Monday, December 15, 2008

A True CHRISTmas Play!

(My kiddos are on the right...Madelyn is the angel and to the left of her is Jaxson...a donkey!)

Madelyn and Jaxson were in a Christmas play at our church yesterday. They had practices that they attended and yesterday was the show! It was held during church services! It went really well and was really cute! ;) My pictures didn't turn out the best....I have such trouble knowing which setting to use on my camera sometimes. It is frustrating!
Xavier gets really shy about things like he wasn't in the play!

Here is my little donkey, Jaxson. He looks to be frowning..but it was just the second I snapped the pic...because he was smiling almost the whole time!!! :o)

And my angel, Madelyn.....

I love the plays and stories and basically anything that emphasizes the true meaning of our Christmas celebration. It's not the's not about Santa or the's not about just another "holiday"'s a wonderful and joyous celebration of the birth of our Savior! The one who cleanses our sins and gave up his life for ours!

The other night at supper ~ we were talking about Christmas and Xavier asked me..."Mommy? Why don't we give Jesus any gifts?".....Wooooohoooo! I was so thrilled at his question. It posed the perfect opportunity for me to re-emphasize what we give to Jesus.

40And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
~Matthew 25:40

I told him that we do for others. We love, pray for, give to and help others! Giving of our money and posessions, our time, our energy, our love....anything to benefit the lives of others. And the gift of ourselves is what Jesus wants too! Our salvation through Him!!! :)

I know many Christians believe that Christmas trees and such are all pagan...but I say not at all. We don't worship our tree. We don't worship the sun or anything like that! We use Christmas as a wonderful day....set aside to celebrate Christ's birth...even though it is probable that Dec. 25th wasn't his actual day of birth. Sure....lots of people make Christmas into a huge secular, gift giving thing. But as long as you are keeping your heart right...I think Christmas can be a joyful time of celebration that has nothing to do with pagan worship!

I know a long time ago...people may have cut down trees to worship them or use them in a manner that doesn't go along with scripture. But we just use our tree to decorate our home for the month of December...and using each part of it as a symbol of remembrance of what our celebration is truly for.....

The Tree Itself ~ Reminds us of the manger and the cross...both made from a tree. (I only like to use a real tree for this....the smell is wonderful!)

The Needles ~ Prick our fingers the same way the crown of thorns hurt the head of Jesus.

The Lights ~ Jesus is the Light of the World!

Evergreen ~ The symbol of Eternal Life..that we get through Salvation through Jesus!!!

Candy Canes ~ Form the letter J for Jesus and the red symbolizes the blood Jesus shed for us...the white shows that his blood makes us "white as snow"!

Angel on top ~ Reminds us of the angel that announced the birth of Jesus to the Shepherds! (Although, I couldn't reach to get the angel on top yet this year...hehe)

*** So although some people choose to use Christmas just for a time of gifts and food...others don't celebrate it at all because they think of it as paganistic....Our family uses it as a special day to thank God for the gift of Jesus. You can take anything bad and God can use it for good. Let's emphasize the true goodness for celebrating this holiday! Jesus' Birth!!!!


  1. Love it!! Kids look adorable!!

    Beautiful post Katy.

  2. Katy~What a wonderful way to describe the Christmas season!
    Thank you, I will pass this on to my girls!

  3. What a great memory for your kids and a special way for them to feel the true spirit of Christmas. Hope your day is going well. Julie

  4. The Christmas play was adorable!
    Maddy looked so pretty as an angel and Jaxson was a cute donkey.

    I really like your explanation for the Christmas tree and decorations. I think I might use it, if you don't mind. ;)

  5. Katy, I remember being an angel too, when I was young, at our church....good memories. I love the way you remind us all of the true meanings of the are a good christian Katy!

  6. Nothing is sweeter than children in a Christmas play. They will learn the true Christmas story while "acting" it out. Your children are precious and I can tell that you are a wonderful mother. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  7. What a beautiful and thoughtful post. Your descriptions brought tears to my eyes.

    Oh, I just love your blog!!


  8. Beautiful post. And what a wonderful way to describe the whole Christmas season!

    The kids are so adorable in their costumes - love them!

  9. We use the same symbolisms about Christmas.
    The play looked amazing. I miss teaching pre-school this time of the year, because we always did a big Christams program.
    Have a great week!

  10. Great post, Katy!!
    I was thinking dish cloths maybe, for whatever you want...
    I will email you and we can work something out-if you are still interested.
    Merry Christmas!!


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