery this month. Please pray with us.
    *niki*pumpkin country

  9. Oh man I love homemade ANYTHING!! You're kids have a great life. :) I often think "Oh how wonderful" when I see they get to do all this cute and fun stuff like make jelly. :) Hope you are doing well. I've been keeping busy with my summer school classes. (Managing 2 Bs and an A) Guess I'll TTYL. Have a good weekend.

  10. I love that you guys do so much as a family. We are spread out TOO far. There is no better jam than Strawberry!

  11. My family LOVES homemade strawberry jam. I made 4 batches this spring. Hope your finger gets better and that you get to make the pie. take care--Julie

  12. You blog is really cute. I love your new clipart too.

    I just love strawberry jam and it's so fun to make !

    I am so glad that young women like you are still keeping traditions alive like canning and including your kids in the whole process !

    Darling children !


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