Monday, April 20, 2009

Homeschooling...Day 155

I finished an order of 5 dishcloths this weekend. A friend ordered them to give to her mom for Mother's Day! :) On top of that...Saturday was a workday at church. out closets, painting, building shelves was like a massive spring cleaning!!! :o) Madelyn was spending the day with my Chris went into the church in the morning for a Men's Breakfast and then the boys and I came in a lil later. Jaxson had (and still has) a pretty bad lil the boys and I came home soon after lunch and I layed them down for a nap.

Sunday night (last night) we had our first fire of the year....out back in our fire pit area behind our house. It was fun...although sprinkled some. Our friends, Chris and Heather were there and Chris's parents came too. After supper, Chris's parents left and after the kids were in bed, the 4 of us sat up listening to music that reminded us all of our teenage years....we were laughing and trying to remember song titles, lyrics and bands. It was fun!

X has a bit of a cough now both boys are a lil are my boys this morning....

Madelyn and I worked on some schooling....

Below is a pic of last week's science lesson that she sketched in her science notebook....I thought she did such a good job with it (except getting a lil careless with her coloring....) and I wanted to share it....

She read from her Bible Reader (which we are almost finished with!) and summarized the story and drew an illustration in her Bible Notebook....

And today's science lesson was on Trees....

I can't believe we only have 25 school days left! It seems like not that long ago I was questioning the choice to homeschool or not! Some of you may even remember those posts!! Like I have said previously...we have our moments of frustration, crying, attitude etc....but overall...the homeschooling experience is wonderful. I love her being home so much and having our own schedule! :)

Finally....I wanted to share what a friend made me. She sent it to me as a surprise! A family friend named Linda (who reads my blog but doesn't have a blog) made me this bag.....

Isn't it fantastic??? AND she even put a M.E. liner in it!!!!

I absolutely LOVE it and hope she received my thank you in the mail!!! She also made a small quilt/blanket for Madelyn's baby dolls and also sent me a HUGE skein of yarn!!! It was sooo incredibly thoughtful. Thank you Linda!!!!! The generosity that people have bestowed upon me through my life is just astounding. In a world where so much is focused on the bad....know there are soo many kind and giving and loving hearts out there. I am constantly humbled by the kindness of others. I just hope that I, too, can be as kind, giving and loving as all those who have touched my life! :)

It's a rainy day here in PA....but another day nonetheless. A day for cleaning and reading, knitting and playing. I have a bunch of eggs to wash as well...that our *girls* have so generously left for us! :) Happy Monday everyone! I am soooo glad you stopped by!! :o)


  1. Sounds like you have been very busy! The bag is so cute. What a thoughtful friend. Glad you are getting so close to the end of the school year. Hope your little ones feel better! ((Hugs))

  2. I love the notebooks that Madelyn is using - it's so neat to let your children draw the lesson and then write something underneath.

    Your littles certainly do look miserable - I hope they stay warm and feel better soon.

  3. Cute bag!

    It is hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end. Time seems to be moving by quickly!

    Hope the boys are feeling better soon. Have a great day!

  4. Meant to leave a comment on a previous post that you also had a dishcloth picture in... I love the colors in that bottom dishcloth! I assume you use a lot of Lily Sugar n Cream yarn because I noticed we have some of the same stuff, is that what that colorful yarn is too?

  5. I sent Jax a get well card! I hope X doesn't feel left out--should i send him one too? i didn' tknow he was sick!

    M hung with me on Saturday some... and she was SO good... we played scrabble and she beat me! you should let her play with you--she does pretty good!

    i think you should give that jean purse to me!!! its CUTE!!!!! does your friend have an etsy shop?

    love the stack of dish cloths!


  6. Your new bag is so cute. I love the dish cloths they are going to make a great Mother's Day gift!

    Your daughter is doing so well in school. I hope the boys feel better soon.


  7. You've been busy. :) Hope those tater tot boys of yours feel better soon.

    Congrats on 155 days of homeschooling! Maddy is such a good artist. Is Chris a pretty good drawer? I know you are. I'm not, Justin is. Kate gets the good drawing genes from him. LOL

    I love reminiscing with songs and stuff. :)

    Cute bag. I ALMOST used that material for the apron. :) I made my bathroom curtains out of that same bag liner material. Don't you just love it!?

    Hope you have a good rest of the week KatyBear. TTYL I was thinking about you last night cause you hadn't posted in a while LOL

  8. We are close to the end of the schoolyear also, but still have alot of work to do! Day number 113! Next year I will be doing two kids-a little nervous about that

  9. That bag is so neat!

    Thanks for sharing Madelyn's day with us. I love peeking into fellow homeschoolers' days! Sometimes I miss those simple days - Zach is going into 6th grade and I'm having to learn math and English all over again. It's worth every minute though!

    Hope your boys feel better soon!


  10. Wow!That`s great that the school year is almost completed!!
    It went by so quickly!
    Glad to see your getting more orders for your dish cloths!
    The bag is so beautiful that your friend sent you! What a wonderful surprise to receive!
    Have a blessed evening Katy!!!


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