Monday, August 25, 2008

My Home Cleaning Schedule

Thank you, everyone, for your birthday wishes for me! I really appreciate it! After sunday school and church...Chris stayed home with the kids and I went to my friend's baptism! Such a blessing and sweet thing to see someone close to you get baptized! Such a wonderful showing of the commitment of their faith!
I came home to find X sitting in the bathroom on a stool in front of the toilet and Chris sitting beside him, reading to him. Apparently, X had caught a little bug and had started throwing up! Ick! Poor guy. He seems to be doing much better this morning...and so far, it doesn't seem as if anyone else has caught it.

My friend, Sherry, asked me if I used flylady....honestly...I have tried but decided to do my own cleaning plan. Following someone else's is too hard for me. I used her ideas as a basis for my home cleaning schedule...but tweaked it a little....(ok..alot) to fit me! :)

So....first...I have a planner....all appointments and such get written down here. I also write down extra stuff I need to do that isn't included in my daily cleaning tasks, morning routine or bedtime routine.

This is a look at my morning to bed time routines.
Here's a look at my planned Daily Cleaning Tasks for each day...I will try and get these done in the afternoons (homeschooling will be done in the morning).

These are my Deep Clean/Declutter Zones. Sorta like flylady's...but different :). I will use certain times of the month to work on certain rooms of my deep clean them and declutter if it needs done.

This may not be how everyone wants to do things....but I am a list/structured sort of person. So this is how I need things to be done...LOL. And let me assure you...things do NOT always get done perfectly and sometimes I don't accomplish all the tasks I had hoped to...but that's called life and that's just how it goes! LOL..... I just wanted to share it with you!!!
I have things to get working on I better get to them...starting to homeschool on Sept. 2nd! I can't wait!!! Have a wonderful Monday everyone! xoxo


  1. I just LOVE your handwriting! :D

    When I was studying to become a teacher, we always had to watch our handwriting.. it was such a pain. I did however get my 'writing diploma', which you would receive when you could write the 'school handwriting' flawlessly on paper and on the black board.. *lol*

    greetings from holland!

  2. Thanks for sharing your schedule. Developing a better cleaning routine is something that I need to do.

    Glad you had such a great birthday!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!

    Cleaning lists are always helpful for keeping you on track, without lists, I'm like a kid who's had too much candy- I just can't keep focused! :-)

  4. I used to have a similiar structured cleaning schedule and remnants of it still exist - like the beds get stripped on Mondays! But one of the benefits of getting older and the kids being on their own, is my time is more my own so I have more flexibility. I have to keep lists too - or else I forget! LOL

  5. Thanks for sharing! I am a list person too... I have a couple of chores I do each day of the week, besides the regular dishes, laundry.. etc. Mon-dust/clean out car. Tue-mow lawn/yard work. Wed-floors. Thurs-bills/mail. Fri-bathrooms. This works for me and when I think of something that needs done, like washing windows or cleaning out a cupboard, I like to write it down and then look at my schedule the following week and stick it in somewhere! And, flylady is a little much for me too. Just her website makes me tired and overwhelmed.

    Happy belated birthday! :)

  6. Morning,

    I like your way of keeping track and making lists.

    I'm way to scatter minded to keep up with FlyLady..I have tried her in the past but couldn't do it.

    Have a Great Monday,

  7. I knew thee was a reason I liked reading you so much---it's the list trait we share! I love list! Just love them! You look so organized. Such a great thing, too!

  8. I sooo need a routine myself. On the other hand, if someone tried to break in I have booby traps!!
    Katy, you are looking so good!!

  9. What nice neat handwriting you have! I am jealous! I taught pre-K for almost 17 years and I can't write that neat! LOL!
    I too ahve used flylady as a basisi for my own cleaning routine. I like to get the most of my work done before my grandaughter gets here. I'm an early bird! But since my Dad has become so ill, we spend a lot of time at his house, doing for him and just hanging out with him. Right now, that is more important than keeping the house spotless, which is hard for me at times, because I am a neat freak and a germaphobe!

  10. Thanks for sharing. I love making lists too, this has really inspired me to update my notebook with a cleaning schedule.

    Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday!!

  11. Thanks for sharing your schedule with us Katy! It was very helpful! I really need to develope a more stuctured lifestyle. Glad you had a nice birthday and got to see your friend get baptised! That`s woderful!! Sorry to hear your son was sick, but glad he`s feeling better now!! Hope you have a blessed day!!

  12. I love your schedule. I have a schedule also, but it is not quite as structured as yours. Sometimes if I get too structured and don't get it done I get frustrated with myself. Thanks for the look, I really enjoyed it.

  13. I too have tried the Flylady but just can't get into it, I hate being told what to do and when to do it LOL

    I like your schedule, I have my own written down too :)

  14. I about fell off my chair when I saw this is what you had posted for today, because I *ALMOST* posted the exact same cleaning schedule and my "zones." Haha! Great minds...right? ;o) hehe

    KATY! You have never had squash casserole?? If you like squash, it's so yummy! Have a good rest of the day!

  15. Oh, and I forgot:

    1. Happy Belated Birthday, Katy!!!

    2. I love baptisms! I usually just cry and cry at them because the Spirit is so strong. One of the most special moments in a Christian's life. I'm so happy for your friend who was baptised!

  16. Hi Katy! Thanks for leaving such sweet comments on my blog. I was happy to hop over to yours and browse through!

    I am VERY impressed with your cleaning schedule and general passion for organization. That is something I *aspire* to be but haven't gotten there yet. :) I do have a daily to-do list but it's nothing compared to yours!

    What a well run home. God Bless you and your fam!!


  17. Hi Katy, I love how you are so organized! I also like to make myself a list per day with what I want to accomplish!....And I just love being able to check off each task! :)....I just mailed your runner! Sio sorry it is a bit late!...It got as far as my car & then didn't find it's way to the post office!?...You should have it in a couple days!....Off to jump in the supper hot & muggy here today!...Enjoy your evening!...Heidi XO

  18. I have certain things I do certain days too. I have been thinking of writing them all down in chart form or something.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  19. You have a great set up for your schedule! I have tried and tried to make one for my self, but I just can't seem to get into it. And I definitely need to follow one. I don't have a great routine going.

    I visit your wonderful site a lot, but I don't think I have ever left a comment. So I apologize for that.

    P.S. - Thanks for stopping by my site and for your nice comment. Depression is certainly not fun, and any prayers would be appreciated.


  20. Hi Katy!

    So glad you had a great birthday! I was gone a lot and missed coming over here to wish you a great day!

    Boy I wish I was as organized as you. Thanks for sharing!!

  21. I have to say first up I love your handwriting!!Its gorgeous!! To be honest with you when my kids were little I was such a perfectionest and clean freak I needed no schedule because I did it every stinkin day! I am so thankful I am not like that now!! I think I need a scedule now though as I think I've gotten to lazy and don't do things like I should!! Hope you had a great day my friend!!~Wendy

  22. Thanks Katy~~
    BUT the lady that you thought wasn't my crockpot lady!! :( Sooo, I am still on the prowl!! LOL!!!

    Many blessings my Friend........
    Lori Hull

  23. Very impressive! I am really considering adopting your Cleaning Schedule!!! Do you really scrub down your washer and dryer?


  24. I have to laugh every time you post a picture of eggs to clean.. I know how much you LOVE to do that!!! You crack me up!!!
    And Happy Belated Birthday wishes!!!


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