Friday, August 29, 2008

A Wonderful Pick-Me-Up!

A few weeks ago, I had won a giveaway at Heidi's blog. It came in the mail yesterday and with us all just starting to feel better after this bug that went through our family the past was such a pick-me-up!!! It was packaged sooo neatly and had a beautiful card with it!

I won her beautiful "Quilted Christmas Runner"....isn't it gorgeous??? Even the bow she wrapped around it was just beautiful!!!!

Here is a pic of it...although I have it folded up! It's over twice this long!!! I just LOVE it!!! Thank you so much Heidi!!!! :)

Heidi's creations are absolutely beautiful....I totally encourage you to go check out her etsy shop! There are a lot of gorgeous things there!!!

Thank you all so much for your well wishes from us all being sick and also for relating to me about the shopping cart thing! Glad I am not the only one who this frustrates!!
We are all doing MUCH better now and I have gotten all sheets and bedding washed and things in the house cleaned and sanitized!!! :) Isn't it funny kids seem to snap back so quickly after being sick? I am still dragging some....but the kids are back to 100% energy!!! Where does that come from? And at what age did I lose that? LOL I need my energy back just to keep up with them! ahahaha! I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Friday!!! xoxo


  1. Oh what a neat show and tell. You are so lucky to win. And the packaging was so pretty too!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, it's gorgeous! I love getting special surprises in the mail. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Sending prayers and (((hugs)))

  3. Love the quilt runner and congratulations to you, Katy, for winning it! That was a nice pick-me-up! And I know what you mean about the's always amazing to me how my kids could run fever in the morning or afternoon, then be jumping around a half day later!

    I'm glad you all are feeling better, though! Have a great weekend!


  4. Wow! That is gorgeous!!!
    What a great present to receive in the mail!

  5. Oh I just LOVE it!
    Congratulations and yes I have to say what a good pick-me upper ;)


  6. Congratulations on winning that beautiful runner...and isn't packaging half the fun??

  7. Oh my, it's just beautiful!!! What a blessing to win it! Enjoy!


  8. What a gorgeous surprise, Katy! Just the thing to lift your spirits...

    I hope your energy returns soon. Maybe the kids have some to spare. If only, right?!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  9. You are one lucky duck LOL You're always winning these amazing giveaways :)

    It's just gorgeous Katy!

  10. Katy, sorry its been about a week since I stoped in. I have been really busy trying to get things ready to start school Tues. and doing crafts for the craft fair. I love the gift you won from Heidi, she is my fall swap partner. She has great things in her etsy and that was such a great giveaway. I am sorry yall have felt so bad. Hope you have a great Labor day weekend. Blessings, Karen

  11. Wow that gorgeous!! Congratulations!! I am so glad you are feeling so much better!!!
    I have an award for you my friend so come on over when you can!!! Have a great weekend!!~Wendy

  12. Gorgeous quilt Katy!! Congrats!! Glad to hear everyone in your family has their health back!! Blessings!!

  13. lovely runner and I know where Valley center is where she is from...not too far from here! neat!glad you're all feeling better!

  14. What a wonderful gift! I'm sure you will truly enjoy and cherish it for many more years to come!


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