Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Knitted Finish!!!

I made a larger version of the hat I knitted and posted about HERE. I wasn't sure how it would work out....but I put it on Xavier...and it fit perfectly!!! hehe! I think it looks sooo cute on him! He loves it (even though he has a fake smile in the pic). He was so excited I made something for him. Now Madelyn is begging me to make her one! I have a different pattern I am going to try for her....I will be sure to post pics of it when I am finished (although, I haven't quite started it yet! LOL) Anyway...I just wanted to share it with you all. I am really enjoying knitting. It is sooooo much fun to create things!

I hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday! Hope those of you who are in the cold like us in PA are staying warm and those of you enjoying the heat....stay cool! :o)
Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me! xoxo

OH....and today is the 11th year anniversary of a really bad car accident I was in when I was 16....in 1997. I am just so thankful to be alive and thank God for sparing my life and enjoy the blessings He has provided me with each year! He is my Saviour!!!!

And...one final little note....you know those applesauce ornaments I made??? You can see them in THIS post. Well...one of our dogs...Cash...(my hubby's dog)...ATE them! Yes...ATE them. :( Bummer!!!!


  1. Awesome hat!! Bummer is right about the ornaments. I think our dog would eat them, too. She has ruined three ornaments thus far this year. It's a good thing we love her. Have a great day. Julie

  2. What a cute hat, you've really taken to knitting like a pro! I've enjoyed catching up here, did the dog have a tummy ache after eating the ornaments? lol

  3. That is such a cute hat Katy, how are you making these? I want to make some for my kids but the only patterns I can find are using circular needles and that is just scary LOL

    LOL this is why I don't make ornaments for the tree, my pugs would have a field day LOL

  4. Love that hat! Good job! I hope you are doing okay after your accident, sorry to hear of that. And by the way, you were 16 in 1997? I was 36....I could be your mom...just a thought. LOL! ~Beth~

  5. Hi Katy! I love the hat! Now Im off to see the oranaments you made and had eaten by the husbands dog. Deb

  6. Too cute! What a bummer bout the ornaments....have a great day!

  7. That's too bad about the ornaments. You know when I made them in preschool( I was a teacher for 20 years), we started with applesauce and added cinnamon until it was a thick dough. We rolled it our between sheets of waxed paper. Then cut with cookie cutters dipped in flour. We put them in a 200' oven for a couple hours until they were completely dried. Store in a ziploc bag. I've used the same ornaments for many years. Storing in ziploc keeps them smelling fresh!

  8. Katy~That hat is adorable...You are a knitting machine girl!
    That is so funny about the ornaments...bet their breath smells wonderful though!!! LOL

  9. Silly pup.

    I know how hard the accident was for you. I'm glad we are friends (again). I truly love your outlook on life and all your inspiration you give to others..you are beautiful inside and out. I'm glad God blessed us with our friendship.

    As you know I love being crafty too. You are doing an AMAZING job teaching yourself (knitting). It's such a great feeling of accomplishment and joy being able to share your creations, isn't it?


  10. I guess they were yummy LOL silly doggy! At least it wasn't your pup that did it right?

    Soooo can you make adult toques? I would love one....without the tassles on top hee hee. I can pay you, send you wool....let me know.

  11. Darling hat! I am getting really inspired to start crocheting again..my problem is there is no yarn anywhere here.....sigh..I know the Lord will provide if He wants to crochet..I guess..maybe at an estate or garage sale? Time will tell...
    hope your dog didn't get sick from the ornaments....

  12. Good job Katie! He looks adorable in his new hat!

    The dog ate the ornaments. Well, now every future Christmas season you will be able to re-tell this fond memory. :)

  13. Xavier looks so cute in his hat, Katy!!
    The applesauce ornaments are... er... were so cute!!

  14. XAVIER looks SOOOOO HANDSOME in his new hat! whooHoooo
    I can't believe your doggie ate thee ornies. LOL My dog ADDIE ate a penny rug once. :( I was soooo upset coz a friend had given it to me for CHRISTMAS a couple years ago. OH WELL... what we put up with for our pooches! (they're worth it)
    heehee Im sooo amazed how creative you are Katy!

  15. Great hat Katy!!! Where is your etsy girl!! Go for it:)


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