Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Treasured Gifts!

I am 27 years old and haven't owned a cell phone since I was in college...years ago! It hasn't really bothered me either! :o) (I am not embarrassed to admit that I have NEVER texted from a cell phone....EVER!) Well, I was getting nervous that someday I would be out on the road with all the kids (on the interstate) and something would happen to the van. The van is just fine...but you never know when something will go wrong...right? But we certainly didn't want to have a cell phone plan for me. I simply don't need one. Most of the time I am at home....and we already have a home phone and that is just fine for me. The added monthly cost simply isn't necessary.

So....this is something Chris and I have talked about from time to time...but never really did much about. The only times I thought about it really were when I was taking the van 15 miles away to grocery shop (which is only once every other week!)....well....to get to the point...LOL...Chris got me a Go Phone for Christmas! I think it will be just perfect for me...I won't use it much....but have it *just in case*! And....for no reason other than wanting to try it...I knitted a little cell phone pouch for my cell! I think it turned out cute! :)

Chris also got me a beautiful necklace with my birthstone on it. It was so sweet of him (even though I told him not to spend money on me!)...and I truly love it. I didn't take a pic of it though...sorry!!! :o)

Below is a pic of a yo-yo runner that my grammie made me!!! I absolutely adore it!!! Didn't she do such a beautiful job with it? And it matches my dining room perfectly! I was so so so excited when I opened the box and saw it!!!

Xavier and Madelyn were so very excited for me to open the gifts from them....and this is what I received.....

A beautiful handmade tower from X...didn't he do a GREAT job??

And Madelyn was so excited...she bought (on her own) me a pair of bamboo knitting needles!!!
I love them! :o)
And last, but not least....isn't this light tooooo cute? My mom got it for me for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I haven't found the perfect place for it yet...thus why its cord is still wrapped around it! But I think it is adorable and fits perfectly to my style!

How beautiful a day can be
When kindness touches it!
~George Elliston

I was truly blessed by family and friends with their love and fellowship and material gifts as well during this Christmas! It was a wonderful time and I hope others enjoyed their gifts from me and my family as well!

If you haven't yet....you can see my previous post with pictures of our Christmas! So glad you took the time to stop by and visit! Thank you for the get well wishes...and I am doing much better now ~ unforunately my mom is now sick. Please pray for a quick recovery for her! Thank you! xoxo


  1. I have a pay as you go phone from Alltel, I love it, no contract and I can put $20 on it and it will last me months! They are handy and don't feel bad, I'm just now learning to text! LOL

  2. The tower is AMAZING! It was so kind of your son to make that for you! And the bamboo knitting needles are such a lovely, thoughtful gift. It looks to me that you had a truly blessed Christmas.
    I hope that your mother is feeling better soon.
    I hope that you never *actually need* your emergency cell phone :)

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful family time.

  4. You have a very thoughtful family. I wish someone had given me a yo-yo runner!

  5. I'm so glad you and your family had such a lovely Christmas!
    Hey, do you happen to know what size circles your grandmother used to make the yo-yo's for your table runner? I'd love to make one for my table..maybe for Valentine's Day.

    Anyway, I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!!

  6. Love the tower. Gifts from the heart are best!

    I have never sent a text message either. I have no desire to either. I received a cell phone from my parents seveal years ago. I didn't think I needed one, but after I had an accident they thought I did. It does make me feel better, especially with my daughter in the car.

    Have a great New Year!

  7. Awww, all your gifts are wonderful and how cute is X with that tower!

    Not to sure if I mentioned to you or not but I am having my 100th post giveaway, it is all about chickens and it ends at midnight tomorrow, come check it out!

  8. Oh my gosh, how funny....I didn't have a cellphone either and have never texted from one LOL

    But I had been telling Curt that with the kids at school during the day I don't like leaving the house cause if anything happens, God Forbid, they won't be able to get a hold of me, so he got me a prepaid phone for christmas LOL Great minds :)

  9. Justin's grandma taught me how to make yo-yo's but I never really knew what to do with them besides add them to things already made like towels, pillow cases, clothes. Thanks for sharing the pic. Gave me a project to do! WOoHOo! All the pictures are TOO cute!

  10. Fun stuff, Katy!! I would not have a cell if it were not a gift that keeps on giving from the in-laws. Oh, and the perfect spot for your bunny lamp is at my house!!

  11. I have a Tracfone. We first bought one probably about 7 years ago. It was one of those "you never know" moments (My alternator died about 8 years ago on New Years Eve just past the Kylertown exit on I-80. We were on our way to Pittsburgh to Jer's brother's and had to climb the steep embankment with a 9 month old Shane and walk to this house where the little old lady only had a rotary dial phone and call for help! LOL). They were a lot more money then, too. The one I currently have is a $15 phone and I signed up to get 50 mins a month and they roll over. I never use all of my minutes. The only people that know my number are Jer and my Mom and Dad. I am usually at home but I have it for emergencies and to make those quick calls to Jer to tell him where I am or ask if he needs something while I'm at the store. I don't text and I can't stand that most of my family and friends are terribly attached to their cell phones the way they are! LOL But I have my little pink phone if I need it!


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