Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Storms and Cozies....

It has been snowing and snowing and snowing here. Lots of ice everywhere too. It is beautiful to look at but very dangerous to travel the children and I have been staying home. I had no place to "go" really it is totally fine with me! I do need to get a few things at the grocery store at some point....hopefully... :o) Thankfully we still have our electric and are staying quite warm and all in our home. Although many are without electric across the country right now and have no alternative way to keep warm. If you think of it today....send a prayer up for those people! God does answer prayers! :)

Tuesday night I worked on half of this little camera cozy! I finished it up yesterday and it works so well! I am so excited! I wish I could have taken a pic of it with my camera in it...but that wouldn't work as my camera would be in the bag then and not able to be taking pictures....right? ;)
I knit and purled to get the look I have there. I made ties on it so you can tie a bow to secure it shut. My camera has a loop handle already on when I put it in the cozy...I just let the handle for my camera stick out from the top corner and tie the cozy shut and voila! A carryable camera cozy! :)

I hope you all are having a really splendid week! :) I need to get in gear....I gotta get coffee made for Chris and also pack his bucket (lunch) for work today! Then I need to get breakfast going! :) Thanks so much for dropping by and for all of you who are dealing with this cold, snow and ice like we are ~ stay warm!!!!


  1. His bucket? *lol* Where on earth did THAT word come from? ;)

    greetings from the netherlands!

  2. Good morning! The ice and snow is indeed beautiful and I'm glad that you are still warm and comfy with your electricity. It's been quite a harsh winter for many. Stay warm and safe! ((Hugs))

  3. I like the idea for a camera cozy! Did you make the pattern up or find it somewhere? Could you send it to me?
    And, btw, LOVE the song playing on your page right now (Down to the river to pray).

  4. Very pretty snow pictures! And I love the camera cozy.

  5. Cute cozy.

    I'm getting this knitting thing down WOoHOo!

  6. Although the ice is beautiful, I am grateful it missed us. Stay safe and warm!

  7. So glad you have electricity and are safe at home!

    I finally knitted a scarf - come on over and check it out. If you hadn't sent me that video link, I never wold have gotten this far. It was the only video that I could actually understand out of all the dozens I watched!


  8. wow, beautiful pics, but oh so cold, i imagine...
    its very warm here and sunny..
    stay warm and safe..
    love the camera cozy..

  9. Brr--those pictures scream cold!! I hope you are staying warm and safe. have a nice day, Katy. Julie

  10. I fix a lunch bucket for my dh every day, too---and a to-go cup of coffee.
    Glad you are keeping warm with that new wood burner.
    It is snowy and cold here in Iowa, too. Brrr....can't get my feet warm!

  11. Love the snow!! The weathermen have been telling us we are in for some interesting weather, but I don't know if we will get snow. :(
    Glad you are staying warm!!

  12. Hi Katy, yes the weather is a bit more frightful than delightful I would say. Good thing you are staying indoors and not traveling with this black ice we are all having. Here in Michigan we are expecting another storm this weekend!! GREAT!!

    I must say though, it sure is beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!!

  13. Talk to me about hens! lol. I was thinking dh and I might just start up our own backyard coop. hmmm. no clue about them. Are they loud? The city says we can have them, but if there's too much noise neighbors might complain. lol. Also, we have 2 dogs. That gonna be a problem? lol. Email me when u get the time, let's talk chickens! lol

  14. You're doing so great with all the little patterns you've created. Well done, Katie.

    I love the pics of your snow (as you know) but I'm glad you didn't have to go out in it.

    Stay safe and warm.

  15. Beautiful photos! A camera cozy - so cute!



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