Sunday, July 13, 2008

Video From Sports Camp!

A guy that attends our church took a TON of pics and put them on youtube of our VBS...Beyond The Gold Sports Camp! The angle he took my pic from was HORRID...LOL...but that isn't the point. It is so fun to see all the pics of all the stuff we did! So I wanted to share it all with you if you want to watch it's 6 minutes long...but I think it is fun to watch..the music is fun! :) Gotta keep getting ready for Madelyn's party (Chris is teaching my sunday school class today...I stayed home to get ready for the party since it turns out we have to have it indoors cuz it has rained a TON out!).

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!! xoxo
Pics of Maddy's party...tomorrow! :)


  1. nice pics... lots of sweet ones!

  2. I think this is such a good idea!!I love the songs too!!


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