Saturday, May 30, 2009

Take a look at these!

While out running errands yesterday...the kids and I stopped in a country store to browse around. I love the store and I also wanted to get some essential oils that she sells. While looking around....I came across this old fashioned school desk!!! My mom has one and I have always wanted one! She was selling it for a great price, in my opinion! I absolutely love it and it works perfectly in my dining room!!! YIPPEE!!!

AND....the sign below was on their 40% off table!!! Isn't it fantastic???? I absolutely LOVE it! It is an amish stop sign! I have not decided where it is going to go yet.....but I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have gotten it....and on sale too! Woooohoooo! :)

It's a beautiful day here in PA. The kids and I went out to mom's and helped pack up stuff from Devon (my sis)'s wedding. Chris is working on our siding on our home! I have done laundry and hung it out on the line...there's more to hang out but I wanted to post these pics really quick!

Tonight we are having a fire out back!! We have called some friends and hopefully it will be a nice time!!! I hope you all are having a lovely weekend as well! :) Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I really love that Amish stop sign. Wish I lived in PA to get one. We are about 2 1/2 miles from Kalona, Iowa's biggest Amish settlement.

  2. Oh I am so jealous I want a old school desk! Lucky girl! I love the sign good deal on it. Your drsk looks good in your dining room.

    I used to love hanging my clothes out. Nothing like fresh sheets off the line. I can still smell them.


  3. I just LOVE your blog!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have an old school desk too!
    It's id my DR with rag rabbits in the seat, an OLD primary reader, a glass ink well and pen, school bell and old round glasses on the back "desk" part....
    I really like that stop sign!!
    That's way cool of a find!!

    Enjoy your "new to you" treasures...they're great!

  5. That desk is neat!
    We live right door to Amish
    Susan Wooster Ohio

  6. Love the desk and the Amish stop sign is HILARIOUS!! Good purchases!!!

  7. OMGosh I love that desk! I want it. I love old fashioned furniture. You know, I've been meaning to email you...I'm struggling with finding a good faith-based church. Bible believing. Any suggestions? I've visited many in my area, and don't want to go too too far...sigh...

  8. You are right, the desk looks great in your dining room! Love the stop sign!


  9. I've always wanted one of those old school desks too, love the look you've created!

  10. Goodness, Katy- you hit the jackpot! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sign!!!

  11. OHHHHHHHH---I love that sign. If you ever see another, I would happily pay you for it(including shipping). Have a super day!! Julie

  12. Katy,

    I LOVE your new "old" desk! I've always wanted one too! It looks great in your home! Love the Amish sign too!

    Thanks for the prayers for Colt! He's all better now! :)


  13. The sign is Adorable!! It makes me smile just thinking about it!


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