Saturday, August 23, 2008

Early Birthday Fun!

My birthday isn't till tomorrow...but it worked out better for all of us to have a lil birthday party at my mom's this evening! We had good fun and nice conversation! It was a beautiful evening as well! Madelyn couldn't wait to give me the card she got me...the front of it is the pic above. (It's a pic of a boom box, if you can't tell) and then this is the inside.....

Oh my goodness.....I must be getting sooo old!!! They are making fun of "mix tapes"!!!! ROFL! I used to listen to those all the time in high school!!! We made mix tapes for cheerleading and just to listen to! This card just totally cracked me up because it is totally spelling it out....I am getting OLD! It would be like me giving my mom a card that says to "break out the 8-tracks" ROFL!!!!

My sweet farmer boy, Chris. He's just too cute. His personality just makes this outfit work for him. He is proud of it...and although I always say how much I hate his overalls...I actually kinda like them...hehe...don't tell him though!!!

Chris and me:

The flowers my sister and Madelyn got me! (M even picked out the balloon!!!)

A pic of all the stuff my sister got me for my birthday! Isn't it all great??? I love it!

And a couple pics of the gifts my mom and dad got me! More spatterware!!!! YIPPEE!!! Just adding it to my collection!!! I just love spatterware/enamelware! I use my spatterware for our everyday dishes and my Warren Kimble Americana dishes that I have, as our "good" dishes!

It was such a nice evening! :) I hope you are all having a super nice weekend!!! xoxo Thank you so much for all the kind birthday wishes you have all sent my way! I truly appreciate each one!!! :)


  1. Sounds like a fabulous time!!
    By the way....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! my good friend.....and NO, you are not getting old!! heehee.....hey, watch it with the 8 track joke...LOL.....

  2. Hey girl - you are not old!! You are my kids age!! When my hubby and I were dating, he use dto find just the right 8 track tape to ply in the car - we thought we were soooo cool and we WERE!! LOL

    Have great day on your REAL birthday!!

  3. Nice haul, girl! :D Love those spatterware dishes too! And I also have a set of Warren Kimble dishes! What a coinkydink! Mine are called Brandon House and have stars around the edges of the plates, and the saucers have different American flag on each of them, and the coffee mugs also have the different flags. I only use them for special occassions. they were expensive (for me anyway!) LOL!
    Have a great birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, Katy! I LOVE red spatterware....lucky you! Dear, you are NOT old! Please say you're not old, because where would that leave me? :)


  5. Happy Birthday!!!

    Madelyn definitely picked out that card all by herself! I had NO influence what-so-ever! *seriously* Hilarious!

    Sorry we had to cut out early... ugh... we were so BORED at the Cord!!!

    Hope you enjoy the leftover cake!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope your day is as special as you are! You have received such wonderful gifts from friends and family. I *love* those dishes! I have a whole box of tapes that my kids still listen to almost every day! Lots of fun Sunday School songs.


    You have some great goodies there! I love those dishes!

    Enjoy your Sunday :)


  8. Happy Birthday. It looks like you had a great party! I love those dishes!

  9. Happy birthday toooo youuuu
    Happy birthday tooo youuuuuUUuuu
    Haaaapppy birrrrthdayyyyYYyyyy
    dearrrrrrr KATYYYYDIDDDDDDD,
    HappppPppPPpyyyyYYy birrrrthdayyYYyy
    Hugs and holykisses,
    from the potting shed!
    Hope you have a glorious day!
    Birthday blessings!


    Hope you have a great day. You look to have some lovely presents. Never seen spatterware before but love it.
    Best Wishes


    Hope you have a a great day :)
    Love the gifts you got too..... I love it when my kids were little and they signed their names on things, its priceless!!

    Happy Birthday,

  12. Happy Birthday, Katy!!!!! LOVE that spatterware! Ya did good, girl!!!!!

    You are NOT getting old!!!!! That would make me ancient if you were!!!

    Hope you have a really wonderful day today!!! Cora

  13. Wow! I love the enamelware. Red is gorgeous. I have several utensils in red. I see they sell it at several stores here locally now.
    Your hubby is adorable, as is Madelyn. Happy Birthday To You.
    p.s. I'm sure my kids are all older than you are. I have a 20 yr. old granddaughter! My baby is Sara over at Footballandfriedrice and she is 31.
    Doesn't really matter. I see we have similar interests and I love your blog.

  14. I apologize for not having visited sooner! Thanks so much for visiting my bloggy home.

    I love the splatterware! I have a few blue ones. At least I did. The red ones are just too pretty. Love it! And Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Katy,happy birthday to you!! So glad I got to do that via your bllog. Had this of been in person I would not of sung for fear of deafening you!! LOl!! Hope your birthday is going great!!! You got so many nice presents!!! Blessings,Toni

  16. Happy Birthday!! It sounds like it was a perfect one! :)

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY!!! I pray you are having a very sweet Blessed day my friend!!:0)~Wendy

  18. Happy Birthday to you! I would sing it, but well...lets just say that would not be much of a birthday present!

    Hope you have a great birthday and it looks like it has started of well.

  19. Happy birthday, Katy!! :D

    I see I'm a few hours too late, but maybe it's still before midnight where you live? *lol* (ehmm yeah, I know that technically does not let me off the hook!)

    Greetings from holland!

    p.s. Remember the fall thing? How I was making myself wait until September? Well, last saturday we were driving in the countryside and we passed by a stall of lovely......... pumpkins and gourds! And that did the trick.. *lol* Now the whole living room is covered in orange and reds and fruit and just looking all nice and autumny.... hahaha

  20. Happy Birthday, Katy! Looks like you received some really great gifts. I especially love your red spatterware. Just gorgeous.
    I enjoyed browsing your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and for your nice comments. Take care.

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY!!! Looks like you had a lovely one too, so glad!! Your'e not old, I'll be glad to trade ages with you! LOL Just live each year to the fullest and no matter your age, you will find peace! Hugs!!

  22. You racked up! Happy Birthday to you (belated!). I love your hubs overalls! Nothing like a good man in overalls!

  23. UGH.... you just had to rub the spatterware pictures in my face didn't you, Katy?! LOL
    You know how much I love them!!!

  24. Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm late. My birthday was on Sunday also. How nice that you could celebrate with family!


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