Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Amazing What A Little Cupboard Can Do!

In efforts of organizing our schoolroom a little more...I got a cupboard from Walmart. Of course, there have been nicer ones I have seen...but they have just been too pricey. This one works and serves its purpose well! It's amazing how that little cupboard makes the room look sharper! :)

Today is Tax Day *Tea Party Day*!....and also my dad's birthday! :)
He turns 50 today!!!

In schooling...we are working on the application and memorization of Proverbs 11:3o. Madelyn read her Bible Reader and with that summarizes the story she has read and illustrates a picture about it. She works on math...which is focusing on giving and receiving direction from a location. We have also been discussing the Constitution (I have been explaining why we are going to this tax day Tea Party today). So far....she has most of our 50 states memorized in alphabetical order and we are almost done learning about all our pasts U. S. presidents. (Of course, this was an introduction to it and she will learn more about them in history lessons in higher grades.)
It's been going well...although we *do* have our days that aren't so good....but I believe the benefits of homeschooling outweigh the bad points! :)

And...I have finished up a couple dishcloths for my aunt....I think this color of blue is so pretty, don't you?

Well, I have things to I should skeedattle....our local Tea Party starts at 3 pm in I gotta get ready to go to that and then afterwards, we are going to my mom's house for supper to celebrate my dad's birthday! :) Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday...and if you can...go to a Tea Party!!! :)


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    I left something for you on my blog! Have a lovely day!

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  3. That's a beautiful shade of blue, Katy.

  4. Love the blue dishcloths! Don't you just love the feeling of being organized?


  5. Have fun and tell your dad I wish him a very happy birthday.

  6. Blue is my favorite color, and that shade is especially pretty. You are quite talented!

  7. geezee---I'm older than your Dad...
    I am an organizing nut so I love the cupboard for your homeschooling items. My Sara keeps hers in her kitchen pantry because that's where she does her classes. Her kitchen is the absolute center of her home.
    I love that country blue. very nice....

  8. That's about my favorite color blue, so bright and calming...our bedroom is in tones of that color.....

    hope the tea party goes well...let us know...we were going to the one here but got jobs so had to pass....

  9. Katie, you are a super mom, where in the world do you find the time, you are so organized. I need you to give me some tips. It looks like school goes really smoothly for you, How do you do it. We need to talk. I think I'm going to switch curriculums but I'm not sure what to go with, it can be so overwhelming. Hope all is well with you, I love your Etsy shop, AImee

  10. I love the cupboard and the blue dishcloths. You are a very smart lady. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  11. Hi Katy,

    We didn't have a tea party near us anywhere or we would have gone for sure! We probably should have organized one!

    I smiled when I saw what your daughter had accomplished thinking this was your first year homeschooling! Hasn't it been such fun and a blessing to have your three with you everyday taking the learning adventures together?


  12. I didn't realize I missed this yesterday. Hope your Dad had a nice birthday! The classroom looks soooooooooo cute!! I think it's WONDERFUL you are homeschooling. Do you still go to the playgroup? The 'pinwheel' dishcloth is LOVELY!! You do such nice work.

  13. Oh yes Katy. The benefits of homeschooling 'far' outweigh any bad points. 'Never' forget you said that. :)

    I love your dish cloths! My aunt made me a few for Christmas and they are my favorite dish cloths!

  14. Happy Birthday to your Dad-he is young!!
    Love the round dishcloth!! I love to use mine!!
    Love, love, love your new table!!


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