Thursday, December 18, 2008

Action Jaxson Photography!

My son....he is such a stinker. Again, he got his hands on my camera today....and above is a picture he took! It's a picture of my bedroom. Nothing exciting...LOL! Actually you can see that I am using my window sill (that is not trimmed yet...LOL) as a bit of a shelf! Our other book shelf is overflowing. I hope to have lots more book shelves someday!

He is always taking pictures whenever he can sneak it. I don't like the "sneaky" part of it...but he is 3...and I know that someday I will look back and think of these cute times...although, I don't tell HIM that yet! LOL Maybe he will grow up to really enjoy taking pictures....or maybe he just likes getting into mischief. Either way...I love him and I need to learn to put my camera up higher! ;o)

And below...just a picture of another dishcloth finish. I am still knitting away at my nephews' hats...but sometimes I take a few minutes to work on a dishcloth. Sometimes it is fun just to change it up. Is that weird? (although, I think I see a minor mistake in this dishcloth...?? Hmm...oh well. It will still work perfectly!)

I am really friend, Marion, has knitted some of the cutest clothes for her daughter's cabbage patch dolls! She agreed to share the patterns with me! I am so excited to try these someday...although not for a bit. I have a bunch of other knitting projects to finish first!!! LOL

Oh...and I made a new header for my blog! I figured since it is winter....a snow scene with my "girls" would be perfect!!! I hope you like it! I have done some cleaning today...still have more laundry to do. I would like to do an ornament craft with my kids....then I want to knit a bunch as well! I also hope to do some I suppose...with this agenda~I should get moving! I hope you all have a truly wonderful Thursday! xoxo


  1. Here's hoping you're having a great day, Katy. I noticed the new header of the girls. I love the snow scene.

  2. I like your snow chickens Katy! :)

    Sounds like you had quite a day planned for Thursday! Did you manage to get it all done? :)

    I think I see a photographer in the making! :)

  3. Gotta appreciate the budding photographer!
    Your header is darling. Do you make them yourself? WOW!

  4. Love Jaxson's picture - at least your room was clean! hehe. And I love your "snow girls"! Have a wonderful holiday!

  5. I just love your new header. The "girls" look cold. Do chickens like snow? I love the photo of your bedroom. I love to look at photos of other's rooms. Your bed quilt looks so pretty. I'm excited to begin mine after the holidays. Actually, I'm making a table runner first just to get the hang of it and then it's on to the bed! Have a great day.

  6. i like that one comment above that says "at least your room was clean"--i was thinking the same thing... cuz i know if he took a pic of mine.. i would NEVER post it! lol

  7. Love that dishcloth, love your new header, love Action Jaxson Photography!! My aunt and uncle call Jackson, Action Jackson, too!!

  8. LOL ~ when Colton gets a hold of my camera, I get lots of shots of the toilet. He finds it fascinating!



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