Thursday, May 28, 2009

Enjoying God's Creation!

Hello! I am up way past my bedtime...but I wanted to quickly post a few pictures and a *hello*! I was without the internet the majority of the day today....due to some storms that have passed through our area!

The other night, I was able to get some pics of the flowers in bloom around my home! My hosta(in the picture at the top of the post) are growing by the minute it seems! I love that they don't need much tending...although I *do* have weeding around them to do!

Our rhodadendron bush is blooming nicely as well.....

Out front...I have some green/white hosta and those yellow flowers (forgive me for forgetting their name at the moment) are in full bloom. It looks a bit chaotic...I would like to "clean it up" a bit...but now isn't the time...I have been super busy with life at home and church I will wait to worry about the flowers!

Madelyn and I finished our homeschooling for the 08-09 school year! I have my portfolio turned in....I hope I did everything right. Luckily...our family is good friends with the school's Superintendant and he is super nice. I am sure he will tell me where I can improve for next year etc.

I made homemade bread today. I had given up for a my bread would always turn out like a brick. It was so, though, I followed the directions to a *T* and my bread came out fantastic!!! YIPPEE! I was thrilled!!!

The next two weekends...I am helping with overnighters at our church for the youth. I am not fond of sleeping on the church floor....but I try to help when I am needed. :) There's lots more going on....but I have to admit...I am sooo's I will share these few more pics with you and then get off to bed! :)

*Xavier isn't in the pics below because at the time, he got to have a sleepover at his grammie's house! They all love getting to take turns every once in a while having a "sleepover"!*

Jaxson and our cat, Jack! :)

The girls enjoyed free ranging for a bit in the evening as well!

Jaxson always sings when he's so funny! I love the expression I captured....

Madelyn played on the woodpile...

Oh....and for anyone sister has called from her honeymoon in Scotland. She talked to my mom and I guess things are going well and they are having a nice time!!! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by! :)


  1. glad to read your post and hear everything is well.....bread can be tricky...alot depends on the humidity of the air, and air pressure..I find mild cloudy days are better for me than hot sunny ones.
    Loved X's photo of him sweet..

  2. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your children and home. Your flowers are beautiful.


  3. Lovely photos, Katy. I remember turning in Mike's portfolio. It was always exciting to end a year. We did a portolio evaluation each year and it was very reaffirming for Mike to hear he had done well. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Sounds like life is keeping you busy--looks like good fun though. Hope you have wonderful weekend. Julie

  5. Hi Katy I bet you are so glad your first year of homeschooling is over!! I know everything will be great!:0) Your flowers look so beautiful around your home and comgrats on the success of your bread making it, feels so good to know you did it huh?!! Your kids are so adorable, they make me miss my kids being young! Have a wonderful weekend with your sleep over, I so feel your pain!!LOL Take care!xoxo~Wendy

  6. Katy, I love your flowers!!! Hey I got your message on my blog, but I'm actually on my mom's computer, ours has a virus and is being fixed so I have no access to email, just give me a call anytime, a play date sounds great, I have no idea when I'll have my computer back, so the phone is going to have to be it for now. Aimee

  7. Howdy Howdy Howdy!!

    Jaxson is such a cutie!

    All the flower pictures are so pretty!

  8. bumping into your blog was a breath of fresh air - living in the craziness of cali, your life through your pictures seem like a retreat for me - i will be back to visit, no doubt, every time i need a retreat ;0)

    always remember....
    keep chasing righteousness!!!

  9. The flowers are looking great around your homeplace. Love to see your kids enjoying the wonderful weather.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Yeah on your bread coming out! That's wonderful - yeast can be so tricky! The flowers look wonderful - your hostas are so huge! Lovely photos!



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