Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A New Dining Room Table!!!

Oh goodness...was I ever thrilled yesterday. Before going to tan (for my sister's wedding)...I stopped in a cute country store in town. Just looked around for a bit....(drooling..LOL)...and saw the table pictured! I LOVED it....and it was a great price as well! I have been wanting a table we could all sit around more comfortably...the oval one we had before was hard to seat 5 at.

It even has storage! The box area under the table opens up and provides storage!! I will probably put place mats, table runners and table cloths in there! :)

I would also like to get (at some point) one or two benches for the longer sides!!! YIPPEE! I am just so excited about it!!!!

The girls have been laying quite well lately! I got 15 eggs yesterday!!! I was really thrilled about that. I love when we have more eggs than we need...because then I can give them away! Sometimes we sell them...but sometimes we just give them to Chris's parents! I can't even describe what a blessing it is to always have fresh eggs! :)

I had things planned for today...but Jaxson has a fever and a cough...so today may be more of a down day. I have things to get done still....but things will probably move slower. Getting him to take the cough syrup is extremely difficult...luckily getting him to take children's tylenol meltaways isn't as hard. So he is taking something for the fever....hopefully I can get him to take some more cough syrup to help with his cough too. Please remember him in your prayers today. It's never fun when a child is sick!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate each visit and comment! :)

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  1. I love your new table Katy!! It`s beautiful!
    I`m sorry to hear that Jaxon is sick.I`ll be praying for him today.
    Have a blessed day!!

  2. Love your new table, Katy! What a great find! And it's always nice to find a piece with storage!! I hope Jaxson feels better soon.

  3. What a neat table, I've never seen one with the storage underneath! Hope little Jaxson gets to feeling better and love the pics of the kids in their Easter clothes:)

  4. That table is fantastic Katy!
    I can see why you snatched that up. I love furniture that does double duty like that...storage and function!
    Have a great week!
    Hope Jaxson is feeling better soon!

  5. Looks so inviting. I'm coming over for coffee ;)

  6. Love the new table. As soon as I saw it I thought how great it would look with benches! Great minds think alike. lol

    Hope that Jaxson is feeling better soon. The change in season is always hard on the body. Have a great day!

  7. I love your dining room it's so pretty and prim. Love the new table. I hope Jaxson is feeling well and soon.


  8. Your table looks like it was made for your room!

    We will pray for Jaxson, Hope he feels better soon!

  9. Love your new table.. don't believe I've ever saw one with a box under it.. how neat!!
    Hope Jaxson feels better soon.

  10. Oh that is too cute! I'd love the extra storage too.

    I love the look of fresh eggs in a basket! I wonder if it's cause my Mom had those as decorations growing up. LOL IDK

    Aww poor baby. Hope he takes his medicine and is feeling better soon.

    Also thinking about your Uncle. How's he doin'?

  11. Love the new table! Sorry that Jaxon is sick today. I have always had a terrible time taking any kind of liquid medicine. I just found, on saturday, Robitussin cough tablets. Maybe they make something for kids, too.

    Have a great day, Denise

  12. Love the new table! It's just beautiful!

  13. nice table... are you going to refinish it?
    definitely like the bench idea.


  14. I love your new table Katy!!! What a blessing to get it for a good price!!
    Poor Jaxson!! Alot of people are getting that same bug, I used to have a heard time getting my son to take cough medicine too, he would get so worked up about it that he would actually throw it back up!!...Thank God those days are done!!LOL Hope you have a wonderful day!~Wendy

  15. Hi,
    I love the table. It's so country.

    I have chicks for the first time. I bought them from a friend who can't tell boys from girls. I'm hoping there are some hens in there!


  16. Love your table - it looks great! It would be really neat to have fresh eggs!

    Hope Jaxson feels better soon!


  17. adorable table!!

    very country, very nice!!

  18. Your home is so beautifully decorated! I love looking at the pictures. You've done well!

  19. What a very cute table, Katy--you scored!! Also, when you have a minute, could you please explain twitter to me. I have heard others talk about it, but as always, I'm clueless when it comes to technology stuff. But..... I try. Thanks a bunch and have a great day. Julie

  20. Praying for Jaxson and you! Love the new table! Karen

  21. That table is so cool. I love the storage.

  22. What a great table. I love the style of it and having the storage is a definite plus.

  23. very nice table---it will be so nice to have the family around it!
    Poor lil Jax...hope he is feeling better very soon.....

  24. Isn't it great to stumble across super deals? It's beautiful. Think of all the family memories you'll make with everyone gathered around.

  25. I LOVE your new table!! I like the storage space underneath...Hmm, now you have me thinking!!! LOL...

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  26. Praying Jaxson feels better soon!!!



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