Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank You Notes

I am a huge "thank you" note writer. I must admit...I am not perfect though and I am sure I have forgotten to send one now and then....but I do try very hard to send notes of appreciation to people for their kind deeds and gifts. I think it is important to acknowledge and thank people.

I don't believe, as christians, that we should do things just so we can receive the praise and thanks....but doesn't it make you feel blessed when you do? That someone really appreciates something? I like to bless others by letting them know just how much they blessed me! I have mentioned how I feel about thank you notes before in a post....but this post is different! :) This time...my thank you note was to my husband. He fixed a table leg of mine that has been broken and I really appreciated that he took the time to fix it...especially since he wasn't feeling too good. I thought how I always try and send thank yous to others....but never to him. So, I wrote him a thank you and left it for him to find. I wasn't there when he found it...but I think it made him smile.

I know I definitely don't write enough thank yous to my mom and my sister, who help me with different things constantly. I would be writing thank yous 24/7 though if i wrote to tell them thank you for all the things they do for me or chris or the kids! LOL

I am reminded of the hymn "Make me a blessing" as I write this:

"Make me a blessing, Make me a blessing,
Out of my life, may Jesus shine.
Make me a blessing, Lord, Make me a blessing,
Make me a blessing to someone today!"

Isn't that soo true? Writing a thank you is a way to Glow From Your Home! Let your light shine for Jesus. When people are thoughtful and giving of their time, energy, love, or gifts (or all of them!)....it is such a blessing to us...isn't it? That someone would use all their gifts to be a blessing for us. Accept the blessing....then make sure you ARE a blessing! Be a blessing to someone today!


  1. Oh how I love that hymn. An elderly lady sang it in church a few months ago and everyone was bawling. :)I even saw Dave with a tear in his eye.

  2. One of the sweetest thank you's I ever received from my hubby was a note written on the bathroom mirror with a bar of soap. I went in to shower, and found it, and it made my day. I will never forget that!! Thanks goes a long ways. Have a great day. Julie

  3. Katy that is such an awesome idea!! I too forget about a thank you note to Steve!! I love this idea so much!!!
    I have an award for you on my blog!! Take care!~Wendy

  4. I always forget about thank you notes.Thanks for this post!

  5. Thank YOU for that wonderful reminder to bless others by thanking them with a note! I am far to often forgetful to do so.

    I dropped by today to say - you've been tagged to play the "Six Weird Things on my Table" meme!!

    Come and visit my blog to see my list and to get the rules!


  6. I love making homemade thank you's ! Did you know you can make homemade envelopes out of the thicker magazine pages too? It turns out real cute!

    Have a great day,

  7. I love that hymn too, Katy!

    I do try to send thank you notes and teach the kids to do the same. So many don't think of that these days! I especially love homemade ones! It was sweet of you to make one for your hubby!

    The sweetest ones I've gotten were from my kids or husband for little things...like ironing their clothes, or fixing something for them. That makes it all the worthwhile!

    By the way, stop by my blog and see...I've given you an award!

    Have a great day, Katy!


  8. Katy, Hello-no I haven't used that curriculm but will look into it, I like knowing what's out there. I think I have what we need to start our third grade, been pouring over the contents of the aray of texts I'm going to use, trying to learn from where I feel I fell short this year. Monday I go see our teacher with the twins work, always makes me a bit nervous even though we don't go the 'test' way. Will be glad for it to be over so I can hand in my forms and curriculm for 08-09. Oh, also I added your site to my favorites on my blog, hope that is okay.
    Shayne Louree

  9. Katy,
    I just read through some of your archives and noticed that you have a clawfoot bathtub. I love it!! What year was your house built? It looks so pretty with all the thick moldings.

  10. I love your blog! I found you today and want to invite you to visit mine sometime. We have common interests in Mary Engelbreit and our Anne of Green Gables! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Another one of my favorite hymns. Isn't it strange that when these are NOT sung in churches, how much people realize they miss them???? Thank you notes are just the greatest! Not only does it express your own heart, but it is a special "return gift" to the giver! Your card is so beautiful, and "handmade" is always best!!!!!

    I would have LOVED to see you flick that Dr.'s nose, Katy!!!!! I could just visualize that!!!! Thanks for visiting me this morning! Always love to see your bright and smiling face! Cora


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